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La Ford Edge es una SUV de tamano mediano con capacidad para cinco ocupantes, la cual se caracteriza por su exclusivo y lujoso equipamiento, por su aspecto confiable y por su motorizacion.
Los rivales del Ford Edge 2013 son el Chevrolet Traverse, Nissan Murano, Honda Pilot, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Kia Mohave, Mazda CX-9 y el Subaru Tribeca.
The Ford Motor Company introduces the 2013 Ford Edge Concept with the promise that this vehicle is more than just a fantasy.
Nothing definite about the engine, but speculation has it that it may be a newer version of the EcoBoost.
The new Edge Concept takes a step forward with the term "Crossover." New LED headlamps are connected to a new 3 bar grille section. Other aerodynamic additions are the front wheel well air curtains that direct air flow to the side and rear.
Ford, the well-known and reliable name in automobile industry, has recently presented its new creation, the 2013 Edge EcoBoost.

Este carro es uno de los mas innovadores y exitosos de Ford, siendo el resultado del trabajo conjunto con la Mazda con la cual se comparte la plataforma y parte de la tecnologia que emplea en la hermosa CX-9.
Other advance features include a lane keeping system with a front camera that scans the road for lane markings and a collision warning system that utilizes radar to locate other vehicles to the front and side.
The grille has retractable shutters that automatically open and close based on engine temperature that helps improve fuel efficiency. This concept car came painted in a copper hue with lighted chrome accents around the headlights, taillights and turn signals. It is a CUV (crossover utility vehicle) and its looks are much the same as its predecessor, the 2011 Edge Limite except that an EcoBoost badge is displayed on the outside of the rear hatch. It is a small engine but has the power of a much bigger one by giving extra power and torque.
The engine with all its variants will be available for 90% of the line model in North America and 80% of its cars globally.

It has four cylinders and is of 2.0 liter capacity, turbocharged with direct injection allowing better and smoother combustion and decreased carbon dioxide emissions. These add to the boast of an extraordinary technology range which improves on the fuel saving and push power, and eliminates co2 emission.
The addition of the three new Ford EchoBoost engines globally will increase the vehicles with this engine to eleven, thus adding to the environmental friendly vehicles in the world. With EcoBoost, the fuel consumption will reach 30-32 mpg on the highway and 20-23mpg in the city.
The main aim of this creation is an effort by Ford to strike a balance between economy and power!

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