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Most indoor gardening is done in containers or raised beds using hydroponics, and includes growing houseplants, kitchen herbs, fruits and vegetables, vermicomposting and mushroom farming . Available sunlight will affect plant growth and the quality of any produce in your indoor garden.
Place an old coffee table against the sill of a southern-exposed window to create one, or use two cement blocks at each end with a 2-ft.-wide sheet of plywood over them. Take the rooted ends of scallions, leeks and onions, and push them into the soil about an inch, leaving the cut side up.
Plant herbs away from one another or they will cross-pollinate, mingling their tastes and scents. To celebrate Earth Day, which was yesterday, we have set out a bit in the world of gardening. The lattice is a decorative element that is used in architecture and is of different materials. Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, photo shoots, and more. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, salad greens, hot and bell peppers and edible flowers can all be grown indoors.
Wrap it in paper towels and place it in water until you see new growth in the center of the plant.
However, many landscaping features can carry a hefty price tag and require professional installation.

One of the most economical and easy-to-create backyard landscaping options is a rock garden.
An easy way to add color to your backyard without incurring the expense of creating a full-fledged garden is to build your own planters. Unless you have my problems, it would be a great spot for rakes and shovels, gardening supplies - anything you could fit in there!
Add a window seat to keep a group of containers together, making it easier for you to water everything. This prevents damage to the flowers and releases enough pollen to ensure a bountiful harvest. Start seeds between folds of wet paper towels; then transfer the strongest to starter pots filled with loose potting soil and biodegradable foam pellets. For homeowners on a budget, simple, do-it-yourself projects for beautifying a backyard are a better option. While custom-made or larger models are usually quite expensive, smaller, less expensive fountain kits are available at many garden supply or home improvement stores. Traditionally, rock gardens are incorporated in Asian-inspired Zen gardens and are an ideal spot to sit and think. However, blocking your yard from the view of neighbors and passersby may be an important element in your ideal backyard design.
When I planted one in Arizona, it sat in the sun for two days before I realized that the water in the container was hot enough to brew tea. There are several easy ways to improve the look of your yard without breaking the bank or hiring a landscape architect.
Purchasing a kit is a great idea for do-it-yourself project because all the necessary supplies are included and instructions are provided to guide you through the installation.

Filled with inexpensive flowers such as marigolds or geraniums, they can provide a bold pop of color in an otherwise drab yard.
For a more budget-friendly, do-it-yourself version of privacy fencing, use shrubs to create a border around the perimeter of your backyard.
Several types of shrubs are effective as privacy hedges including bayberry, American holly and anise.
If your yard features a garden, you may want to place your fountain in an area where it will be surrounded by flowers. Purchase several bags of gravel from your local garden supply or home improvement store to cover the area. When it comes to building materials for your planters, pallet wood is an inexpensive option but you can also re-purpose wood that you may have in your garage or basement. Bird enthusiasts may find a small backyard fountain an ideal landscaping option because the sound of the running water usually attracts birds. Paint the boxes a bright color to match or contrast with the flowers that you have chosen for planting.
To save money, look around your yard for rocks that can serve this purpose or ask friends or family if there are any rocks on their property that they might donate to your garden. You may also want to add some small decorative shrubs to the garden for a more authentic look if your budget allows.

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