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Puppy swimming comes naturally, but puppy drowning happens just as easily and requires first aid to save your puppy's life.
The steep sides of backyard pools and hot tubs prove particularly dangerous during the summer.Wintertime risks happen when the pet walks out onto the ice-covered pond or river and falls through. A 2 day course is available to corporate clients if requested. Please contact us if you would like details regarding conditions and prices for this option.
Please note, the Australian Resuscitation Council recommends that refresher CPR courses be done every year. The majority of the theory is completed prior to the course via a pre-learning pack with the aid of a workbook (or during training sessions as part of a 14 hour face-to-face program). Practical assessments are done through role-plays and work-place simulations where possible. Students must demonstrate competency in all sections to qualify for a Statement of Attainment. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Should you find that you need to return your order to us, we have in place a 90 day return policy. We carry out a refund on your order within four weeks of receiving your package back to us. In the event that you need to return an item due to defect or damage, we will pay for the shipping of that item(s).
All questions relating to returns and refunds should be directed to our Customer Service Hotline. To inform and educate everyone in water safety and resuscitation and to increase annually the number of people trained in water rescue. Royal Live Saving Society United Kingdom is the UK’s premier education and training Skills organisation for water safety, aquatic supervision and drowning prevention.
Training lifesavers and lifeguards in the areas of accident prevention, survival, rescue, life support, emergency aftercare and first aid. The Royal Life Saving Society was formed in 1891 in an attempt to reduce the annual toll of 5,000 lives lost in drowning accidents in the United Kingdom – by publicizing the causes of these accidents, by encouraging everyone to learn to swim and by teaching competent swimmers the methods by which a drowning person might be saved. DISCLAIMER: The International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA) is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth, Royal Life Saving Society United Kingdom, RLSS UK, or any of its chapters, subsidiaries, or its affiliates. Many puppies leap before they look, or simply fall into the swimming pool, hot tub or break through ice on the lake and can’t get out. A puppy’s light weight means he can travel far away from the bank before the ice cracks, and you won’t be able to easily reach him for rescue.Water Safety for Puppy SwimmingPool safety is important for children as well as puppies. Our course is designed to provide you with skills, experience and the confidence to provide a first aid response, as well as  manage casualty, the incident and other first aiders until the arrival of medical aid.

Of course, if revisit our website regularly and review the course content, you should be able to recall everything easily. They are used to guage if you have mastered the skills and knowledge needed to safely manage a life threatening incident before help arrives. Everyone enjoys this method of learning and people find they remember the information better in the heat of the moment. All technical specifications and requirements for Senior First Aid Course contact Linda Bryant 0423 496 852.
In most cases you will receive a refund much sooner, but we estimate four weeks because of the time required for return shipping (up to 14 days), and for your bank or credit card company to complete the refund. These products are customized to your business, and therefore cannot be returned or refunded. If an item is returned due to reasons such as 'I changed my mind' or 'I no longer need the item' or 'someone in our office ordered the wrong item' return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
This poster shows and explains how to perform CPR in a step by step manner – easy to follow six step process.
RLSS UK is the governing body for lifesaving sport and lead industry body for training lifeguards, setting standards and providing guidance and advice on aquatic safety. In 1924, the Society was granted a Royal Charter by King George V; a supplemental Charter was granted by Queen Elizabeth in 1959. Dog paddling may be instinctive but they can still drown if they can’t climb out and get too tired to float.High Risk PuppiesSome puppy breeds adore the water but others have a hard time staying afloat.
We will notify you via email with the details of your refund, and issue your refund in the form of payment used to make your purchase.
In the event your return request is made beyond 30 days of the purchase date, we will issue a refund via check. Colorful illustrations and specific information show the necessary positions and explanations to perform CPR effectively and safely. A life saving wall reference for school nurses, classrooms, business, and safety related facilities. Puppy breeds with heavy coats such as Collies become waterlogged and tend to dislike puddle jumping. Heavy-bodied breeds like Bulldogs have trouble staying afloat and actually could sink and be unable to get out of the pool.All pets are at risk but especially small breeds and puppies are most prone for drowning. Then when King does his doggy dive, have him paddle toward the planter to show him the steps. Their inexperience, curiosity and fearlessness prompt them to explore but they may be unable to climb out of even small bodies of water.
Camping and spending time with furry friends on the water can be loads of fun, but pets easily lose their footing on slick decks.

A dog that pinwheels off the boat racing at forty miles-per-hour needs lots of luck to survive and swim to shore. Even if he manages the trek, he may become lost on the beach so identification tags and microchips are a must before such adventures.Provide double-sided rubber mats on boat decks for more secure pet footing. If your furry friends absolutely must go with you on the boat, provide safety life vests for pets.
You can find products at specialty pet stores or online outlets for the ultimate in pet water wear.First Aid for DrowningIf the worst happens and you find your pup floating and not breathing, minutes count. Sometimes it’s not obvious the dog has drowned if you find him drifted onto the shore, so check the rims of the eyes or gums.
Lack of oxygen turns these tissues blue or gray instead of the normal pink.Before administering first aid, get your puppy out of the water but keep yourself safe.
Put the heel of your hand in the dip behind the last set of ribs, and thrust up toward his head three or four times in a modified Heimlich maneuver. Wait a couple of seconds to watch for water to come out, and repeat one more time to try and expel the water. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed to jump-start the breathing.Water absorbs very quickly in the lungs. Some pets experience “dry drowning” when fear or cold temperatures make the airway into the lungs to spasm.
There might not be water in the lungs but the puppy still can’t breathe.When the heart has stopped it’s very difficult to get it going again without specialized veterinary equipment. Even when you’re able to resuscitate your pet at home, it’s a good idea to have the veterinarian examine your pet.
Puppies that have been in the water especially during winter weather can develop hypothermia—body temperature below normal. And pups that never stopped breathing but were fished out of the lake in a near-miss also should be checked. Contaminated water that’s swallowed or inhaled can make pets sick, and water absorbed into the lungs may cause a delayed reaction.Please pet-proof pools and other water adventures to prevent tragedies all year round.
Supervise your water-babies so cooling off during the summer stays safe and wintertime play won’t be risky business.

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