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As I walk or bike around the many neighborhoods in my hometown, Winnipeg, I am overwhelmed by the variety, colour, thought and innovation that many people put into their container gardens. When choosing trees and shrubs to grow in pots, remember that the hardiness zones you will see on the plant tags are for plants growing in the ground, and that plants growing in containers may need protection from extreme cold if you wish to over-winter them. Flowering cherry, crabapple, or plum trees: These trees are not for beginners, but their beautiful spring blossoms may tempt you to give growing them a try. Columnar Rosyblooms: Malus x ‘Purple Spire’makes a very bold columnar centerpiece in a larger container.
Japanese Maple: Japanese maple (Acer palmatum*) is just plain beautiful, whether spring green or fall red. Carnival Maple: Acer campestre ‘Carnival’* is a beautiful variegated maple with very wide white margins – it ‘shimmers’! Spilled Wine Weigela: Weigela florida Bokraspiwi* Dark red leaves with a ‘wavy’ shape and hot pink-magenta blooms. Rose: There are thousands of roses, and theoretically you can grow all of them in containers. Clumping Bamboo: Fargesia*, not a real bamboo, a graceful, erect-growing evergreen shrub that performs solidly in all seasons. That said, this year is the first time where I felt like I could benefit from having those.

Okay, looking at the graph of Leamington, then looking outside at the frigid temperature right now makes me want to move there immediately.
I remember a graphic in one of my university textbooks that was supposed to be a map of northiness (or something to that effect).
I'm curious to see if SignalHillHiker (who lived in both) has any comments on that map labeling St. A big indicator of how much milder the south western Ontario climate is than south eastern is the forestry. As this “hobby” of container gardening grows in western Canada (and I am one of you with 70+ pots around my yard), I am finding we seem to have a collective urge to go further and experiment with more than just annuals and perennials. Deep purple leaves with pink spring blooms and purple blushed fruit that clings close to the trunk in late summer. Plants grow 4 feet tall and larger.Also look closely at Hydrangea paniculata varieties such as ‘Bobo’ and ‘Little Quick Fire’. My family in Denmark gardens voraciously – and one plant no one would be without in their outdoor sitting area is Butterfly Bush.
Foliage may be green, blue-green, gray-green, chartreuse, gold, or silvery blue, depending on the species and variety. This year, why not consider joining me in exploring where shrubs and small trees can take your container growing experience.

They bloom all summer in a wide variety of colours, and YES: they do attract loads of butterflies. I went to Ottawa for new years and when I got there it was -20 while back in London it was -5.
In Ontario, I think the north begins somewhere in the vicinity of Parry Sound going up Hwy 400; I think the boundary is a lot fuzzier further east though - somewhere between Huntsville and North Bay, and possibly northwest of Petawawa (it's been a long while since I've driven 17 in that area). I mean, someone might want to seriously consider relocating from Chicago or Minneapolis to San Diego or Miami for weather reasons, sure, but would you really leave a career in Ottawa to relocate to Leamington so your cold is still cold but at least somewhat less cold? Unfortunately our genius ancestors decided to cut down 90% of our deciduous forest in favour of precious development. Thing though is that I brought the winter clothes I wear every year: jacket, touque, leather gloves and sneakers. I don't own a pair of boots, scarf or long johns cause I've never needed any of those before.

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