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Yesterday I went into the backyard and my broccoli was standing tall and ready for harvest. I had fried green tomatoes, sauteed tiny purple eggplants (with one green bean added, courtesy of Malcolm) and broccoli and cheese. The Food Garden Network initiative has evolved from an Imagine Durban Demonstration Project called The Mila Project, which works closely with Cato Crest Primary School and Glenridge Pre-Primary School in developing food gardens; as well as the numerous permaculture training workshops offered by Durban Botanic Gardens to private individuals, schools and organisations in and around KwaZulu-Natal. Developing ongoing relationships between teachers, learners, private individuals and organisations in a particular area or zone. Members of the Food Garden Network would need to commit to food gardening based on the ethics of permaculture – Care for the Earth, Care for People and Fare Share, as well as the 12 principles of permaculture.
The idea would be to start a network in one area (like Glenwood), and then grow to other networks in the City, then nationally and then throughout Southern Africa. Ground Tech has you covered- whether you are interested in a raised garden bed for crops, a traditional ground level garden, or a decorative rain garden to prevent erosion and improve groundwater. Gardens are back in a big way as families are discovering the simple joys and tangible rewards of growing their own greens.

Annual flowers provide landscaped areas with more seasonal variety and colorful accents than most other plants. Most people are quite familiar with an old-fashion vegetable garden, but rain gardens are becoming popular and tend to be less understood. Rain gardens are shallow, constructed depressions with deep-rooted native plants and grasses. It is important to note that rain gardens make lovely landscaping features and are eco-sensitive to boot. Rain gardens occupy yard space reducing the amount you have to mow, a bonus to those who find themselves pushing a Toro once a week. Another positive attribute of rain gardens is the contribution to groundwater recharge, a natural process that is interrupted by man-made hard surfaces. I am giving a presentation on a new appliance for the rapid recycling of food scraps in to fertilizer, do you mind if I used your picture in there, and referenced it to you? There is just something magical about going out to the backyard to pick the ingredients for a fresh salad.

They are used to catch runoff water from hard surfaces, such as roofs, patios and driveways. The gardens can absorb hundreds of gallons of water that would otherwise run (with pollutants) into the nearest lake or river. Fortunately, where i live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is possible to have a flourishing garden outside all year.
There was a nice bell pepper and, of course, there are always sun sugar tomatoes ready to be plucked.

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