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As with any festival, EDC Vegas has its share of positive implementations, but at the same time, things they have yet to improve on. An obvious first choice, Pasquale Rotella is known for sparing no expenses on presentation for his festival. Need to reapply makeup, spray some more glitter in your face all with proper lighting and a mirror?
Needless to say, all your needs can be taken care of at EDC which helps you jump back to the electric sky experience without the stress. One thing that irked me about the earlier years of EDC Vegas was the appeal of the VIP experience. This time around, VIP’s were allowed access to some areas that were carved out frm the front of the stage, allowing them to be closer to the front and engaged next to the crowd than ever before. If you’re a veteran like me who has spent enough years in the crowd, the EDC Vegas VIP experience has finally been tailored for maximum enjoyment and is worth every penny. This is an area where Insomniac Events has tried countless times to win but ultimately fails.
I would like to use my Snapchat filter for the stages, but I kind of lose the appeal to upload anything when nothing works.
Despite the growing struggles EDC Vegas has yet to address, the festival experience is unique and unlike any other I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Google +A woman was groped multiple times at XS Las Vegas and after she physically confronted the groper, the woman was kicked out of the club and placed in police custody.
We need to stop letting perverts win in these types of situation and give justice to the women. About Hakkasan Las Vegas at MGM GrandThe MGM Grand has just upped the ante in the Las Vegas mega-club game.  At 80,000 square feet, five levels (including a two story waterfall), elaborate sound and light systems, some sexy lounges, all anchored by a Michelin starred Cantonese restaurant, Hakkasan is built to be the biggest name on the strip. The design, a mixture of the best elements of old Shanghai and clean modern lines, accented and accentuated by the lighting, all collude to draw you into Hakkasan’s own pocket of the universe. Afrojack was chosen by Neil Moffitt, the CEO of Hakkasan Group, to be involved in the designing stages of the new property. For more information, visit the Omni website where you can sign up for news and announcements.
French wunderkind Madeon today released "Home," the finale off his forthcoming full-length Adventure. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, billboard.biz is the essential online destination for the music business.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream is a novel by Hunter S. As a follow up to Sensation’s massive announcement about their four city tour coming to the US this Fall, they have given us not only the cities for the tour, but the dates as well.

No word yet as to when tickets to each show will be released, but become a club member to receive updates and emails about pre-sales. While one can go on and on into detail about those changes, I’ll briefly cover them in this review of the festival that grew up right in front of my eyes. Whether it is the  travelling art pieces, the giant Electric daisy, colorful performers, or the stage design, the aesthetics have grown from your standard festival thrown in the desert to an out of world experience that allows you to roam free. Spanning 480 feet wide, the main stage boasts 6,500 video tiles, 400 tons of steels, two waterfalls, and one giant  owl head in the middle. It’s been one of those stages that was largely ignored for the specific themed stages these past few years, but it felt like it held this own this time around. Sure you have access to exclusive bathrooms and no-wait bars, but nothing set it apart from the GA crowd.
For other major festivals like Coachella, this concept was not new, but it was a must needed change for EDC to implement. Pre built with an interactive, day by day lineup, up to date notifications and a detailed map of the entire grounds, the Insomniac app is a must download and a necessity for any EDC attendee, new or old. While stages have been strategically placed to entice festival goers to approach them more easily, some of the stages suffered from sound bleeds more often than simply from their close placements. Whether it’s their public Wi-Fi or their sponsorship with Snapchat last year, reception at EDC Vegas has always suffered. Usually complaints are few and thing, but I’ve heard (and experienced) some horror stories this year. From the food, rides, attractions, art installments, and to the headlining talents, everything has been meticulously thought out and created purely for the enjoyment of the fans alone, and it shows. No one can understand why this woman is being penalized for being the victim of presumptuous asshole who doesn’t respect women.
Nichol wasn’t doing anything besides having a good time and she was kicked for trying to protect her body. Since it’s first iteration in 2011, the three night festival that celebrates freedom, music, and self expression has undergone changes that have dramatically enhanced the experiences of the Headliners, a term CEO Pasquale Rotella uses to refers to attendees, to further engorge them in the electric sky experience. Among the variety of art installments and rides that have been featured over the year, the most notable changes have been in terms of stage design and sound. I would even go on record saying that it holds it’s own against some  designs of international festivals such as Tomorrowland! With large LED panels and triple the amount of lights and lasers dedicated to the stage this year, it blew my mind on cosmicMEADOW held it’s own and attracted more attention this year, capturing the main stage experience without the crowding of sweaty ravers with choice talent such as Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland. One common issue that plagues most festivals is that the sound systems are not crisp enough or that they don’t reach the entire crowd (One recent example I can think of is problems at Coachella).
Even when Pasquale introduced the Marquee Skydeck experience (which is essentially bottle service at the main stage), I still found no appeal.

For the first time, however, I relinquished my press access backstage access to hang out with the crowd in the VIP.
From personal experience, it allowed me to catch secret sets of performing artists that I would have otherwise missed out if my phone didn’t buzz in time. For example, while I’m raging away to bassPOD, occasionally the sounds of circuitGROUNDS took over. The connection always seems better at the beginning or the end of the days or in random spots, but when you don’t provide your Headliners a proper connection to share their content on-site or more importantly connect to each other, you lose all together. I would have loved to cover all of my favorite sets this year (which all occurred at bassPOD), I focused on taking in the festival itself for a change and what it had to offer.
This is an important opportunity to recognize how misogynistic and twisted many institutions are, including the music industry.
Madeon's debut album, Adventure, will be available through Columbia Records on March 30th, and can be pre-ordered here. Three stages have seen the most changes in their five year time span: kineticFIELD and cosmicMEADOW. EDC Vegas made a bold and interesting move this year; they ditched Funktion 1 sound systems in favor of PK Sound. With EDC Vegas 2015, I feel as Insomniac Events has finally nailed down the VIP amenities that make it worth the money: the stage experience.
Festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury have already addressed this problem using mobile Wi-Fi spots that provide connection regardless of the carrier, which begs the question of why Insomniac Events haven’t set aside their budget for these solutions. Other times, security could not redirect me properly to the right areas and were clueless about what access I had as a member of the media despite my knowledge of the company’s policies these past couple of years. To the average headliner, this may not strike a chord, but the quality has definitely changed as the basslines and high ends have hit harder than ever before.
Hear me out, I’m aware the VIP already gives people better access to elevated platforms for certain stages, but it felt out of reach and disconnected from the GA drawing back from what made the EDC experience fun, in a nutshell. Though this misunderstanding was cleared, their behavior was inexcusable – all of the above was clearly outlined in their staff manuals and their incompetency to read it and follow proper directions was worrisome.
True to it’s motto, Insomniac Events has yet again succeeded for another year in a row in providing grounds for the Headliners to roam and be free, all while enjoying the best visual and auditory experience that can be provided in the desert town of Las Vegas. Gonzo, as they descend on Las Vegas to chase the American Dream through a drug-induced haze, all the while ruminating on the failure of the1960s countercultural movement. The novel first appeared as a two-part series in Rolling Stone magazine in 1971, was printed as a book in 1972, and was later adapted into a film of the same name in 1998 by Terry Gilliam, starring Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro who portrayed Raoul Duke and Dr.

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