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Yes, the craze for the scent started in the ’60s along with the hippie movement, but the strong essence has been used in fragrances for centuries. Part of the patchouli problem from the Flower Power era was that hippies wore synthetic formulations of the oil, resulting in an even more pungent smell. I’ve been wearing Fresh Cannabis Santal since 2006 when it was first introduced…for men. The Demeter Fragrance Library is know for straight forward singular scents like Landromat, Snow, Basil and Bourbon.
Keihl’s has recently introduced a new collection of scented body products pairing two key fragrant ingredients for the purest expression.
More Sativa Style: An inside look into Folsom Custom Skis and the duo who turned their passion for skiing into their life’s work.
NYC’s Malin + Goetz’s interpretation of cannabis is in the form of an addictive and sexy scent. As the authority on home fragrance and couture flowers, Herve Gambs takes scents seriously. This line of handcrafted candles is known for their striking design and complex scents.A ripe pomegranate and spicy patchouli base is poured via a coconut wax blend for clean-burning into a glowing red. While I only half agree with vinny8888's post, this a spicy wood shop fragrance, however it's still not bad. You are the explorer trying to explore the notes while they last for a fleeting few seconds. Just wore this to the gym, the increase in sillage made me think it smelt like a less dated Obsession. Must be the sandalwood and amber - the heat would have produced the bergamot similarity too. It stays to your Skin, nice fragrance, doesn't stand up to the name as Explorer, could have been Indoor, or something. Very masculine, projects a foot or two and lasts a few hours before it gets close to the skin for a few more.
A nice fragrance to wear when you are going out for a walk in cool weather - early autumn when the leaves are changing color. Ralph Lauren Polo Explorer is a deep, dark and seductive scent as opposed to a crisp, light outdoor adventurous type scent. It opens with a bubble gum ultra sweetness that doesn't last long before it shifts to a woody richness that lasts on my skin for a good 6 hours.
I actually like the marketing package on this one, the name and bottle go together and fit perfectly with the scent. It will be the best perfume for those who like to wear mountain boots, baggy jeans and shirts to the squares.
This is great for when i go to high school football games and its nice and chilly but not cold and you can just give off that woody vibe its great for the fall. Ive turned down some of your Armanis, Guccis, Bosses and Burberrys, imo Explorer still came out in the top half with not a bad word to it.
For a moment in compair with this the fragrance like DSQUARED? wood seems something unique. This is the kind of fragrance I have been longing to find for a long long time, a lovely masculine leathery scent.
I cant even describe what this smells like, but its very expensive smelling, refined and delicious.
First, I really appreciate the bottle design, simple, but elegant eye catching; and actually it first caught my attention. The fragrance is not outstanding, but as I said elgant, 'professional' might also be a good word to describe it. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews.
This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Jil Sander Jil Sander Man fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information.

Payment GatewayPlease note: All credit card payments are done through Payfast for your protection. Native to Asia and since cultivated in tropical regions, patchouli is derived from a bushy herb of the mint family. But when concocted correctly, patchouli is an earthy, spicy, woodsy note that pairs most beautifully with rose. Sleek wood blends with the essence of elegant white flowers to create this modern take on bohemian beauty. Slightly floral, slightly spicy andunmistakably Cannabis, this fragrance is as close as you’re going to get. Made from 100% naturally-derived ingredients, this one is sourced in Brazil and is refreshingly clean for a patchouli-based aroma.
Each of their fragrances is built around a primary natural essence that comes directly from Grasse, France’s “perfume capital.” Patchouli is not easy to detect in this formula, with the smoky, leathery character of birch taking over. Black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli and moss come together to fill the room, but not overpower it. The power is solely in the patchouli with this one, and its neither completely woody, nor completely herbal – just exudes the beauty of the hills of Indonesia. The amber-patchouli base brings out top notes of fresh lemon and orange with middle notes of fig and pepper. With fragrance notes of patchouli, oak moss and tonka bean, this sleek candle gently disperses an intense fragrance throughout any room. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed for any commercial purpose.
I wear it in the winter because I find it extremely bold and the cold weather helps to tone it down. Though it's got an undeniable Polo DNA I can't help thinking of it as an "eau fraiche" version of John Varvatos EDT, with the similar fruity-smoky leather vibe but considerably less powdery and more breezy thanks to the huge sandalwood note; less noir, more air. I didn't really take it seriously at first because I don't normally like fruit fragrances, but I later discovered it to be pretty nice in spite of myself. The opening catches your attention and reels you in to buying this one, it is a nice scent but if you are going to pay your hard earned money there are better alternatives. Long after it is gone and impossible to find the multitudes will be yearning for it and declaring how great it WAS.
It's a little strong at the beginning, but then it leaves a pleasant smell that lasts in me for four hours at most. When it comes to what is widely thought of as boring, I can easily say there are many much more boring scents out there. I can say without question that it is a solid fragrance and the chances of someone else wearing it in your proximity are quite slim. Then it goes through the "encre noire" phase, then the leather kicks in with the vetivier still in full gear.
I blind-bought this for 20 EUR at a sale, and I must say that if I could have tried this before, I'd have probably paid it even a bit more. At this stage, when the sweet musky combo arise from the base (myrrth & cedar) it feels very special, elegant and leathery. I loved lavender here, and together with vetiver they make up such a great combination, dominatong above the other notes. Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies. It also has the reputation as an aphrodisiac believed to stimulate the senses and awaken sexual energy.
And according to them, it’s “a scent filled with danger for those of us who like to walk a tight rope…” Exactly. Drydown is not without glitches (leading to some reviewers here finding it unpleasant, perhaps not without a reason, but that depends on the nose) and longevity is just so-so. It gets some pepperiness from the coriander which is noticeable throughout the life of the fragrance.

From the name to the bottle it promised an outdoor adventure, but what it delivered was a very romantic evening. Yes, it definitely smells like a forest, you feel the fragrance of adventure since you smell for the first time.
This vetiver very strongly reminds me of the vetiver in the shower gel of Guerlain Vetiver which is among the best I know.
Finally after several hours the violet, lavender and myrrh form a wonderfully powdery leathery type of long lasting but close drydown. Jil Sander Man is a discreet, refined, contemporary, a bit trendy but classy enough scent, basically a woody-leathery violet scent with vetiver and cedar ("pencil") notes and a slight smoky fog.
If you have more information about Jil Sander Jil Sander Man, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review. A heart of the composition offers spicy shades of nutmeg combined with leather, while a base features elegant woody accords of cedar and vetiver.
This of all things should be too sweet and in-your-face for me, which is why I'm normally averse to this type.
The citrus is pretty powerful in the opening but it quickly turns into a leather, coriander, sharp, wet earthy, green wood fragrance.
I wish it were a bit stronger, but that was obviously not the intent of the perfumers or their customer. All quite polished, satin and restrained, as you would expect from a mainstream scent with no "creative" pretenses – and I say this with a totally positive meaning, as being creative is surely not mandatory. Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify Jil Sander Man by Jil Sander. Yet for some reason I totally buy it, and I'm completely convinced that it's a tropical fruit salad sitting on a wooden table. Out of the polo scents, I would rank this 4th after polo blue, double black, and original (green).
A safe "office scent" for sure, but a particularly pleasant and well-made one, and if you ask me, also quite distinctive and memorable in its own discreet way. Click on the appropriate options on the fragrance classification form below the perfume picture. When it is finally at the dry phase, the woods come out to play and sandalwood is definitely a key. What strikes me the most here is the leather accord, which despite being quite delicate and almost unperceivable, smells unexpectedly elegant, rich, mellow and soft, polished and quiet but without smelling like pure, un-elaborated safraleine (as it happens so often with far more pricey scents). It doesn't evolve a whole lot, but in the base the fruit backs off a little, leaving a light blonde wood underneath, akin to Canali, my next subject. It is something to wear in spring-fall when humidity can play a factor in keeping it going. We do not make guarantees nor accept responsibility for what you might find as a result of these links, or for any future consequences including but not limited to money loss. User reviews of Jil Sander Man by Jil Sander represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views. So for better or for worse, I ended up with a fruity fragrance by mistake, but at least it restored some of my faith in the genre. A perfect undemanding yet elegant and compelling fragrance which I'd dare to consider a remarkable evolution of the concept of masculine "eau de cologne" - that type of unpretentious everyday fragrances good for any time, any situation and any mood.
Actually I feel nothing when wearing it, but it's worth the buy if you're looking for something different..

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