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Over the last year I have reviewed four distinctly different take-down firearms that can each fill a unique niche stuffed in different types of bug out bags ranging from big power, lightweight and ultra light design, and reliable utility. Originally developed by Armalite, then poorly produced and riddled by problems when produced by Charter Arms and then Survival Arms, the AR-7 design has now been rescued by Henry Repeating Arms who has updated this historic design. Henry has worked hard to overcome the AR-7’s historical reliability issues caused by the previous manufacturers. The Pack Rifle makes you immediately think of the James Bond Villain, the Man with the Golden Gun.
The bottom line is that this is the most durable semi-auto .22 LR take-down rifle you can own with an optional 25-round magazine. The .22LR is an under-rated round and can take surprisingly large game with proper shot placement. The Mossberg JIC II is simply a pistol gripped Mossberg 500 series 6-shot pump action shotgun with an improved cylinder choke. Pack a 50 round over the shoulder bandoleer ammo carrier packed with a variety of rounds, and you will have plenty of ammo for almost any situation. Even though it is often recommended by shooting instructors world-round, few people ever end up actually getting a .22 caliber handgun as their very first gun. One of my first handguns was my grandfather’s .357, and I put it to many of the same uses that he did, specifically as a carry pistol for those days when you see a lot of small game while deer hunting but not any deer. For the money I think one of the nicest, out of the box guns on the market today that’s set up for the woods is the Smith & Wesson Model 22A. San Francisco cop arrested for possessing ARJudge approves $239 million settlement over defective Taurus pistolCalifornia gun control repeal initiatives green lighted, adding 'Ghost Gun' measureDIY gun designer attempts to make an scary Mass. The Golden Boy’s stocks are eye-catching satin-finished American walnut that is very nicely grained as befits a presentation piece, while a black barrelband (that can be replaced by an optional brass band) retains the fore-end.
A buckhorn rear sight rides atop the barrel just fore of the receiver, where it is set in a dovetail cut so it can be driftedfor windage. Operationally, the gun has no safety except for the safety halfcock position that is activated by pulling the hammer about one-eighth inch back with the thumb, very carefully, while pointing the gun in a safe direction. The trigger pull on my .22 Long Rifle sample gun exhibited quite a bit of gritty creep, but when it finally did break it was a surprise. The Golden Boy’s lever-action operated smoothly, with little discernable side-to-side movement through the entire throw.
At 50 yards using sand bags off the bench, I got some pretty decent groups using three different hunting loads. If you want one of these Personalized Golden Boys, you need to buy the standard Golden Boy from your dealer. Uncasing: To uncase the rifle from its compartmented stock, simply pry off the buttpad, then slide out the barrel, receiver and magazine. Wilderness Survival: I can’t tell you how often I’ve enjoyed having a gun at hand when I normally wouldn’t have thought to bring one along. Round-Nosed Ammo: I’d stick with conventional round-nosed ammunition (Federal’s 40-grain Gold Medal, Winchester High-Velocity 40-grain ammunition, CCI 40-grain Mini-Mags, Wolf Gold 40-grain fodder) and avoid loads with truncated bullets.
I have a Henry Survival and although it is feeds and ejects more reliably than some of the previous AR7s it is far from perfect.
I heard from SOMEONE that the storage area can accommodate three 8-rd magazines, is that right? This is a great lightweight option for those that work around water or feel the need to have multi-round capability. The single shot Pack Rifle is made a very light 15.5 oz with the help of aircraft aluminum, carbon fiber, and limited use of stainless steel in strategic areas. In addition to being insanely light, the Pack Rifle is a take-down design that stows in only 17” of space with very little bulk, which is perfect for packing. The receiver section is stored in one side with plenty of room left even if a standard sized scope is attached. The significant difference of the JIC II is a case that holds the shotgun in a disassembled state with barrel and pistol grip removed for carry compliance in almost any state. Problem was this caliber was far too big for most of the small game I was seeing (the caliber was debatably appropriate for whitetails) and there is no worse feeling than seeing a nice grey squirrel or fat grouse at close range and not having a way to bag them except a large caliber handgun or your big game rifle both of which run risk of turning the animal into instant stew meat.

I purchased one and threw a simple little BSA 2x fixed scope and went hunting with it the day I bought it.  The first animal I bagged with it was a fine ruffed grouse—a very satisfying hunt considering the relative difficulty. It costs a lot less to burn up 50 or one 100 rounds of .22 ammunition than a box of cartridges for anything else and handgun manufacturers have followed suit by making rimfire versions of their guns. Not all ammunition is alike and I can tell you that even the basic .22 high velocity loads shoot to various points of aim. You can do so more than you can imagine with this one gun and practicing with it will take precious time of your learning curve, meaning a good .22 is worth its weight in gold. The reason they are so bent on gun control is that they think all people are as dishonest and incompetent as they are.
The Personalized Henry Golden Boy has a striking appearance, with decorative scrollwork and a personalized message inscribed on the brightly polished receiver. It is also adjustable for elevation by moving a notched slide that positions the sight up or down in pre-set increments, while fine adjustments can be made by loosening a screw that secures the notch in the buckhorn.
If the hammer is already cocked, the safety is engaged by holding the hammer firmly with the thumb, then pulling the trigger, letting up on it and riding the hammer down until it engages in the safety cock position.
Then contact Henry directly, either through the website or by phone, to order the personalized receiver cover.
Survival AR-7 rifle I acquired several years ago (click here to read a review of the AR-7). Once taken down, its main components—receiver, barrel and magazine—can be stowed away in its own ABS plastic stock, which is waterproof and dust-resistant. Next, insert the rear of the barrel into the receiver, and anchor it in place by turning a threaded ring permanently attached to the barrel until the barrel is tightly fitted. The rear sight is positioned at the very back of the receiver, placing it as close to your eye as possible. I’m now of the bifocal glasses generation, and increasingly have trouble lining up an open rear sight with the front sight, then with the target. Out of the box the trigger is about as bad as they get and it shoots so low that with the peep sight raised as far as it goes, it is still way off target. For many, a 12 gauge pump action shotgun represents the pinnacle of a survival or defense firearm. If you’re in bear country or a potential defensive situation, I would pick the Mossberg JIC II in a heartbeat. I have hunted with my Colt Woodsman, but the first really fine gun I used was a long barreled Old Model Ruger Single Six that I pretty much kept the .22 Long Rifle cylinder in the whole time I owned it. For the cost of the gun and the scope it was less than many .22 rifles you will find out there. My Colt and other guns are off as much as three or four inches between similar loads of the same bullet weight and velocity, so if you plan on hunting with their .22 pistol, sight it in with one load the gun likes and keep it there. Back in 1860 when Benjamin Tyler Henry developed the first effective lever-action repeating rifle and established Henry Repeating Arms Company, he probably wasn’t thinking about presentation pieces but simply of making reliable firearms. The grooved trigger is wide, and the gun has dual extractors and a fixed ejector that throws empty brass smartly to the right out of the ejection port located on the side of the receiver. Henry will inscribe it with up to 20 words of your choice and then ship it to you with simple installation instructions.
Today’s Henry Survival rifle evolved from the AR-7 rifle originally designed in the late 1950s by Eugene Stoner—the father of the AR-16.
The rifle’s 16-inch barrel consists of a steel liner encased in a composite housing, while the receiver is cast of aluminum. Next, fit the barreled receiver to the stock, and turn a thumbscrew in the base of the pistol grip until the receiver and barrel are snugged firmly in place. I live in desert and mountain country, so I often have the opportunity to drive several yards off the road and plink for a while.
You have the choice of two apertures—a small “target” aperture and a larger “ghost ring” sight. With aperture sights, you’re only vaguely aware of the rear sight (it appears as a blur as you look through it).
I don’t expect to use it to survive in an emergency, but I always like to have a rifle that’s quickly and easily accessible.

I read all of these glowing reviews and all I can say is they aren’t shooting my gun. Pop off the buttpad, pull out a magazine, the action, and barrel, and screw it all together.
Henry has packed a heck of a lot of utility into a very light firearm, but it’s a unique design which feels more or less like a full-sized rifle and yet unnaturally light.
A single shot?” But in the realities of an outdoor survival situation, there is no need to fend off a giant horde with an hour of sustained fire. The Pack Rifle shot from the bench is by far the most accurate of all the guns here, though not the easiest to shoot accurately. It can be assembled and shot in less than two seconds because it can be assembled with a magazine loaded. The other consideration is that you will need to assure you are carrying a variety of birdshot, buckshot, BB, and slugs to get the versatility of the shotgun that it can deliver. If you’re into some lightweight hiking or hunting, the Pack Rifle would be the perfect option or even a ultralight backup to a carried shotgun or rifle. That Ruger had the adjustable sights and the 6 ? inch barrel and it accounted for more squirrels than I can remember. The receiver and buttplate are brightly polished, while the steel parts are blued and, of those, the octagonal barrel receives a high polish. It really does shoot, and, in fact, an optional cantilever scope mount that attaches to the barrel and positions a scope above the receiver can enhance its potential.
The gun balanced well, and I was able to take out targets of opportunity offhand at 100 yards without difficulty.
Quality has greatly improved; some design changes have been incorporated, and manufacturing controls have produced big improvements in this one-of-a-kind rimfire. Once enclosed by its polymer stock, the rifle tucks handily away in a backpack, or can be consigned to the trunk of your car. The rifle is plenty accurate enough to shoot rabbits, ground squirrels and other small game. I never use the smaller aperture—your eye automatically centers the front sight at the largest point of light visible through the larger orifice, so there’s little need to use the smaller aperture. In under a minute, you have a working, semi-auto 8-shot firearm all without the need for secondary storage and it floats which is a huge plus for the boaters. A simple red dot mounted on top would be perfect; however, that requires an optional scope mount. The newer JIC II series takes the concept a step further with a simple 5.11 cordura pack-based carry solution.
I later owned a second Old Model Single Six but it did not have the accuracy of the first one I bought. Ejection, feeding and firing were positive, and there were absolutely no malfunctions of any kind. In the wild, a hunting target will rarely give you the opportunity for a second shot, so you might as well make it count with a single shot rifle. The barrel is a precision match grade button rifled Cro-Moly liner with a carbon fiber composite outer. However I was able to modify a small hex wrench to fit in the handle with the ammo, and the rifle does include a full set of hex wrenches. The aperture was large for close-range shooting, but worked well enough at a distance that I could regularly hit a man-sized target a full 600 yards away.
This is a backup survival rifle so light that it makes it easy to be packed on every outdoor trek.

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