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Ford is the full-line, mass-market brand of Ford Motor Co., which also sells luxury vehicles in North America under the Lincoln name. With the discontinuation of Mercury and the sale of numerous other premium and luxury marques within the past few years, the company's efforts are squarely on Ford, a global brand.
Thanks to a series of impressive new models and the goodwill that comes from being the only domestic automaker not to receive a government bailout, Ford's sales, profits, market share and image are all on the rise.

Substantial recent upgrades to the Mustang, including new V-6 and V-8 engines, have improved performance along with efficiency. The car most recently redesigned was the Focus sedan and hatchback, which hit dealerships in 2011. Ford is currently phasing out its truck-based Explorer midsize SUV and half-truck Explorer Sport Trac, replacing it with an all-new Explorer that attempts to blend truck and crossover characteristics.

The Expedition and extended Expedition EL full-size SUVs can seat up to eight in three rows.Long overdue for a redesign, the Ranger compact pickup remains in the lineup along with full-size F-Series pickup trucks and E-Series cargo vans in numerous sizes, cab and box styles and weight ratings.

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