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Somethings about myself are that I'm 21, I'm the oldest of 3, and I work as a medical assistant so I'm pretty busy during the week. Nekotalia - Hetalia World Twinkle Nekotalia - Hetalia World Twinkle Hetalia World Twinkle Funny Germany! Spain X Prussia Turkey~ Russia ~Hetalia~ ~Hetalia Cardverse~ Hetalia Characters with their own Fonts Arthur Kirkland Arthur Kirkland America~ I hate him!

Drunk Santa Japan England Canada and America Egypt Bad Touch Trio Not A Headcanon Couple Cuteness!! France & England Kids Pirate France Pirate England and France Pirate England and France Pirate England and France King's Game Gifs Hetalia Gifs Hetalia Gifs Italy's curl Hetalia Fanart Belarus~!
Prussia & Old Fritz Hetalia Family Portrait Official P2- Russia Beautiful World, Episode 18 Beautiful World, Episode 16 USUK ITS RAINING MEN!!

Beautiful World, Episode 2 Beautiful World, Episode 2 England and Baby America HAPPY BIRTHDAY LATVIA!!!

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