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The history of educational technology is an eventful timeline full of amazing breakthroughs that have radically transformed the educational landscape and reshaped the basic notions of literacy and learning.
Also the number of technological inventions in the last couple of decades alone outnumber all inventions for the past  three centuries.
Here is a nice graphic that captures some of the major technological events in the history of educational technology. With edtech companies launching every week, one thing’s clear: they’re in a committed relationship with the screen. Sure, your students can take notes on their laptops, but Facebook and Twitter are probably calling their names. For many schools, transitioning to a new edtech solution can take up a good chunk of the annual budget.
As long as we are given an angle and one side, we will be able to solve any application problem using our trigonometric definitions. From the top of a 200 foot lighthouse, the angle of depression to a ship in the ocean is 23 degrees.
Once every month, EdTech and mLearning team prepares for you a list of new interesting educational web tools that we have collected from our PLNs. BrainNook  provides a variety of educational games and learning materials to help boost students engagement and interest in Math and Language Arts. However, if you sit back and reflect upon these developments in their relation to education, you will notice that the first decade of the 21st century alone witnessed a digital revolution that is unprecedented both in breadth and grandeur and with it comes the emergence of new learning concepts such as MOOCs, flipped learning, mobile learning, to mention but a few. The train of technological breakthrough is still moving but now it is moving at spectacular speed to the extent that we can not even expect what edtech world will look like in just the few upcoming years.
It had two solid lines and a dashed line so you could perfectly curve your “h” or make your “g” the same size as every other letter. While it collects dust underneath my bed, it’s time to reflect on the current state of writing in the classroom.

Whether it’s an ipad, smartphone, or other device, generation z (and most of generation y) are screen generations. When students write notes in their notebook, they subconsciously say it back to themselves, which helps reinforce their memory. The purpose is to keep you updated of the latest releases in the world of educational technology and help you discover new tools to leverage in your instruction. And better memory means students do better on tests when they remember what they wrote down.
With so much screen time for students – from computers, to ipads, and mobile phones – I wonder what’s going to happen to pen and paper? Yes, there are online apps to keep track of to-dos, but I find I don’t use them regularly enough.
Students, I beg of you, write more thank you notes.You’ll need pen and paper to make a strong connection.
But, there’s a lot more to outfitting a classroom than highlighters, binders, and poster paper: edtech is expensive.
We build a highly collaborative community, in which students exchange knowledge and skills. What need or gap do you aim to address?MB: The idea was to transfer all the benefits of the real life collaboration between students into an online space. At the same time, we wanted to use the possibilities that new technologies give in order to provide students with tools that are unavailable offline. We saw that in many cases students have problems caused by things which are beyond their control. Brainly gives equal chances to all, no matter where they are from, what language they speak, or whether they like their teachers or not. This means that students entering next fall will pay $29,976 – the third year in a row that tuition remains the same.In addition, the University will continue the four-year tuition guarantee for students arriving in the 2014-15 academic year, meaning no year-to-year cost increases for those who remain continuously enrolled.

All students enrolled now are already benefiting from the tuition guarantee, which over four years, saves students between $9,267 and $15,756 compared with schools that start at the same price but raise tuition by 3 to 5 percent per year (the national average).Finally, in recognition of the importance that affordability plays in the college selection process, Dr. After the successful performance in Poland, we have reached out to the markets which were close, like Russia. We are quite aware of the fact that launching in the US, Japan or Indonesia requires more financial resources. Offering 43 majors and a plethora of co-curricular activities as well as study abroad options, RWU is dedicated to the success of students, commitment to a set of core values, the pursuit of affordable excellence and to providing a relevant, world-class education above all else.
What makes your approach to this issue different from what others are doing?MB: The main advantage is our speed. In the last decade, the University has achieved unprecedented successes including recognition as one of the best colleges in the nation by Forbes, a College of Distinction by Student Horizons, Inc. Our users appreciate how all the questions and answers are being moderated and our experienced members make sure that all the information is legit.
Still, Brainly attracts many more such as elementary students, parents, teachers and other education enthusiasts. We encourage you to check out Brainly at:Yevgeny IoffeYevgeny Ioffe, or as people call him, Yev, has been working in both the startup world and established companies.
His career spans from joining Xplana Learning as it launched to Cengage Learning to MBS Direct when it acquired Xplana in 2009.
Yevgeny brings to EdTech Times his passion for start-ups and technology, along with his interest in the ever evolving world of edtech.

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