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To treat burns and scalds, you should immediately get yourself away from whatever is burning you.
You need to keep warm (seems a bit of a contradiction, but hey, I’m not a fully trained medical doctor). Place a layer of cling film over the burn to cover it, and then use pain killers to get rid of any pain. The least severe burn is a first degree burn, which only burns the first layer of the skin. Second degree burns are split into two types: superficial partial thickness burns, which affect the first two layers of skin, and deep partial thickness burns, which affect deeper layers of skin. Deep partial thickness burns are white with red areas, and can be caused by hot oil, soup, or liquids straight from a microwave. Symptoms don’t necessarily develop straight away, so it may take a few days before you know exactly what type of second degree burn you have got.
Full thickness burns, more commonly known as third degree burns, will injure all the layers of your skin, and the fatty tissue beneath them.

So, basically, first and second degree burns will be okay with home first aid, but with a third or fourth degree burn you should call for a doctor.
Chemical burns - caused by chemicals, so as a prevention, wear gloves and a lab coat when dealing with them. Electrical burns - caused by electricity, like holding a kite in your hands while the other end gets tangled in overhead electric cables. Radiation burns - caused by radiation (I know, the names are kind of giving it away), such as from using a sunbed. Friction burns - if you have ever been on one of those big slides where you have to sit on a straw mat to slide down it, you will have had friction burns.
For example, you could wrap a blanket around yourself, but don’t let it rub against the burnt area.
When you press the burn (even though you aren’t supposed to touch it), the skin around the injury turns white, and returns to red when the pressure is removed.
The burn itself isn’t painful, but it can feel like something is pressing against you at the site of the injury. Infection is an even bigger concern with these burns than with second degree ones, and you need to get straight to a doctor with them. There are five more types of burn, but I didn’t do anywhere near as much research into them, so I shall just give you a brief overview.
The main character is a good-looking teenage boy who suffers third degree burns to his face, and looks at how he and his fellows react and adapt to it.

So I spent a good few hours researching, which I will turn into a brief summary article for you guys. These are chemical and electrical burns, large burns (as a guide, ones that are the size of your hand or bigger), and serious burns.
They can cause severe pain, but if nerve endings have been damaged you won’t feel it straight away. If it is a large burn, chances are you will have to undergo surgery (a skin graft, which is basically shifting spare skin from one part of your body to over the burn).
A scald is caused by wet heat, such as sticking your hand in hot water, or getting hit by steam or oil. These burns will look either white, cherry red, or black, and will not change colour when you poke them (seriously though, do not poke them.
I am guessing on causes here, but probably severe electrical shocks, flame throwers, lava, that kind of stuff (and dragons).
This might mean cutting away the clothing so that everything but the stuck bit is gone, but you musn’t try to detach anything stuck to the burn. Blisters will not necessarily develop, and the burn itself will look dry, hard, and like leather.

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