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Sharpness lifeboat station has kindly been donated two special response bags containing the new styled Kevlar oxygen cylinders (yet to be issued to front line ambulances) and first aid and resuscitation equipment that has been carefully designed by Gloucestershire Ambulance Service for use with organisations like ourselves.
The British Oxygen Company (BOC) manager visited the sharpness station and happily reduced the cost of rental for the two cylinders and donated two spare cylinders and the emergency grab bags free of charge. This will now mean that both the lifeboat haulage LandRover and the newly appointed incident command ambulance will be able to carry oxygen and be used by the stations 17 trained lifeboat crew.
Gloucestershire Ambulance service is also looking at donating a defibrillator to the sharpness station. My heart felt thanks go to Kevin at Gloucestershire Ambulance service and of course BOC for all the hard work they has put into the design and distribution of this unique response bag.
This handbook is designed to help answer commonly asked questions about school policies and provide an overview of the year ahead.
Trafalgar Annex was officially opened on April 27th, 1955, to provide educational facilities for children in grades 1-3. In 1974, the Vancouver School Board approved Carnarvon for Community School status, with provisions for a coordinator and secretary. In September 2004, funding for the Community Programs Office at Carnarvon was eliminated, resulting in the transfer of many traditional activities to the coordination of the Advisory Council.
Are the playgrounds supervised?Three supervision aides are employed at Carnarvon during the recess and lunch breaks, as well as school support workers who assist with children who have special needs. What is the policy regarding school discipline?A school wide incident tracking form is maintained by school staff on supervision and relates to all behaviour outside of the classroom and is filed in the office. Does Carnarvon have a dress code?While no formal regulations are in place with regard to dress code, it is expected that children at Carnarvon dress tastefully and weather-appropriately, no beach wear please! How is bullying dealt with?Parents and guardians are expected to reinforce the active anti-bullying strategies in place at Carnarvon. Is a school nurse on hand?A community health nurse is available at the Pacific Spirit Health Unit for consultation (phone 604-261-6366). What happens if a child is sick or injured at school?A bed is available in the office area, and the Office Administrative Assistant will administer basic first aid as required. What is the policy for children and staff members with allergies and other medical conditions?All families and staff at Carnarvon are made aware of children and staff members with life-threatening (anaphylactic) allergies to nut, peanut, dairy and fish products and are advised not to send these products to school.
What about “The Big One”?All schools in Vancouver conduct a common earthquake drill once a year in May and a second practice drill usually in October. Are there designated areas to load and unload children travelling by car to and from school?There are stopping and parking areas designated by road signs on 16th, 18th and 19th Avenues and Balaclava Street, all within a short walking distance of school. Is the school serviced by public transit?The #2 MacDonald 16th Avenue bus and the #33 bus stops on 16th Avenue between Trutch and Balaclava, approximately 1 block from school. When and where are meetings held?Meetings are usually held on a rotating basis (See Calendar) in the school library, September through June, beginning at 7 p.m. Can anyone attend the meetings?Meetings are open to all Carnarvon parents and guardians, staff, community members and pre-arranged guest speakers. What does fundraising involve and why does the school need to fundraise?Many fundraising events are supported through the volunteer efforts of the Carnarvon Parent Advisory Council. Does the school accept financial contributions or gifts in lieu of participation in a fundraising activity?Yes! What are “Class Representatives”?Each class at Carnarvon has one or more volunteer parent representatives. Halloween safetyThe Vancouver Police Department wants you to have a safe and happy Halloween.  Here’s a few tips to help make sure you do.
COSTUMES? Use fire-resistant material, preferably bright colours or fitted with reflective strips.? If you’re wearing a mask, make sure it is well fitted with large eye holes for good vision.
In different ways, they both tell you about what your child is good at, what she or he needs help with, and how he or she compare to the general expectations for students at that age. The formal report includes written comments that describe your child’s behaviour, including information on attitudes, work habits and effort. ABOUT CLASSESHow many children are in each class?Class sizes vary according to many factors. Why does it sometimes take several days for children to be placed in their new classes at the beginning of the school year?Temporary class lists are prepared for school opening.
Why are there combination classes and how are they used?Occasionally there may be an insufficient number of children in the same grade to form a complete class.
Is there an appropriate way to raise preferences or concerns about a child’s placement?Parents or guardians who have strong views regarding placement should write a letter to the school administrator. If a child seems to be having trouble with reading, spelling, math, or other subject areas, what can be done? SCHOOL FACILITIESWhat facilities are available for children with special educational needs?The Learning Assistance Center, staffed by a fully qualified teacher, is available for children to pursue their studies in a quiet, controlled environment and receive additional support.
Do children have an opportunity to learn French?Basic French is taught to children in grade 5 and up. What sports facilities are available?Carnarvon has a gymnasium with a broad selection of sports equipment. How often do children receive report cards?Formal report cards are issued three times a year, (December, March and June).
Why are there no letter grades on primary report cards?In compliance with Ministry of Education guidelines, no letter grades are issued to children in grades K - 3. Why does the child attend the conference?By actively participating in report card discussion, a child can feel more a part of the educational process and develop a sense of personal responsibility. How can general information be obtained on upcoming school events, issues, etc.?The school publishes a newsletter at the end of each month or more frequently as warranted. Speaking of community spirittaking care at CarnarvonWhat does “Take Care of Myself” mean?There are many ways that students are encouraged to “take care of themselves” at Carnarvon. What does “Take Care of Others” mean?Students can “take care of others” at Carnarvon by respecting personal space and property, showing concern and offering help to those in need, offering inclusion and friendship, using a quiet “inside” voice, waiting patiently when requiring help from a staff member and keeping language appropriate and well mannered.
What does “Take Care of This Place” mean?“This Place”, otherwise known as Carnarvon Community School, needs lots of care! These expectations are posted throughout the school and classrooms, and reviewed by teachers on an “as needed basis”. As parents, you can work with your children to encourage healthy behaviours by setting some physical activity ground rules. Many children participate in organized sports, play actively outside with friends, or regularly walk or cycle to school. If your children are not physically active, talk to your physician, a physical activity counsellor at your local recreation centre or ‘Y’, or one of the physical education teachers at their school about how to get them moving.
For tips on how to encourage reading and literacy skill in your own family, check out these easy antidotes to common literacy spoilers below.
Treating reading like a chore Reading can be a magical escape into the lives and worlds beyond your own but it can become a chore if you don’t make it fun for your children. Expecting your kids to read without being a reader yourself.Are you a good reading role model? Overlooking routine opportunities to readReading skills can be sharpened by everyday activities like reading cereal boxes and the liner notes on a favourite CD. Failing to nurture the art of storytelling.Make storytelling an important part of your family and culture by encouraging grandparents, aunts and uncles to share their stories.
You can’t train the brain if you don’t include the food!There is confusing and conflicting information for parents of school aged children on how to feed them well.
What happens at grade 7 leaving?Grade 7 students at Carnarvon receive the "royal treatment"! Who was Sharon Bollivar?Sharon Bollivar was a Carnarvon parent who was tragically murdered on November 22, 1982. Who was Bill Price?Bill Price was the Program Coordinator at Carnarvon Community School for 9 years, from 1974 – 1983.
Fun in the sunkids need extra protectionExperts estimate that 80 percent of a lifetime’s exposure to damaging rays occurs before the age of 18.

Watch out for reflected light, since up to 85% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet B rays can bounce back at you from sand, concrete and water.
Nous presentons dans notre comparatif les offres de marchands avec qui nous avons de liens commerciaux. La note du produit classe dans la categorie Manteau femme est de 0 sur une echelle de 5 etoiles. N'hesitez pas a partager votre opinion sur cette offre en attribuant une note afin d'aider les autres cyber-acheteurs. Pensez a demander l'avis de vos amis sur Facebook, Twitter avant d'acheter cet article pour faire le bon choix. Pour acheter cette offre a prix reduits, vous pouvez le trouver en vente aujourd'hui dans 0 boutiques. We hope that after reading it, you will feel more informed and enjoy a productive relationship with Carnarvon during your child(ren)’s education. In September 1966, following a major renovation, the annex was re-opened as Carnarvon School, to serve grades K through 7. Students may go home for lunch (see “What About Safety”), or eat lunch in designated areas – activity room for primary students and gym for intermediates.
Staff members are also on supervision duty before and after school; the Principal and Vice Principal are also visible during the recess and noon breaks.
All children attend a special assembly early in the school year to be advised of safety rules at Carnarvon. Additionally, strong scented products such as perfume, and fish can trigger asthmatic reactions among some children and staff members. The Council’s official role is to “advise the Board and the principal and staff of the school respecting any matter relating to the school”. Profits from hot lunches, dances, shows, and other events are all used to fund items not covered by government funding sources. In addition to coordinating parental help for the teacher on occasion, the class representative is responsible for initiating an e-mail list of all families in their class to circulate PAC and school information.
Better still, use make-up and your imagination.? Avoid long, dragging costumes which will hamper your mobility. You will receive at least three formal report cards, and two informal reports, every school year.
Instead, they include a structured written report that relates to the learning outcomes set out for the appropriate grade. In addition, the formal report comments on your child’s progress compared to what is generally expected for students in a similar age range. If the projected number of students arrive in September, new classes can quickly be established. Is there a policy regarding placement?Class placement is decided upon by a committee made up of teachers and the principal. Children in grades 4 to 7 are encouraged to participate in team sports such as volleyball and basketball. Parents and guardians are given an opportunity to meet with teachers, learn about the planned curriculum for their child(ren), and ask questions.
Parents or guardians should feel free to make an appointment for further consultation, during which the child need not be in attendance.
These include behaving calmly in the hallways, classrooms, computer lab, lunch areas and library, playing safely in the gym and on the playground, dressing appropriately for the weather, practicing good sanitation in the school washrooms and reporting injuries to the school secretary. Additionally, taking care of others can mean volunteering as a school patrol crossing guard, providing recess and lunch support as a Peer Helper or assisting with a wide variety of school activities during the year.
While these activities can be educational and contribute to mental development, youth need physical activity for healthy physical growth and development. With a little forethought and planning, reluctant readers can be transformed into enthusiastic adventurers into the magical land of the written word. Kids are sensitive to our values and if you don’t see reading as fun and enjoyable, chances are your kids won’t either. Double up on the learning curve by letting your child pick out dinner recipes and then helping you prepare a special meal. Be aware of how much tension you’re imposing on your child and think about how doing so affects his or her attitude towards books.
Help keep your children safe by monitoring their online activities and keeping the computer in a public area of your home.? These days, kids are able to exercise their creativity by making beautiful web pages about themselves and their interests. Here aresome tips for parents to think about when planning meals and snacks for their children.             ? Veggies and fruits will help to keep children from getting sick. Children are given the opportunity to pre-order their choice of pizza by the slice, Jamaican patties, juice and sugar cookies. The Sharon Bollivar Memorial Trophy was established in 1983 as a lasting tribute to Sharon Bollivar for her faithful and generous support during the years she was associated with Carnarvon.
A tan is the body’s SOS response to damaging UV rays, but the protection it provides is estimated to be no more than that of an SPF-4 sun screen.
If your family is fair-skinned or there’s a history of skin cancer, consider having a sun-filtering product applied to car windows. In fact, soda pop has become one of the biggest sources of refined sugar in our diet (each can contains 10 teaspoons of sugar!) Too much pop contributes to picky eating, wreaks havoc with dental health, and can boost caffeine intake. Notre comparatif prix vous permettra de distinguer le prix le plus bas de Motard Veste Bomber Blazer Femme Chic Vintage Imprime Fleuri Fermeture Eclair. Le classement des resultats presentes est realise en fonction des meilleurs prix de vente des magasins de Motard Veste Bomber Blazer Femme Chic Vintage Imprime Fleuri Fermeture Eclair. Like nearby Carnarvon Street, the school’s name commemorates His Lordship the 4th Earl of Carnarvon. Many successful community initiatives took place at Carnarvon in subsequent years, most recently our newly opened playground. A confidential strategy is in place, should there be a security threat during school hours.
In fact, students should not bring anything to school that would make them sad if it were to be lost, broken or stolen. A series of reports will necessitate disciplinary measures ranging from problem solving conferences with the school principal to in-school suspensions.
Emergency contact numbers for all children attending Carnarvon are kept on file and updated annually. Due to allergies, no dogs should be in the building without a special arrangement with staff.
Stopping is not allowed in any other areas for any reason, and endangers the safety of our students. If there are enough parent volunteers to run a Safe Arrival Program, more information will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. These items may include computers, software, library books, gym equipment, audio visual supplies, etc. There are maximum numbers of students in classes (with Vancouver district averages in brackets): Kindergarten – 22 (19), grades 1 to 3 – 24 (21), grades 4 to 7 – 30 (28). Carnarvon also has learning assistance staff available, and an individual assessment system in place. All children are taught library usage skills and have access to a variety of reference sources. All personal items brought to school should be permanently labeled, and any valuables should remain at home! A limited number of paper copies will be available outside the office for those parents who do not use email.
Students can also take care of themselves by joining in healthy, school-led activities such as cross country running, volleyball, basketball, track and field and badminton.
Rediscover the magic of a bedtime story.       Watching too much televisionTurn off the tube and turn on to after school reading.

Ask out-of-town grandparents to record themselves reading a book to your child and then make the recording a gift (add the book for the child to follow along with). Parenting Tip: To keep your child safe from online predators, ensure that they are not posting personal information that can lead strangers to contact them. Pizza Day is coordinated entirely by parent volunteers and all net proceeds benefit the school. A wide range of age-related activities is offered for pre-schoolers, primary and intermediate grades. Although confining kids indoors midday is unrealistic, teach them to play in the shade whenever their shadow is shorter than they are. Does the heat ruin their appetite, or could all those sweet drinks between meals play a role? Only athletes exercising hard for more than an hour will benefit from replacing carbohydrates, sodium and some other nutrients. Keep in mind that soft drinks can fit into a good diet, but recognize what it is – “liquid candy”, and make it an occasional treat. Imagine the possibilities if every parent, guardian or community member gave their volunteer time to just one school initiative. Lord Carnarvon introduced the bill for the 1867 British North America Act, which would define Canada as we know it today. When on the school premises, primary children are required to devote at least the first 15 minutes of lunch hour to eating.
Teachers and support staff use these days to attend workshops or study sessions, work on school-related business, develop and implement school-wide initiatives. This is an opportunity reserved for grade seven students and parents need to be aware they are responsible for their child’s behaviour once they leave the school grounds. Children are not permitted to enter the public washroom facilities adjacent to the school playing field.
It is essential that you provide emergency contacts and update the information as required. Job descriptions of Carnarvon Parent Advisory Council positions can be provided upon request.
Informal reporting, on the other hand, gives the teacher a chance to tell you how your child is doing on an ongoing basis. Traditionally, winter programs such as ice skating, snow shoeing, cross country and downhill skiing have been offered.Are field trips part of the curriculum?Yes. Information regarding the BBQ is distributed through the classrooms and in newsletters prior to the event. Parents and guardians are encouraged to watch for and read these newsletters, as pertinent information may otherwise be missed.
A “Family Information Package” detailing all pertinent information on the pre-school is available from the main school office. It’s important to start physical activity early, as inactive kids can become inactive adults. Talk to your kids about what they are posting and check their web page from time to time.? Email is an amazing tool for communicating with friends and family and for exchanging information for school projects.
Children and the parents should aim for 5 servings a day!? Lower fat dairy products are suitable for the entire family.
Kitsilano Secondary School presents a scholarship each year to a former Carnarvon student who demonstrates those same qualities through high school years. While at Carnarvon, he worked with many children, helping them to develop athleticism and fine motor skills.
Apply 30 minutes before outdoor activities and again every two hours, after swimming or sweat-producing play.
Here are some straight facts about fluids, as well as some refreshing idea on how to quench your thirst on hot summer days. IZIDEAL est un site de comparaison de prix sur Internet, et vous propose de comparer les prix de plusieurs millions de produits parmi plusieurs centaines de magasins partenaires. The 5th Earl of Carnarvon, (Lord Carnarvon’s only son), provided financing for the 1922 expedition which led to the discovery of King Tut’s tomb! Students staying for lunch are expected to eat either in the lunchroom or in the gymnasium unless alternate arrangements have been made with the classroom teacher. Any incident involving assault, threats of aggravated assault, fire, drugs, or alcohol will result in immediate suspension procedures. The school creates an annual “wish list” of items not covered by government funding sources. This kind of reporting can occur in many ways: by telephone, in a note, or during an arranged conference with your child’s teacher (and perhaps your child as well).
The most recent newsletter and other community news items are displayed on a bulletin board in the main hallway. To keep your child safe from strangers and internet viruses, make sure they do not respond to or open emails from people they do not know.? Just like the phone, Instant Messaging (or MSN) is very popular for communicating with friends and discussing homework and school projects.
Two percent milk or fortified soy milk instead of pop (liquid candy!) will keep bones and teeth strong and healthy.? Breakfast is important to get the brain working! Adopting a sun-smart lifestyle that includes use of a sun screen with an SPF of 15 or higher on children over six months can cut their risk of developing skin cancer by as much as 78 percent. Les prix affiches sur nos pages produits sont des resultats issus de nos magasins partenaires et ne representent pas l'integralite des offres disponibles sur le web. Last minute arrangements with friends, will not be permitted unless written permission is provided to the school.
The informal report should let you know, in relation to the curriculum, what your child is doing well, what she or he is having trouble with in school, and what the teacher is doing to support your child’s learning.
Each child must have a permission form signed and dated by a parent or guardian, and any costs paid in full before attending a field trip. Just as you would make sure you knew who your child was going out with; make sure you know who your child is talking to on the internet by reviewing their buddy list with them. It can be as simple and fast as a bowl of cereal with milk and fruit, or a piece of high fibre toast with peanut butter and banana and a glass of milk. When requested, Vancouver Police school liaison officers visit with the children to discuss safety issues. If students are found using phones for whatever reason, the phone will be kept in the office for the remainder of the day. Breakfast also will help to prevent excessive weight gain and obesity in children and adults. Parents, teachers and friends started the Bill Price Memorial Trophy as a lasting tribute to Bill. In the case of a second offense, the student’s parent will be asked to pick the phone up in the office.
All drivers must sign a third party liability form for insurance purposes, and be able to provide seatbelts for all passengers (Please ask about new regulations related to students who weigh under 40kg). Each year, the trophy is awarded to the Carnarvon student(s) whose activities best exemplify the principles of community spirit and humanitarianism.
For details about Carnarvon’s Code of Conduct, copies are available from the school office or on our website. Twenty five per cent of Canadian children and teens have had mean, hateful, and threatening things said to them over the internet or on their cell phone. Low carbohydrate diets are not suitable for growing children.? Meat, chicken, tofu, eggs, fish, nuts, beans or lentils are smart choices for sandwiches, snacks and meals. Low iron can lead to low energy and fatigue, poor learning and depression.? Food is to be enjoyed, shared, celebrated, and nurtures the soul, the mind and the body!

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