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When functioning normally, the eustachian tube carries debris from the ears to the throat allowing this matter to be swallowed instead of building up in the middle ear. Naast talg en huidschilfers kunnen er ook nog bacterien in zitten, en pus als het ontstoken raakt.
Cysten die erg groot zijn, of cosmetisch storend, of ontstoken kunnen met een kleine operatie onder lokale verdoving worden verwijderd. Hiervoor wordt eerst wat verdovingsmiddel (lidocaine) ingespoten in de huid rondom de verstopte opening. Piercing can be done in different parts of the body and there are probabilities of Piercing infection although this is been practiced for decades. Blocked ears can be caused by a number of different things, which is why it is so important to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor or an ENT specialist if you are experiencing chronic symptoms.
If the tube becomes plugged, fluid can become trapped in the middle ear causing blocked ears. This is because the eustachian tube in children is both smaller and at a more horizontal angle than found in adults.
For instance, scuba divers who move to or from an environment with dramatically higher pressure may cause damage to tissues of their middle, inner, or external ear.

An exam by an ear, nose and throat specialist will determine the cause of your symptoms, and a treatment plan that is directed at addressing the cause will be devised. An antibiotic impregnated dressing is placed over the area of aspiration and secured with tape of collodion soaked gauze. If the hematoma again reaccumulates, one or two mattress sutures with pledgits can be placed through the scapha to allow chronic drainage. If the hematoma is not adequately drained or ignored, fibrous deposits will appear in the ear cartilage requiring a surgical procedure. Skin flaps are raised using sharp dissection with care taken not to lacerate or tear the skin.
The infection is detected when the pierced place is red, swollen, hot and painful to touch. For many people, chronic symptoms result from buildup of ear wax or when fluid becomes trapped in the Eustachian tube.
Seeking treatment as soon as possible is imperative since, if left untreated, a blocked eustachian tube can cause hearing loss. In most cases, non-invasive treatment is possible, and chronic symptoms will be alleviated.

Many people also experience blocked ears after they have a severe case of allergies or a severe cold. If you feel you or you child is suffering from blocked ears and the painful symptoms listed above, please contact us to speak to our Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon at ENT Clinic Sydney, phone 1300 123 368. Lymph may appear around the pierced place and it is more than the normal size which is sore and red and affects the surrounding tissues.
Some piercing is done on the cartilages where the risk of infection is less if piercer is an experienced one.
But in all cases of infection basic hygiene of cleaning the piercing metal and hands are the main causes. Allergies are the most common infection due to piercing as quality of the jewelry and surgical instruments are not up to standard in most of the cases.

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