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By allowing parents to make their own bookings online via website, smartphone or tablet, we alleviate almost all of the time dedicated to parents’ evenings by teachers and school staff.
Read more about us below and learn how we will help you revolutionise the way parents’ evenings are run at your school. Pass the power of booking to the parents, who can select times that suit them and inform teachers of any concerns in advance. We help schools save time through efficiencies and money through both efficiencies and using our communication tools and paper-free methods. We help schools achieve their Education Scotland ambitions by helping to close the gap in attainment. Parental engagement is of course key to raising achievement. We help schools trace, track, invite, encourage and communicate with all parents. Over 98% of Scottish schools and the vast majority of those around the world aim to be eco-friendly. Schools set up their parents’ evenings online through our website and invite parents to make their bookings online after. In order to set up an event, the school will import its teacher, parent and student data from the school’s MIS database.
Once parents have made their bookings, teachers can check their schedule and read any issues or discussion topics submitted by parents. Finally, schools have access to live parent sign-up and attendance data as well as communication tools which allow them to contact parents and either invite them, remind them to book or remind them of their appointments. Groupcall Messenger is a market leader in school communication tools, providing schools with the ability to send personalised text messages (SMS), emails, automated voice calls, push messages and tweets (via Twitter) to the mobile phones and landlines of parents, staff and key contacts. We have integrated with this fantastic product to allow our shared customers to utilise the great benefits we both provide, together. Schoolfy is a free educational platform that welcomes teachers across the world into its community.

In Schoolfy, educators will have all the necessary tools to communicate with parents & students. With these new tools, teachers like Laurea can save more than half of their time to prepare lessons, perform in administrative tasks and mange students day to day. The best thing about Schoolfy is, as it can convert all examinations in educational materials into interactive documents, exercises are automatically customized for each student.
Assigning students to classes and small groups, organizing teacher tasks, grading and returning assignments electronically, providing parents with real-time notifications and much more!
We allow parents to make their own bookings, which leads to better prepared, more effective meetings.
We also provide schools with money-saving and time-saving tools which help them with parental engagement, communication and reporting challenges. You’ll be part of a movement that is changing forever, not just in the UK but throughout Europe, the USA and around the world.
Teachers control their availability and check their schedule and any parental concerns in advance. Connect your school’s MIS database to immediately import all the information needed to get set up. Communication from the Parents’ Evening Booking System to parents will be enhanced and track-able, parents will be familiar with the Messenger communication and schools can access us directly (by SSO) from Messenger. We also provide a free telephone demonstration (which takes about 20 minutes) to anyone who wants one. If your school has Unify, you’ll be able to sign up and try us out in a quick few clicks. You need to enter your name, mail id, occupation (teacher or administrator or student or parent), the type of school you teach and the number of students in your classroom. Those tools include setting homework, sending documents, creating calendars and doing students’ assessments.

Since all the data is registered in system, there is no need to write so many reports for the principal’s office. Saving their information & qualifications are easily done even if the student answers by hand. The system generates automatic notifications so that the educators are no need to worry about anything. They can think of each and every student’s development, helps them by giving individual instructions, make interesting lesson presentations and  they also have much more free time for them.
After class, She use to spend much extra time preparing in grading exams and exercises, finding documentation to organize lessons, doing tutoring by talking to parents, making reports to the principal and entering the results of her students in the school’s complex computer system. Once after registration, educators will have their own private social network in which you can invite all your students.
And to make things easier, with Schoolfy, parents convey everything related to the education of their children comfortably. Laurea tried lots of ideas and tricks to save time, but she hasn’t been able to manage her time”.
The younger students do it under the supervision of their parents, since in Schoolfy, their safety and securities are essential. Entry of technology into educational system has reduced their struggle and made their work better.

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