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Please acknowledge my elligibilyty to serve as this merit badge counselor for this Special Needs Troop 4-9 Renton.
The merit badge counselor application can also be turned in at the same time as the adult volunteer application. ErrorSorry!This page is currently unavailable while we undergo routine maintenance.We apologize for any inconvenience. First aid and injury care requirements for fire safety are done in these areas and will make the Fire Safety Merit Badge much easier to complete.

If you like the Fire Safety Merit Badge, consider also doing Emergency Preparedness and First Aid. These requirements are excellent but I may have to modify or abbreviate some to accomodate the different levels of disability.
I am the father of Eagle Scout  and Summer Camp Brinkley volunteer Don Baeder Feb 13, 2013 - Scouter PaulPaul - For anyone to be eligibe as a merit badge counselor, he must complete BSA Youth Protection training, register as a BSA volunteer, complete a merit badge counselor form, and be accepted by the local BSA council as a counselor. I'm surprised nobody addressed the BSA policy about sticking to the requirements and no authority to change them.

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