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She wore an angelic white costume while she twirled around to Ed’s beautiful voice and at one point, she literally twirled right off stage!
Ed’s big announcement came a day after an epic performance with John Mayer at The Grammys at the Staples Center in LA on Feb. Ed Sheeran rocks a cute polar bear sweater while stopping by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (November 10) in Los Angeles. Taylor Swift : Ed Sheeran sera aux Brit Awards le 25 fevrier 2015Photo de Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran et Sam Smith seront aux Brit Awards 20153 dec.
Ses Sheerios sont constamment derriere lui et le soutiennent plus encore pendant les periodes de Noel ! The Thinking Out Loud singer took up the bad habit as a teenager and has continued to puff away on and off for years, but during an appearance on America's The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (10Nov15), he revealed he has given up his bad habit.
Ed gave up cigarettes a week and a half ago and is proud that he's made it through the tricky first 10 days. He happened to sing about his character, Hawkeye, and how he has cool powers too like the rest of the crew.

From having Sam Smith on this week and Annie Lennox, she had a great performance of "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran.
2014 21:16:02S'il y a quelques jours, les medias ont annonce que les albums des One Direction et Ed Sheeran seraient les hits de Noel, il semblerait pourtant que le disque x depasse celui du boysband ! Cette information a ete annoncee il y a quelques jours, mais il semblerait qu'il y ait du nouveau. Having previously given up cigarettes and alcohol for a whole year back in 2011, he knows he has the willpower not to succumb to the cravings. After all, it’s not everybody who has British superstar Ed Sheeran championing their every move.
His self-titled album was released on October 16th, and shot to the number 1 spot on the UK charts.
Sheeran flew in to LA from Paris just to appear on the show and to promote Lawson, and Lawson flew in for the day from Copenhagen. Les six chanteurs ont tous devoile leur album recemment et connaissent un veritable succes.

Depuis plusieurs semaines maintenant, ce nouveau disque est dans le top du classement, un beau cadeau de fin d'annee pour l'Anglais. S'il s'agit du quatrieme album pour les cinq chanteurs Anglais-Irlandais, il s'agit seulement du deuxieme pour l'interprete de "Thinking Out Loud" !
Sam Smith est en deuxieme position, Olly Murs en troisieme, One Direction en quatrieme et George Ezra en cinquieme. Apres un premier succes avec +, Ed Sheeran est revenu sur le devant de la scene avec un superbe x. Les fans peuvent etre fieres de cette nouvelle reussite et ne manqueront certainement pas de feliciter l'artiste. De nouvelles surprises sont encore a decouvrir : Ed Sheeran interprete "Thinking Out Loud" sur la scene de The Voice US !

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