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Bumper sticker from the 70s:if you think cops are pigs next time you need help call a hippie. FlashHarry: Is crack still a thing?Small-town flyover country lags behind the rest of the nation by a couple of decades, so, it easily could be a thing out there.
I have an easy solution here.The cops will head over to the donut shop, and in 3-6 months, either society will have fractured and they'll be begging the cops to rule them with an iron fist again (like the 1960's), or it turns out that these cops weren't needed. Maybe if the cops who see bad cops being bad cops weren't such sh*theel cowards then most cops wouldn't get a bad name because of a few cops.Cops, you see your buds in blue a lot more than the public does. Smelly Pirate Hooker: It's almost like many cops don't understand what the farking problem is. Public: Dear Peace Officers; Could you please stop shooting us and our pets and taking all our money for yourselves? Raspberry Ketone by Beta Labs Raspberry Ketone a€“ All Natural Fat Burner When youa€™re ready to get rid of the extra weight in your life, Raspberry Ketone from Beta Labs is ready to help. What is Ephedra?Discover what Ephedra is, and all the benefits that ephedra's have for you.
PETA’s Meat Is Murder campaign in New York City featured volunteers lying nearly naked in giant plastic wrapped meat trays, covered with fake blood.
Large price stickers reminded people that “Billions of animals are abused and violently killed because you eat meat. It’s one thing to protest animal cruelty, but to propose the solution as being vegetarian…? As someone else has pointed out already, we humans not only have specialized teeth designed for tearing flesh, but we also have particular digestive enzymes designed for breaking down animal proteins. Not only that, but should everyone on the planet switch to an entirely vegetarian lifestyle (but which level of vegetarianism?), millions of animals which could have survived in fields with grazing animals will be mutilated and killed by harvesting machinery required in fields of grains and other vegetarian staples. Do you really imagine that fields of defenseless animals will be mown down by the harvesting machinery? If we stop eating so much meat fewer animals will be bred (produced and genetically engineered) and slaughtered for our tables. For all this, we just have to stop killing for the sake of our taste buds and instead eat with the welfare of our planet, the animals and ourselves in mind. I think this is a very interesting way of getting the message across but if you don’t have a sense of humor then you probably think its foolish. Peta cannot claim for animal liberation while it continuous to sell, objectify and portray violence against women. On one side it is eye catching and clever, but on the other side, I am not going to stop eating meant simply because you dislike it. As for the whole meat issue, I’ll respect your opinions, as long as you support mine. While I dislike animal creulty, I do not think that meat is murder, it is natural and things are the way they are for a reason. We DONT have specialized teeth for tearing meat..nor do we have strong acids tht carnivore animals have in their digestive tract !!
Yes we might have been eating meat since thousands of years…but the difference was that the situation was FAIR. Is PETA aware that if the world, went on a complete vegetarian diet, it would kill more animals than as it is right now?
Not our fault the only good thing we had was a more advanced brain that we used in our advantage so we could get a leg up on the rest of the animals! Personally I’m a vegan because I have no way to source humanely produced animal products. When will people stop being so self-centred and realise that the majority of the world, billions of people, live on a vegetarian diet and the Western diet is the abnormal one? Sorry to say that, but no deforestation would be necessary if people chooses vegetarianism.

Kin is correct in pointing out that if we stopped feeding animals to fatten them up for meat there would be much more plant material available to feed humans. Well, I’m sorry to say that there WOULD be massive deforestation on a global scale if the world turned vegetarian.
I grew up understanding that to live honestly, is to life with the world and it’s other creatures. I worry about the future - for the world can not provide for so many, when the many demand so much more than their share. Oh Yeah being a vegetarian is much better ha, you do know plants and the plants that veggies grow off of they are alive they may not be walking around they may not have eyes but they are still a living organism, no diff. Are you really serious when you say there is “no diff” between killing an animal and killing a plant?
Karan you are highly miss informed and you made your self look like a total moron by that statement of “we DON’T have specialized teeth for tearing meat” What do you think canines are for? I believe we are superior because of love & compassion which always flows in our hearts.
If there were vampires eating human, will I agree with their justification on that their body is designed to eat and digest humans? Even it is there in the heart of a butcher, he also feel “something is wrong” while slaughtering animals. Now the question is that if the love and compassion are inner voice of human being, why there is so much violence in the world? XD They honestly think that guilt-tripping people into giving up meat by using humans as an example is gonna work?
Especially since many of the laws you enforce are obviously unfair manipulations of public opinion for political purpose and often turned over?Cops: ZOMG Y U H8 US? With the powerful blend of appetite suppression and metabolism enhancement, you will have a strong diet ally by your side. That means we’re designed to get sustenance and nutrition from plants and animals (and not from pills or supplements). They are protesting the cruelty to animals that happens for the meat to get to your supermarket.
Also, I find this just a bit too comical to take seriously, especially when I have Halloween decor that looks almost exactly like this….
Most people forget leather is made from hide, so lets see if every serious PETA member abstains from ANY products made from animals. And due to allergies running in my family, meat is a staple, as I have a sibling allergic to three of the main seven allergies, which makes it near impossible for her to be a vegetarian only. The human population does need its protien supply, and I don’t think that it can be supplied without meat. I guess somewhere in their heart they know they are breeding and killing an animal for their own selfish reasons.
Yeah, less animals would be produced and genetically engineered and what not, but think about it: suddenly, there are over 6.7 billion mouths (and counting) who need to eat now! 2 billion cows and something like 3 billion pigs (impossible to check for chickens, fish’s or others, obviously). Yes, our molars are meant to grind veggies, but our canines are MEANT to tear meat, NOT to tear vegetables. Do you honestly think animals eat the same fresh vegetables and grains you buy at the supermarket? I see the high cost of meat in the market, the marked down packages and know that much of it will be disposed of when it’s unsellable. A vegetarian diet requires more money and time than the average working North American has. I recycle too and i can be “green” right along with you guys but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a fat juicy steak when I feel the need either.

Most of the arguments here are based on human anatomy (whether it is made to eat meat or not), human food requirement (whether human will be able to survive without meat or not), environment pollution and economy. Then there will be no difference between a beast and human; both killing animals less powerful then themselves. We do all the wrong in the world, because we feel we will not be able to survive without doing wrong things.
No matter how strong your cravings have been in the past, Raspberry Ketone from Beta Labs can help. There would be a the destruction of so many ecosystems and environments, not to mention all those animals we’ed have to kill (or accidently killed) to get off. Cow meals are most soya-based products, the most devastating field actually (98% of the soya production goes to elevage feeding). But compare the amount of people who eat meat to the amount of people who have colorectal cancer from eating meat. Society has become a culture of shopping malls, super center markets and easy to buy meals. I’m not a vegetarian or anything but other things with seasonings usually on meat taste pretty damn good too. Is PETA trying to tell us that we’re not good enough just because most of us live off of minimum wage? As far as our food needs are concerned Almighty has given us enough intelligence to get food for all without any violence. When this does not happen the hate that the public has for them will be on you too.Uphold the law. All you need to do is to take Raspberry Ketone pills before your meals and you will see it can be easy to stop eating when you are full or even before you are full.
Eat a nice burger and read a few medical facts before you make your self look stupid again. In time, you can begin to create a new way of eating that will continue long after you lose the weight you want to lose. If the animal kingdom was a highschool drama tv-show, humans would be the weak nerds everyone picked on. In fact that food is meant to fatten them up, not to nourish them, so humans wouldn’t really be able to eat that. These people KILL animals and eat them like as if they or their family didn’t have feelings. In addition, when you use Raspberry Ketone from Beta Labs, you can see your bodya€™s ability to burn fat increase because of a higher metabolism.
Do you really still believe that would be necessary to produce more, if we converted the areas used to feed elevages in fields for agriculture ? To literally feed the entire world, we would need to find a place that is has plenty of sun and rich soil…places like rainforests and other lush forest areas.
Now imagine that times a billion, as an outbreak like that could infect millions on a global scale! You can use Raspberry Ketone from Beta Labs by taking 1 to 2 capsules, 2 to 3 times daily before meals for the best results. Also, shipping veggie products all over the vegetarian world would increase pollution like no other!

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