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Last but not least, a measuring how much spare time you have to prepare is very helpful especially if you are working on it alone. For food, we kept things simple and did sweet and savory crepes (fruit for the sweet, eggs and ham for the savory).
After writing on the diapers, we each got to share either the best advice we ever received, or the worst. Technically this is a game, but I’ve also heard of doing BINGO for present opening, with common baby shower gifts as the spots on the BINGO card. I recently played a variation of the bingo idea mentioned above, but we filled in our cards with names of the gift givers instead of the gifts. For the showers in our group we have gone to having people bring the gifts unwrapped and we display them on a table for all to see (like the old fashioned Sip N See’s). The last shower I went to, on the invitation they asked that you save your money on wrapping paper and a card and instead give a small book for the babies library (signed by the giver inside the cover). For my niece’s wedding shower we had guests write a unique date night idea and their name on a popsicle stick. June 25, 2013 by Katie Leave a Comment The baby shower we recently hosted for some close friends was a huge success, largely because of the menu. The herb potato salad was alright, but I think it would have been better if it had been served warm. This menu is totally different from the drop-in baby shower menu I hosted earlier this year, but it was perfect for this event.
I'm Katie, and I'm currently enjoying life as a wife and as a "mom" to three precious furbabies.
These sandwiches have so much flavor, topped with your favorite corn beef, sauerkraut and a dab of your favorite dressing.
Jana also makes an appearance in the promo to share her thoughts on a baby food-making competition that male baby shower attendees got to take part in. Whether it's football, basketball, or baseball season, all we're thinking about is the game food. Counting the guests will help you determine is it going to be effortful to prepare the meal or it is going to be a piece of cake.
It will be inappropriate to serve breakfast foods when you held the baby shower in the evening.
Knowing your capability preparing the baby shower food will save you the time of doing of preparing other things.

We also had everyone write advice and well wishes on diapers so that she can be encouraged during the first few weeks.
I use blogging as my creative outlet, swimming as my physical outlet, and the rest of my life revolves around my husband and girls (18 months apart). As a mom of many who has had seven showers, the book shower and freezer meals shower were the best.
But the thing I hate the most, and I refuse to do at the showers I host, is sit around watching the guest of honor open presents.
At one event that was very large, we asked guests to email a photo of the present; we put the photos in small frames on a table. The brides-to-be took a stick at random through out the shower, read them aloud, and then that person got one of the gift baskets. Since this was an outdoor, couples shower, a menu featuring the grill was a must for the manly factor and for the easy cleanup. However, I have found the secret for easy and delicious cole slaw: Virginia Brand Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette. I had big plans of making a fruit salad complete with balled melon bites with an accompanying vegetable appetizer, but I decided to take the easy way out and purchase trays already assembled from the grocery store. I simply used the original Rice Krispies treats recipe, cut them into flowers, added an M&M to the middle with some candy melts, shoved a cake pop stick in them, and wrapped each one in plastic wrap. Since the shower was outside, we knew having plenty of drinks on hand would be appreciated! It appealed to both genders and was a complete meal, which was necessary since this shower was at 6 p.m. Jessa’s husband Ben will plan a baby food competition to coincide with her co-ed baby shower, according to TV Guide’s A baby-food competition is planned by Ben to coincide with Jessa’s coed baby shower, while Jill and Derick say good-bye to family and friends before they leave for their new life in Central America. If you're feeding a crowd, there are so many finger foods and appetizers you can make, but if you're looking for a low-stress route, you should turn to your muffin tin. A quick and easy chosen of meal like salad and sandwiches will take less effort and it is suitable for big number of guests. Counting the guests also be advantages when no one helps you. Or, you could just pass around a sheet and have everyone list their favorite book so that the mom-to-be has something to reference when buying books. This is a nice way to enjoy the time and keep guests interested if the mom-to-be has a lot of gifts to open! I told the out of town guests (that couldn’t make it) to mail me a cute outfit to display on a clothesline as part of the party decor.

It is boring for me as a guest, and when I was the guest of honor I felt embarrassed to sit there basically comparing one gift against the next in front of the whole room. If you’re hosting an outdoor event soon, but want something fancier than hamburgers and hotdogs, this is the menu for you! When I was menu planning, I went through all of my food pins searching for recipes for the shower. You’ll notice I used some of my Wilton Armatele serving pieces again for this shower. All in all, this was the perfect menu for this baby shower, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out! Perfectly portioned for sharing, these game-day eats are easy for you and satisfying for everyone else at the party.
Eagle-eyed fans Giada hosts a baby shower for her friend, Jocelyn who is pregnant with identical twin boys.
Keep reading to find recipes for crunchy taco bites, key lime pie jello shots, bacon mac and cheese bites, and more.
When you preparing baby shower food at least there are six things that should be considered. It was a fun way to include those that couldn’t make it, and it was fun for them to see their gift in the party photos. I toyed around with different side dishes for awhile, but this one ultimately made the cut because I trust the recipes from Our Best Bites. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus in Cucumber Cups, Shells With Chicken Chopped Salad, Open Face Smoked Salmon Finger Sandwiches With Herbed Horseradish Cream Cheese.
I made the sweet and spicy cucumber slices the night before the shower and was really pleased with how well they turned out. The chicken has to marinate for several hours; we did this in coolers since our fridge was full up with shower food. Christian Clan Stages Charity Scene For Cameras — Gives Food To Needy Family Later in the episode, Anna helped pregnant Jessa prepare for her baby shower, and later showed up to the event with baby Meredith, five months, in arms.

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