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James and Laura Hayworth were attacked by a grizzly bear, like the one pictured in this file photo, northwest of Calgary on Tuesday. The two were prepared for bears a€” they had a can of bear spray a€” but Hayworth said the bear ran at them so quickly that he didn't have time to do anything. Coleman Blair, who helped the couple after the attack, points to where the attack took place. I knew I was going to die, because I could see that this animal was coming towards me and there was no hope of trying to stop it. She just kept telling the helicopter people and everybody, 'Go check my husband, go check my husband.' All I can say is I am extremely lucky.
It is in your face, six feet away from us and it's sprinting at you, even if you reached for it, you're going down.
She knocked my wife over and my wife put up her hands to block her face and the bear grabbed a hold of her arm.
It was the biggest bear I've ever seen in my life and she was really, really angry and just wanted to protect her cubs.
I scrambled to get up quickly, I yelled to my wife 'get into the river, get into the river!' I started running towards the river, as soon as I got to the river I felt like I got hit by a truck. She slammed me down into the water and she was standing on top of me when I was in the water and I thought for sure I'm going to die, I'm dead. When it stepped on top of me when I was in the river, it felt like I was getting driven on by a truck.
And then when I got maybe two or three feet from the bear, the bear saw me and got spooked and ran away.

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