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In this enjoyable hands-on workshop, develop the skills necessary to communicate clearly in face to face situations and produce effective written documents including; letters, reports and e-mail.
Through discussion, exercises and constructive feedback gain the skills to express yourself confidently in all business situations. Learn how to use these elements as an intentional and conscious tool in order to achieve a positive first impression in every social and business situation. Use body language to make you appear more confident, powerful, trusting, etc depending on what the situation may require from you.
To create a positive learning environment through: Explaining the background, objectives and design of the program. This Course is ideal for individuals and managers who must continue to perfect their business communication skills for a professional and a business environment.
This Course will be highly participative with the participants doing exercises under the guidance of the course leader. Delivered training programs for distinguished list of clients in industries such as Government, Automobile, IT, ITES, Banks, Hospitals, Media & Airlines.
Conducts training Programs on Voice and Accent, Culture, Communication Skills, Telephone etiquette, Customer Service, Business Communication and Etiquette, Presentation skills, Business English, Personality Development, Interview skills and Train the Trainers.
Developed new business as well as managed key and large accounts for NIS Sparta’s ITES vertical.
This impactful program allows company employees to learn more effective communication skills to avoid Sexual Harassment in the workplace. This program is open to private groups with 10 participants or more for a half-day, full-day, or multiple days. The greatest tool I take away from the leadership course is to treat others the way they want to be treated. I have recommended him to several colleagues who needed an instructor who could deliver a strong message and keep the professionals in the course fired up and excited. First Centennial Title Company has had the pleasure of experiencing Breakthrough Training on several occasions.
The most beneficial lesson I learned is the differences in how people communicate, added with the way I communicate.

This has come at a great time in my career when I am trying to work through some employee engagement issues and have instituted a lot of things we have learned and it has really been working. Jeffrey recently lead our Management Team through a business development course on teamwork, leadership, and communication. The role is to conduct workshops on Spoken English, Business Communication, Corporate Etiquette, and Excellence in customer relationship, Business English, Grooming and Personality Development, Presentation skills and Interview Skills, Pan-Max. Please send confirmation with your Full name ,mobile number, email-id through mail before 5th September 2016. The seats will be reserved after receiving your mail and due mail confirmation will be sent to your mail ID. The program focus is to reduce the company’s liability by minimizing or eliminating costly lawsuits.
For individuals, or groups with 9 or less participants, check out our Public Workshops or Leadership Programs open to the public.
If your company blocks videos from your computer, check out our videos on your smartphone, tablet, or home computer. Once you learn how to communicate with people as a leader it will greatly increase your effectiveness. The important thing I took from the program is the communication styles and public speaking. It was fabulous and I am really excited for the 60 people here today learning about customer service skills and the importance of communication and listening. Goal setting, the process of achievement, and communication styles are all designed to build your team. Jeff Benjamin is a knowledgeable person and he pushes you to your limits to grow as a person and a leader. I can count on Jeff Benjamin to deliver maximum impact on "Team Building and Goal Setting" whether it be for our local employees or top producers from around the country! Everyone had a terrific time, bonded more thoroughly as a team and walked away with a better appreciation of our individual similarities as well as how we might be able to better leverage our individual differences. The team building activities and opportunities to be pushed out of your comfort zone help to build your leadership competencies.

Going through his leadership training just once, was such a benefit to my personal life, professional life and overall attitude on how I process my successes and failures. And, that gives me a better way to get along with people which makes me a better husband, a better father, and a better person in the community.
One of the first things I have done is started communicating better with co-workers and immediately our relationships are getter better and jobs are coming through faster, and everything is going smoother. Jeffrey and his team where spot-on on their delivery of the focused content developed specifically for our needs.
He is especially great at taking your specific work place issues and customizing a training that addresses it no matter what size your department is. As a leader this is important to understand so that I can develop and foster a cohesive and productive team.
You will learn great leadership skills such as team building, goal setting, and how to communicate with others. I'm not only more confident in my communication skills, my ability to manage my team, to network effectively, but also how to strategically plan for the growth of my business.
The feedback from my Management Team was extremely positive and will most definitely help strengthen our team dynamic. Her experience in the ITES and the IT industry enables her to integrate practical knowledge, the technicality of the language and the soft skills required on the shop floor, with her training style and creativity. Execute projects that include setting up of Standard Operating Procedures, quality processes, hiring new staff, training, assessment and calibration.
Participants will engage in addressing real-life scenarios, and develop appropriate behaviors with team members.
He has an encouraging energy and a passion that is intoxicating and makes his program a must for anybody that wants to either take their leadership to the next level or discover the leader within!

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