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Our executive education programs are designed to help managers not only solve problems, but also see opportunities these problems may present, and discover new and innovative sources of revenue in those opportunities!The Management and Leadership Certificate is an ideal option for technical executives seeking to enhance their general management and leadership skills in order to become effective leaders in a dynamic business world. Pretend City Children’s Museum is hosting a Super Powers exhibit throughout the summer that’s proving to be loads of fun as well as promoting healthy child development! Why then should we be surprised to read about a study that says that if we, as adults, assume a power pose for just 2 short minutes, our biochemistry changes as well.
So next time you are preparing for a job interview, or confronting a fast-talking teen, or asking for a raise, or making that important pitch at work, preparing for a speech or explaining the birds and bees to your child, just find a quite private place and strike that Superman or Wonder Woman pose for just 2 short minutes and know that your neuro-endocrine levels will transform you with the super powers you need to get the job done! And remember that the perfect place to de-stress and hone your super hero pose this summer is at the awesome new Super Power exhibit at Pretend City. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Today, our customers engage whether to do business with us in fundamentally different ways, relying heavily on digital interactions, evaluating a constantly shifting array of options, and affecting our future business by their post-purchase continual engagement through social media, recommendations, and reviews. The curriculum focuses on core business competencies including marketing, finance, negotiations, change management, and systems thinking.This year, we are offering several new management training programs created to address some of the most immediate issues many organizations and executives may be facing.
We well know that research supports the importance of superhero play to promote children’s pro social development and feelings of empowerment, but who knew that superhero posture could turn you, as an adult, into a superhero!
In doing my research for studies that would help parents to understand how important super hero pretend play can be for children, I ran across a study conducted by social scientists at Harvard University that caught my attention. The study shows that we will feel, think and act like winners when we adapt the body language of a winner – and there is chemical evidence of that change. As a child development specialist for decades, I have seen over and over, that magic moment when a child puts on a cape and BECOMES SUPER.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have plenty of times in my life where I could use that boost of confidence and feeling of empowerment! First described in 2009, continually refined since, this is my tutorial on this proven McKinsey / Harvard paradigm.
You’ve seen it too, and while watching that magic transform children, you can’t help but know that something powerful is happening inside of them.

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