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Having transformed the Fiesta and Focus, the grand ‘One Ford’ globalisation strategy has provided yet another object for road test assessment: the Ford Kuga SUV. The repositioning of the Kuga is a crucial part of Ford of Europe’s growth strategy; Ford is aiming to displace the more traditional ‘sports utility’ brands and lead the 4x4 market. Ford's new Kuga caters for many tastes too, as it's offered with a range of frugal turbocharged petrol and diesel engines and the option of automatic transmissions on some models. There's even less costly two-wheel drive models, which are notably more efficient, ideal for those who want something the size and shape of the Kuga but without the need for additional traction.
Little by little, the Ford Motor Company is becoming the model of a streamlined, right-size international car maker. But this Kuga will need to sell every bit as well as many of Ford’s more traditional models if that’s going to happen. Ford Escape 2.0 EcoboostThe US market Ford Escape hints at what Europe can expect from the Kuga next year. This medium sized 4×4 SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) from Ford has been much underrated. There is a system which monitors pressure in the tyres, with moving forward notification, driver alert, lane maintaining alert, and effective city stopping, as well as hands free tail gate.
Kuga’s price range will start from figures of $28990 for the base 2015 Ford Kuga model and will reach up to $46990 for the highest variant. 2015 Kuga is going to receive tough competition from Honda CR-V, Kia Sportage, Nissan X-Trail, Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5 and Subaru Forester.
The Ford Kuga 2017 is an up to date model in the present Kuga model, plus includes many functions that have been enhanced and up to date.
The interior in the Ford Kuga 2017 will be intended in this kind of wherein it offers a lot more luxury and comfort.
The Ford Kuga 2017 crossover will come with far more enhancements from the exterior view as their dimensions are actually changed and made bigger. Ford Kuga will work on a 1.6-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine which is regarded to produce an output electrical power of 161 hp along with a 251 lb-ft of torque.

The Ford Kuga 2017 is set to get launched into the industry inside the second half of 2016 and the anticipated price will probably be about $23,000. Measuring over 4.5m long, it’s now a closer match for a Hyundai Santa Fe than a Nissan Qashqai. Automatic sensors to switch between high and low beam and traffic lights identification system are present, although these features are available as standard features only in Titanium variant of Ford Kuga. The engine capacity will be 1999 cc with a maximum torque of 345 newton metres at a peak of 4500 rpm. Considering the engine and the price tag on the 2015 Ford Kuga, these are quite reasonable figures. The up to date critical idea on this sport-utility car is the fact that in excess of the past many years, buyers have constantly required to the introduction of specified present day options for the motor vehicle. There is going to be three-row seats that can perfectly hold eight passengers whilst still maintaining extra space for luggage. The engine on the car might be integrated having a 6-speed transmission which will be automated.
Exterior see on the car has received several exceptional changes also as enhanced models and has in turn made the car additional sophisticated.
The seats are going to be covered with leather and will offer lumbar help which also increases the user’s comfort as driving.
The length of your car will probably be 185 inches whilst its height will probably be 111 inches. Few major exceptions will include LED daytime running lights, which although is available not as a standard equipment but only on its Titanium variant. To aid improve the comfort and provide ideal quality, the interior of the car come with most up-to-date attributes.

A sunroof will likely be set up on this 2017 Kuga model which is absent inside the earlier edition. To increase the handle from the car on hard terrains and also at high-speed, the car can have a complete wheelbase of 73 inches.
Ford has extended the range of body colours available for this 2015 Kuga which comprises of Metallic tint of Red Ruby, Magnetic Grey Metallic and Metallic Yellow “Tiger Eye” colour. Some of the features available for this car include cruise control, automating start stop, and blind spot information system.
An exceptionally effective and improved engine will provide the car with a lot more hp and assist in escalating the fuel efficiency. To aid the driver control and monitor the vehicle, a sizable LCD touchscreen will also be installed within the dashboard.
Compared for the present edition on the Kuga family, Ford Kuga 2017 could have an improved ground clearance.
Moreover, the car will feature installed modern day infotainment method, navigation program, Bluetooth connectivity as well as rear see camera.
The bumper dimension will even be bigger, which suggests that the front factors will be thoroughly protected. For your safety with the end users, traction control, airbags and stability control 4-wheel ABS is going to be installed in situation of an accident.

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