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When a doctor hears a complaint of swollen legs, several questions come to mind that help them make the diagnosis. Are there particular vascular risk factors or other disease states that may be relevant to the swollen legs?
The most common causes of one swollen leg are best understood if they are divided to acute and chronic conditions.
Deep vein thrombosis – Perhaps the most important disease not to miss when dealing with legs that have suddenly become swollen.
Lymphedema – lymphedema can present in one leg or in both and is usually not acute, but rather a condition that develops over time. There are various conditions in which one part of the body overgrows others because of a genetic or congenital reason. Disuse edema – Not using a limb causes changes in blood flow and return to and from that limb.
Varicose veins – varicose veins do not cause swollen legs in themselves, but a patient may complain of their legs being swollen while actually referring to swollen varicose veins.

Idiopathic cyclic edema – This is a condition in which one leg swells in correlation to the menstrual cycle.
The Lymphedema Treatment Act is on the line for the grassroots organization that would like to see all sufferers have adequate treatment for their chronic condition. Sue Enerson, a lymphedema specialist and occupational therapist at Flagstaff Medical Center in Flagstaff, Arizona, said, “Many of my patients are covered by Medicare, and are allowed only one visit after a lymphedema diagnosis. Lymphedema results in swelling of the body part or parts,when the lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes are damaged, inadequate, or nonfunctional. The founder of the Lymphedema Treatment Act is Heather Ferguson, whose son, Dylan, was born with primary lymphedema. When Ferguson received the bills for Dylan’s compression garments and was told insurance would not cover these necessary medical products, she was both frustrated and angry. The bill to grant medical coverage for lymphedema sufferers was passed by the North Carolina legislature and went into effect on January 1, 2010. An AV fistula of the femoral artery can cause a swollen leg that is warm and with prominent veins.

Considering lymphedema is a long-lasting medical condition, it hardly helps those who suffer from the disease to get better, or even to identify the condition in the first place. After Dylan was born, he had a little swelling that was observed by the delivering doctor and considered not uncommon. You will receive an animal health certificate for this subject if you attain the required standard. Ferguson did not want to stop with North Carolina, although she and her family now benefited from coverage.

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