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This farm grows organic herbs using aeroponic vertical towers on the rooftop of Rouses Market on Baronne Street. An urban farm that sprouted from a strategic partnership between a small group of parents and educators and New York Sun Works, a NYC-based non-profit organization that builds innovative science labs in urban schools. The last but certainly not least urban farm on our list is Will Allen’s Growing Power facility. My name is Miguel Angel, I created a social network of urban farms and would like to invite you to try my site. Leek is an herb that’s not very sensitive to a lot of things—the soil where it is planted and the climate where it is grown. But leeks must be watered enough in order for them to germinate or when they are being transplanted. The soil must be watered right away when the leek seedlings are being transplanted to help compact the soil.  Young plants should be watered regularly to help them get established to their new location. In what could be the first farm-to-desk project of its kind, the rehabilitated building design grows most of its own food including rice, broccoli, squash, tomatoes, and more.
It’s the first grocery in the United States to build an aeroponic urban farm on its own rooftop. With its innovative growing system they can yield 4 times more than field grown produce and be at 10 times the productivity. A system of 3000 trays is built on a converter belt where in approx.

The plants draw nutrients from a rooftop pond filled with tilapia, forming a closed ecosystem. The 1400-square foot smart and sustainable hydroponic urban farm opened in the fall of 2010 on the third-story roof above the Manhattan School for Children. The best ones will produce more innovative leaders like the farm masterminds featured in this post.
Currently only a few friends use the site, but I think it’s time to invite everyone to use. The farm is currently seeking investors to help build 300 additional towers, which would produce two tons of vegetables per day. The living walls on the exterior give the building a modern environmentally-friendly look and help reduce the building’s energy needs. 18-24 days they are able to grow their produce including baby greens, baby kale, other loose leaf greens.
Ryan Chatterson (now of Chatterson Farms), facility supervisor for the farm, says all waste generated by the fish is recycled, via natural methods of decomposition. The farm’s main client is a restaurateur housed in the same building.
After Chicago State oversaw the purchase of the old factory, Pratt began to assemble the Mycelia Project, the overarching name for his hybrid art-meets-agriculture experiment. The Community Food Center he first started in the heart of his city now serves as a model for how to grow food with no chemicals and minimal fossil fuel inputs—and with favorable cash-flow. His main 2-acre Community Food Center is no larger than a small supermarket.

Although the $21 million dollar price tag is hefty, it could mean agricultural independence for the area. And although the produce costs 10 to 20 cents more than other veggies at the supermarket, consumers seemed eager to buy the freshest food possible – often buying out the market’s stock of vertical farm foods.
Through their urban farm headquarters, the Japanese company is also supporting the education of Japan’s next generation of urban farmers who work in internships to learn about food production. Handpicked at the peak of freshness and delivered the same day to local restaurants and grocers, Local Garden is able to provide the freshest tasting produce available without the loss of any vitamins, minerals or nutrients. Produce grown at Local Garden Vancouver are distributed to stores and restaurants mostly within a 10km radius of its downtown location. For the in-house restaurant, sourcing fresh produce is a mere one-minute commute in an elevator to the top of the 3,000 square foot, multi-rise warehouse. The remainder of the produce is sold to a restaurant situated across the street. The main issues the program aims to address include climate change, the efficient use of water and energy, how to build greener cities, and how to grow a secure and healthy food supply. What started as a simple partnership to change the landscape of the north side of Milwaukee has blossomed into a national and global commitment to sustainable food systems.

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