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Chosen by The Hobbit director Peter Jackson, Sheeran saw the film, wrote the song, and recorded most of it in the same day. The song was released as a digital download on 5 November 2013. Peter Jackson discovered Sheeran through his daughter Katie in early 2013, and then met him while he was touring in New Zealand.
In only one day, Sheeran watched the film at Park Road Post, immediately went to a room to write the song, and recorded most of it. Sheeran performed the song on February 8, 2013 with Taylor Swift, who he opened for, during her Red Tour at the O2 World in Berlin, Germany.
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As with The One Wiki to Rule Them All, the text of Wikipedia is available under the Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Taking place in four locations, the concert series kicks off on September 19 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. It continues with shows in Toronto, Los Angeles, and the finale in San Francisco on October 10.

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