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I can’t think of how many times I’ve seen fellow survival enthusiasts online post something like, “When TEOTWAWKI rolls around, I’m going to be ready because I spent all these years prepping—not like my neighbor so-and-so who sits around on the couch watching TV all day.”It’s a fine sentiment, and generally speaking, I agree.
This show follows ex-British Special Forces soldier Bear Grylls for five seasons as he fights to survive in brutal environments. This fascinating series is a thought experiment based on the question, “What would happen if every person on the planet disappeared?” Each episode examines the fate of buildings, infrastructure, plants, animals, and objects left to grow or decay without human interference. Nine city-dwelling survival enthusiasts are dumped off in the Alaskan wilderness and must find their way back to civilization. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
There’s a whole slew of survival-themed television series out there, some of which fall into the “reality” category. Survivorman was a Canadian-produced television series that aired on the Outdoor Life Network starting in 2005.
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For Megan, the 2003 blackout, the events of 911, and the increasing frequency of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, spurred a desire to be more prepared for whatever may come along.
Look, I’m not going to say survival shows on TV are the end all be all when it comes to survival.
However, I think if a lot of people benefit more from seeing survival skills being used in person than they do by just reading about them. Makes sense, if you see essential survival skills being done for you it’s going to be so much easier to do on your own than if you just read about it in a book or a blog.
And oh yeah, not only are these great for seeing survival skills in action these shows are pretty entertaining too. If you ask me and my other friends interested in survival the History channel’s Alone is one of the best survival shows of the year. The show focuses on 10 survivors who get dropped off with nothing but their gear and are challenged to survive alone for as long as they can.
If you’re wondering what happens if they get hurt or sick every contestant has a radio they can use to tap out with. While not a head to head competition, there is a hefty prize for the survivor who lasts the longest. I’m not going to sit here and tell you this is the best show when it comes to pure survival skills.
The useful thing you’ll learn is a great understanding in human psychology in a SHTF crisis. Pay attention and you can learn how to lead properly in a survival situation as well as how to work effectively with a team. Be prepared for more of Bear’s hijinks and be prepared to tell your children “don’t do that…never do that”. In my personal opinion Bear comes up with some of the most off the wall, and practical ways to survive.
If you want to see just how far some people take their preps, then Doomsday Preppers is the show for you.
The quality of their preparations is graded by the consulting company Practical Preppers, who provide analysis and recommendations for improvements. Two survivalists, Joseph Teti and Matt Graham, team up in tackling different survival situations around the globe. One of the cool things about the show is they’re always bringing in new experts who have different backgrounds. When I first heard of this show I thought, “What a gimmick.” I still feel that way, but this is the show that people in my area keep talking about.
So with that said this one is mainly for entertainment purposes, but, since the contestants are provided with nothing but their birthday suit it does force them to come up with innovative solutions to precarious survival situations.
All things Alaska seem to be selling right now, and a decent survival competition show based in that great state can’t miss by far. Teams competing in timed trials to reach a destination will keep you interested, along with nice scenery.
The aspect of competition amongst groups means the contestants realty need to think outside of the box to accomplish their goals. Apocalypse Preppers and scientists alike believe the countdown to the end of the world has begun. These three embark on wilderness adventures and use their separate skill sets to come up with unique solutions to their current survival situation. The new Fear the Walking Dead takes us through the beginning of the zombie outbreak, while the original The Walking Dead dropped us right in the middle of it.
Like the other shows on this list, it makes for good “what did they do wrong” type of discussions.
I’ve only seen one episode of this, and it only had a brief shelf life, but it was one of the funnier survival shows.

Surviving in a remote outdoor location is no game, but elite outdoorsmen turn it into one in this series. I’ve listed a wide variety of survival shows that should entertain and possibly educate just about everyone. And if you’re on a tight budget then I would recommend getting on YouTube and searching for shows on there.
YouTube’s a great repository for discontinued shows, and also provides you with clips from shows presently on TV. Here’s something that’s pretty cool, and something you won’t see on many of these survival shows. This tiny, lightweight, power bank packs enough juice to jump start a 10,000 pound truck up to 20 times in a row. It also has a high-powered built in LED flashlight and can charge portable electronics like iPads, cameras, tablets, phones, and more.
This entry was posted in Family Survival, Homesteading Tips, SHTF, Survivalist Entertainment and tagged Man Vs Wild, survival shows, Survival TV Shows, Survivalist TV Shows on September 18, 2015 by Damian Campbell. Alone seems the most realistic because of the potential length of time the contestants could be out in the wild. One thing that bugged me about The Colony is that it barely focused at all on water and food.
Instead they spent hours and days working on windmills, bio fuel, machete making, motorcycle conversion, retrofitting a boat with an airplane engine, making a forge, building a lookout tower, battery and inverter sets and a bunch of other doodads.
Not terrible, but come on, having light in your house is a convenience on the list far below food. I’d have to say Dual Survival is the most realistic while being entertaining at the same time.
I really like how the show illustrates how pissed off they get at each other, but ultimately how they both give in on different things to make compromises and try to stay positive. I get the feeling that at the end of the day they have become pretty decent friends throughout it all. I knew Cody before he started writing books and Dave when he just started his youtube channel. Try to meet real people doing the real thing, loke Tom Brown, Ron Hood(GOD rest bro.) at trade shows, survival schools, etc. Yeah, to your point, the colony DID get me to start thinking a little bit more seriously about construction skills as preps. Get 1 Idea A Day.THE DAILY PREP sends 1 brief idea to help you be more self sufficient, 5 days a week.
Every episode features a different scenario in a different environment—everything ranging from frozen lakes to inhospitable deserts.
Husband and wife Mykel Hawke and Ruth England team up in various survival situations, again in inhospitable settings with limited supplies. Along the way, they will need to come up with solutions to the problems of shelter and food while battling Alaska’s harsh climate. Watching it, you hear real-life stories about various combat situations from the perspective of their participants. Experts Cliff Hodges and Alex Coker guide competitors who must begin at a drop point and make it to an extraction point while trying out different survival skills and techniques. It is a documentary which follows the annual International Sniper Competition which is held at Fort Benning in Georgia. Note that there used to be a number of other exciting shows for survivors on Netflix as well, like Dual Survival and Alaska: The Last Frontier.
Wyle played Tom Mason, a former Boston University professor who helps lead a group of civilians out of Boston following an alien invasion. Wild is a survival series starring Bear Grylls, a British adventurer who is left stranded in various locations around the world with his film crew.
Soon to be living off-grid, this mother of four and grandmother of six grandsons, is learning everything she can about preparedness, basic survival, and self-sufficient homesteading.
One of the reasons why is I had a good friend apply for the first two seasons (he didn’t make the cut…there’s always season three, we hope); and I think it’s the most realistic of the survival shows out there. You might think what he does is gross, but his outside of the box thinking makes this survival show one of the best on TV.
The program profiles various survivalists who are preparing to survive the various events that may cause the end of civilization, including economic collapse, societal collapse, and EMPs. Some of the guys are former special ops members, some of them work with indigenous people groups, and so on and so forth.
This lends itself well to potential situations where you might be forced to cohabitate and work with others in a crisis and how you can work together to outlast a disaster.
Learn what plans these preppers have to survive when the world goes haywire on this unique show.

They kept on talking about how low their food supply was, but in the 50 days they were there, it only showed them going after food a couple times (season 2 showed eating a roach, a snake, a gator, and a couple groundhogs).
The ability to build shelter, fortifications, to improvise, and to understand basic mechanics is something that I tend to overlook. For instance, I would probably eat bugs or look for roadkill before trying to take down a grizzly for some protein.
In fact, you can actually learn quite a bit about survival by watching some of the best survival shows on Netflix! On the upside, you learn a lot of useful basic skills such as how to build a fire and forage. Some of the operations covered include the invasion of Grenada in 1983, Operation Desert Storm in 1991, and a rescue mission in a patrol boat in 1969 in Vietnam.
It takes place in a fictional near future where a virus has killed the majority of the adult population. Like Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment, this show features normal, everyday people taken out of city lives. This isn’t just any sniper competition—these guys are subjected to harsh situations which simulate combat. The show followed host Lee Stroud as he used his survival skills to last in various remote areas for up to 10 days at a time. Most of the time Grylls is in a jungle or forest, and he occasionally has a celebrity companion, such as Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller. He eventually meets up with his wife and son, and together with other survivors tries to make it in a crazy, zombie-filled world.
She is passionate about sharing that knowledge so that others can be increasingly prepared to protect their families.
I disagree with the producers about who is a survivalist expert How many experts have ever found them selves stranded in the wild.
Keep in mind, ALL these are PRODUCTS of tech crews backed by BIG CORPS to produce ratings!!!
Wild will often take the foolhardy or absurdly challenging route to solve a problem to show off, Mykel and Ruth usually take the more realistic approach. Ten years later, Jeremiah and his sidekick Kurdy must travel across a post-apocalyptic country to seek out Jeremiah’s father, a viral researcher who may be able to offer hope.
The competitors aren’t your average Joes either—these are highly trained military and law enforcement professionals. No, they are eating chips and popcorn, laughing when they have to drink their own piss or give themselves a rancid water enema.
The other great thing about this show is that the two often squabble just as you would expect—but still manage to make their relationship work under tough conditions. Watching this show, you will learn all about how different combat weapons were developed as well as how they work—everything from swords to rocket launchers. Harsh environments that Stroud battles his way through include everything from the Sonora Desert to the Arctic Circle.
Watch this show and you’ll learn about shooting technique as well as tactical survival skills like camouflage and urban combat.
OPSEC and COMSEC are Critical for SurvivalApril 20, 2016 7 comments Walt April 7, 2016 at 5:02 pmPretty good list.
Would you mind letting me know which ones you feel are particularly good for survival techniques and concepts? If you're ever stuck in a desert or jungle, these shows may just help you survive for a little bit longer.
Are you a fan of Bear Grylls, or do you think he is nothing compared to Les Stroud?This list has a variety of survival TV shows, like Dual Survival, Naked and Afraid, and Survivorman. Maybe there are event some survival shows on Netflix for you to watch 90 episodes of in a row! From survival reality shows to new survival shows that are soon to be your favorites, there are plenty of TV series to watch if you're into wilderness survival shows and outdoor survival in general. What is the best survival skills show of all time? What are the greatest survival skills shows starring survivalists out in the world, taking on Mother Nature?
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