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The reconstruction of the Capitol Theatre at Fort Edmonton Park is a captivating “4D” multi-media experience recounting the history of Edmonton through the eyes of some of its most colourful characters. We will review your submission almost immediately and contact you once we have made the claim live in our database. Starting with the area’s earliest inhabitants, you journey through time, celebrating Edmonton’s place and context in the world as it evolves from First Nations village to its “modern" incarnation.
Internally the building incorporates modern construction methods and balances issues such as the Building Code and the necessary technical infrastructure with historic authenticity.

If so, please search our tourism directory to ensure your company information is up to date and accurate. The Capitol Theatre is also a year-round venue for local drama, theatre and music requiring a small, intimate 250 seat setting. The building is not to be a simple facsimile of the original theatre, as the program demands a more interactive environment that cannot be contained within the confines of the original plan.
The project is a successful part of a phased redevelopment and enhancement of Fort Edmonton Park attractions.

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