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There are a few things you need to know about blueberries and your climate in order to choose the best variety for your garden. All blueberries like acidic soil, similar to conditions that suit azaleas and rhododendrons. Shrubs Alive!TM acid food and fertilizer.>  Blueberries have fine surface roots, which should not be disturbed by cultivation. There are several kinds of blueberries.  Highbush blueberries grow upright  between 5 and 6 feet tall.
In addition to acidic soil, blueberries need full sun, well drained soil and continuous moisture for best fruit production. The health attributes of the blueberry are many, but really we eat them because they are sooooo goood. Mehr Bilder finden Sie bei - melden Sie sich dort an und laden Sie Ihre eigenen Bilder in die Gallerie. Provide each spinach plant a space of 3 inches, if you want to pick large leaves give more space to each plant, 5 inches. If you are growing spinach in fall (autumn), keep the plant in a sunny spot (in mild climates) due to shorter days and less intensity of the sun. When growing spinach in containers avoid water stagnation because it will lead to the development of rot and various fungal diseases. It is a cool season crop but growing spinach in tropics and subtropics is extremely easy, moreover, you can grow it successively as a bi-annual crop, except in hot summer months. In warm weather, vegetables like lettuce and spinach begin to bolt early and start to set seeds.
The spinach plant will be ready for harvest 37-50 days after germination depending on the growing conditions and cultivar.
Harvesting can be done when the plant has formed at least 5-6 healthy leaves and they are at least 3-4 inches long. When the weather becomes humid and hot (in warm climates) the plant tends to form an erect stem, on which you can see some small yellow or green flowers developing. Get inspired by our easy DIY garden ideas and try them in your garden or backyard to make it look better than ever before!
Container planting vegetables is not a new concept, but what about using buckets for growing vegetables? While raised beds can solve many of these problems, they are more expensive and require more room.
Fill the rest of the bucket up with an even mixture of peat moss, planting soil, and compost. Plant it in a planter according to the size of plant and regularly update the planter as the plant gets bigger. A Mango tree grown on its native place can grow huge, up to 32 meters tall, although it depends on the variety. It needs well drained soil, rich in organic matter that’ll dry out easily, of pH level around 5- 6.5.
Mango trees grown on ground don’t require much watering but container grown plants are different.
After flowering, mango fruits ripen within next 2-4 month, depends on the weather and variety you’re growing. Besides this, there could be many other reasons– pests and diseases, weather, fertilizer and overcast.
Hello Fatima, most of the times the mango tree germinates from seed won’t grow healthy or true, besides this it takes lot of years to set fruits. Very well described, will try mango in a container and look forward to receive your tips in future also. To pinch a plant, just pinch at the end of branch (tip) with your fingers or sharp scissor. I got a Mango tree in a pot which as self rooted into the garden, Can you cut back the roots without damaging the tree groth or fruit bearing.
Young trees do best with supplemental irrigation for several months until they are established. Take care when separating the offset to preserve the leafy green top and acquire some root.

They are easy to grow, beautiful in all seasons, and give absolutely delicious and nutritious fruit.
You can do that by typing your zip code into this USDA chart or  the Sunset Garden book also offers growing zones by zip code here for the United States.
Although some varieties are self pollinating, it is better to have at least two different varieties for best fruit production. Perhaps I should try to find a place in the states that has a similar climate than our and then start with the seeds recommended for it. Seedlings will germinate in 5-14 days depending on the variety and growing conditions. If you have sown seeds in a seed tray wait until 2-3 true leaves appear in each plant and then transplant them into the original pots carefully.
If you want to harvest leaves at very young age, then this area can be reduced to 2 inches only.
For spring and summer planting keep your potted plants in a location where it receives some shade, especially in the afternoon. At the time of planting, you can mix time-based fertilizer or you can add a lot of compost or well-rotted manure, this will provide nutrients slowly. However, keeping an eye on leaf-eating insects like slugs and caterpillars and other common garden pests like aphids will help you in eliminating them in time.
You’ll need to provide it shade and enough water to keep the soil temperature cool and moist.
One of the most important thing you need to consider when growing spinach in tropics is to grow heat tolerant varieties (there are a lot of Asian varieties that are suitable for tropical climate) that grow slowly and do not bolt quickly.
Pick outer leaves first and leave the new inner leaves so that they continue to grow or cut the whole plant off at the base with a knife or scissor, the plant will resprout again.
To coincide with the flowering and the subsequent production of flowers, the foliage of the plant thickens and changes in flavor (more bitter), which is called bolting so it is convenient to harvest the plant before it starts flowering for better taste. These buckets can be purchased at your local home improvement store for a low cost, or salvaged from a dumpster. You will want plenty of holes for this, as water can accumulate in a small container quickly. Spray painting for a solid color is the easiest method, but stripes and polka-dots can help dress up your patio. Also called as king of fruits, it’s a fruit of tropical plant called mango tree, which is not frost tolerant and dies easily if temperature drops below 30 F.
If you live in colder region, use dark colored pot because mangoes loves heat and black color has tendency to absorb it.
Use high quality potting mix and add compost or manure and perlite in it for a healthy growth of plant.
In the beginning of blooming season decrease the amount of nitrogen and feed with high in potassium and phosphorus fertilizer. Mango tree doesn’t require lot of pruning however it’s necessary to prune dead and diseased branches and control its shape.
It can be due to insufficient sunlight – calculate how much sun your potted mango plant is getting. Due to nutrient deficiency – Check the leaves to identify the sign of lack of nutrition and deficiency. A mango may not bloom due to bad quality seed – It was sowed from seed or you bought it from nursery?
Most commonly it is due to lack of nutrients, make sure you are applying right amount of fertilizer at correct time.
The fruit is an ancient cultivated food that has importance in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and other tropical to subtropical areas. Pollination takes place at 95 degrees (35 C.) and fruits need dry, hot temperatures with warm nights. The large trees need room to grow and spread out the adventitious surface roots that anchor the plant and help it gather surface water.
In addition to irrigation and support, palms need good nutrient management and pest and disease control. Offsets are divided away from the parent plant and started in a prepared bed or pot of sand mixed with some topsoil. Remove some of the oldest branches each year and any dead or weak shoots.  This gives the plants more air and light.

In my country the public opinion is not yet aware about the importance of organic food and organic gardens. You can either use so many small pots and grow one plant in each or select large window boxes, wooden boxes or crates. In subtropical or tropical climate, place the containers in a spot that receives plenty of shade. Many spinach cultivars can tolerate temperature down to 20 F (-6) and up to 90 F (32 C) easily. Feeding the plant with fish emulsion, compost or manure tea in the middle of the growth and so on is a nice organic way to promote the plants.
If your tomato is not getting enough sun in a certain area, simply pick it up and put it somewhere else. If you are not in the mood for painting, drape some outdoor fabric around the bucket and tie it with a piece of twine for a classy and effortless look. There are lots of varieties of mangoes so it’s best to ask in local nursery for the dwarf variety that does well in container. There’re some specific dwarf varieties of mango tree that you can grow in container— Irwin and Nam doc mai are best.
Place container in South faced spot of your garden as south faced spots receive more intense and proper sunlight than other directions.
To check, dig top inch layer of soil and see if their are roots growing upwards or clutered.
Cultivar choice and zone are important information when considering how to grow date trees. Take care when planting date palms to choose a location with plenty of space both vertically and horizontally. Fill the bottom of the hole with soil so the plant is sitting high and roots are barely covered. Tie the ripening clusters to an adjacent branch for support and use netting to protect the fruit from birds. The plant can grow in a pot for a few years but should be planted in a bed outdoors for best results. Well-draining soil is most important factor for the optimum growth of spinach in containers. If you have not done added time-based fertilizer, you can also feed the plant with balanced liquid fertilizer at regular intervals.
In addition to saving space, using buckets for gardens also helps with a lot of other common gardening problems like young plants getting trampled, rabbits eating plants, poor soil, hard rains, weeds, and ease of care. You will not have to dig up, replant and risk killing your tomato; you will only be moving the container it is in. Do not use garden soil or top soil as these can compact in the bucket and hinder plant growth. If you’re short of space or live in colder zone then growing a mango tree on ground is impossible. I do see alot of spider webs I do water it not often since it’s never given fruit but lately I have been since I replanted an angles trumpet. Many bulk restaurant food supplies are delivered in 5 gallon food grade buckets and many restaurants are happy to give them away.
Learn how to care for a date palm and enjoy the elegant tree and perhaps some fruit if you are lucky. Oh one other thing our mango tree is 30yrs old and we have never been able to enjoy its fruit. You might consider planting them in containers where you can control the soil acidity better.

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