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This compact nylon case can be attached to a trouser belt or bicycle handlebars with Velcro. This First Aid Kit is suitable for people taking a short trip and who need the basic equipment. Better yet, have you ever practiced it?After my daughter’s 2 year old check-up, I was reading through the instruction sheet they gave me on how to keep her alive and it recommended to practice a fire escape plan. We went ahead and put together our fire escape plan and recommend you do too!More than 3,400 Americans die each year in fires, and approximately 17,500 are injured. Deaths resulting from failed emergency escapes are particularly avoidable. In the event of a fire, remember – time is the biggest enemy and every second counts! In less than 30 seconds a small flame can get completely out of control and turn into a major fire.
It only takes minutes for a house to fill with thick black smoke and become engulfed in flames.

Have 2 Ways Out of Each Room.When making your plan try and and have at least 2 ways out of each room. Also, make sure each person can open all the windows and doors.Be sure to include what is needed to get out of the room located near the exits. For instance, if you have a ladder to get out of a 2nd story window don’t store it downstairs! This song is extra cheesy, so therefore my kids absolutely loved it ;) It also helped lead into my fire safety speech I gave them!5. Practice your fire escape plan at night and during the daytime to make sure you have everything you need to handle both situations.
If you don’t have a fire escape plan already –  make one, practice it, and then teach it to your family!I appreciate Boltwell for sending my family a fire safety kit to test out! They really are amazing at helping people prepare with their very simple and easy to use pre-made emergency kits.

I’ll check the links, thanks for letting me know!As far as making a plan though, you really just need to map out your house and figure out where you can exit in case of fire. Food Storage Inventory Spreadsheets You Can Download For Free Build a #10 Can ROCKET STOVE: It Cooks an Entire Meal With Twigs!
How to Filter and Purify Water for Survival Canning Beef: Put a Cow in a Jar EASY Country Biscuits from Scratch 50 Emergency Apps: Turn Your Phone into a Life-Saving Device!Instagram Happy Halloween! This is what happens when you make fun of your husband for having to wear a scout shirt each week.

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