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Myriopteris gracilis has leaf blades from one-to-five inches long and one-half-to-two inches wide.
The photographs at left show the upper, green side of the leaf and the lower, brown side of the leaf. The brown of the leaflet backside is due to the bulbous sori (clusters of sporangia, the spore bearing structures).
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Complex patterns of evolution involving rampant morphological convergence, polyploidy, hybridization, and apomixis have made the taxonomy of this group especially difficult. The leaf is long, triangular, hairy, and divided into leaflets, each of which is again divided into puffy, rotund segments. New leaves are light green; older leaves are dark green with some leaflets drying and dying red. Fortunately, recent phylogenetic analyses have helped to clarify relationships among cheilanthoid taxa. The sori are so numerous and so near the margin that they can sometime be seen from the upper (green) side of the leaflet, as the bottom left photograph shows. Based on these findings, we here formalize an updated taxonomy for one monophyletic clade comprising 47 primarily North and Central American taxa usually included in Cheilanthes.

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