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Whether you need to get organized, maximize the space in your garage or just get all of your tools in one place, this DIY garden tool rack tutorial is for you. Drill two pilot holes 2” from the ends of 1” x 4” at approximately 1” and 3” and secure to 2” x 2”’s using two screws.
Lay three 1” x 2” x 25” pieces on top of the other bottom pieces of wood in a grid pattern.
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Slugs are soil-dwelling creatures closely related to snails, clams, and other members of the phylum Mollusca.
An air pocket in the soil allowed slugs to eat the roots of this fountain grass (Pennisetum); when replanted without the air pocket, the plant recovered completely. Landscape Plan – At this stage we will prepare a drawing of your proposed garden space, including hard landscaping features such as paving, water features, decks as well as plant species and building materials to be used.
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7.    Repeat Steps 3 to 6 for the second set of 4x4s, using two more 120? 2x4s and two more cross-braces. You can ask a Home Depot store associate to cut wood to the lengths you need before leaving the store. Use 5-inch grit barrier; such as, diatomaceous earth, sharp or builder's sand, ground gritty nut hulls, or ground egg shells.

Professional landscape designers – Landscape design packages and do it yourself landscape guides. The 2×4 should be flush to the post tops, with an equal amount of overhang at either end.
Lay six of the 120? 2×6 planks perpendicularly across the supporting 2x4s (curves downward), spacing them evenly and using screws to secure them. Finish by laying the remaining seven 2x4s perpendicularly across the 2x6s (curves downward), spacing evenly and screwing to secure.
Paint or stain the wood per the paint manufacturer’s package instructions for application and drying times.
Place one 1” x 4” x 24” piece flush with the top of the 2” x 2”s, leaving 1” overhang on each side. Drill 2 pilot holes 1” from the ends of 1” x 4” at approximately 1” and 3” and secure to 2” x 2”’s using two screws. Fit two 1” x 2” x 24” pieces snuggly inside the bottom walls of your rack, 6” from either side.
Drill pilot hole and secure using screws into the top of the 1” x 2”’s to each piece of wood it sits on. The succulent tissues of young seedlings and bulbs are especially susceptible to slug damage. Because slugs are soft-bodied and require cool, moist conditions to survive, they avoid the sun during the day and hide under leaves, rocks, boards, and overturned pots in the garden.

They have a soft bump in the center of their bodies and eyes at the tips of their small tentacles. Diatomaceous earth, sold as Perma-Guard, is made from the ground skeletons of small fossilized plants. Copper strips or copper wire placed around the base of plants or pots is an effective barrier or deterrent to slugs. Granules or baits containing metaldehyde are effective in controlling slugs but need to be used with caution. At midday, collect and dispose of the slugs which are escaping the mid-day sun on the undersides of the boards. It has many sharp edges that lacerate the bodies of slugs, causing them to dehydrate and die. They cannot be used on vegetables and should not be used where children or pets may pick them up or eat them. This plan can be used by you or a contractor to build the garden following the clear and concise plans.
Placing the bait in a partially flattened tin can will limit the access children and pets have to the bait.

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