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Being young and in love is exciting, exhilarating, and — if these 2014 YA romance novels are any evidence — sometimes downright dangerous. Some of our favorite series saw new releases throughout the year, including The Breeds by Lora Leigh, a new Undefeated Streak novel by A.L. After You by Jojo Moyes is the sequel to Me Before You, and the book will remind you that even after losing the person you loved, life goes on.
Accidentally Hers by Jamie Beck follows the story of a physical therapist, Avery, who is shocked to learn that one of her clients is the man her brother struck with his car. Everybody loves romance and many of them probably dream of being swept off their feet by a handsome stranger, or beautiful woman, and jetting off to exotic land where they’ll live happily ever after. A Romance novel’s plot is usually centered on a steamy romance with a number of twists and turns before ending with a happy resolution. In the Fixed Trilogy, a young woman attempts to put her troubled past behind her soon finds that saying is a lot easier than doing. Tied with Me is another story about a career-minded woman whose future is threatened when, one night, she goes out with a friend to have a little fun. In Maybe Someday, maybe someday 22-year-old college student Sidney will learn that love is fleeting. Ireland is not only the land of four-leaf clovers, but also of unbridled love, as Connor O’Dwyer soon finds out in Nora Robert’s Shadow Spell. In Fighting for Love, love invades the sports world though for many it has long since been a full contact sport.
In A Private Club, a former defense attorney takes a job at private club against her better judgment and lives to regret it.
Liz Carlyle - Three Little Secrets Victoria Alexander - The Perfect Wife Karen Hawkins Karen Hawkins Nicole Jordan Sabrina Jeffries Seduce Me at Sunrise Lisa Kleypas A Rose to the Fallen Stephanie Laurens Karen Hawkins Karen Hawkins Karen Hawkins Sabrina Jeffries Karen Hawkins THIS YOUNG JESUS VOL.
This year saw the release of some epic high school love stories, final conclusions to series spanning years, and the introduction of new and lovable characters we can't wait to see again. This year has already seen some great romance novels, and there are more on the way over the next few months, but we have already loved so many romance books this year that we’re ready to talk about them.
In fact, some of the better books are in the romantic comedy genre, like The Allure of Dean Harper by R.S. The story follows Lou Clark as she has to learn to follow in love again after losing her loved one.
It follows the story of a woman and her inability to stop fantasizing about one of her customers at the coffee shop she works at. In this fourth book, Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover, MacLean concludes the Rule of Scoundrels series and reveals the identity of The Fallen Angel’s final scoundrel.

Claire has a one-night stand, and then month’s later, her soon-to-be step-father sets up an internship for her working with his son — the slightly older man she had a one night stand with. It follows Ian MacKenzie, a rancher, who is introduced to his pregnant sister-in-law’s airhead best friend, Candice. Ambassador to Argentina, Ariana, in a story that forces them to fight for their survival for a second time in their lives. Alayna is a nymphomaniac so the less she has to do with men the better; that is, if she wants to be successful in her career. Nic Dalton makes the mistake of lowering her inhibitions and allows herself to be seduced by a handsome stranger. Kate Alexander suddenly finds herself living with a man she does not know, but who everyone else says is indeed her husband. You’ll be able to read story after story about passionate women and even more passionate men as they navigate the intricacies of their complicated love lives. She thought she and Hunter had the perfect relationship only to discover later that Hunter was hunting another young philly. In it, two top executives find themselves not only vying for power, but also for each other’s affection. Being somewhat of a playboy, his bed has hosted many a love-making scenes, yet he has managed to keep his emotions detached; until he meets Meara Quinn, that is. In it, a brilliant geneticist decides it is high time he found a wife and so he approaches the situation the way he always does: Scientifically. In this steamy love story, Shelby Dawson is reunited with a blast from her past; except he is not the same man as he was back then. The club’s manager who hires her has equal reservations but, like Meg Riley, the gorgeous attorney, Greyson Twinning, the manager, ignores his instincts and follows his passions instead.
However, if this list is not enough to quench your thirst for romance, doing a search with something like “where to buy the best romance books” is sure to produce a lot of hits, given the popularity of this genre. I Nicole Jordan Johanna Lindsey Johanna Lindsey Johanna Lindsey Sabrina Jeffries Sabrina Jeffries Victoria Alexander Lisa Kleypas Johanna Lindsey Nicole Jordan - The Seduction Julia Quinn Sabrina Jeffries Sabrina Jeffries Victoria Alexander Eloisa James Victoria Alexander - Seduction of A Proper Gentleman Paradise Wild Lisa Kleypas Kathryn Caskie Lisa Kleypas Lisa Kleypas Lisa Kleypas Johanna Lindsey Julia Quinn HIDDEN DESTINY Julia Quinn Sabrina Jeffries Sabrina Jeffries Sabrina Jeffries Victoria Alexander - The Pursuit Of Marriage Victoria Alexander - The Lady In Question Karen Hawkins - Her Master and Commander Julia Quinn Stephanie Laurens Lisa Kleypas Lisa Kleypas Julia Quinn The Celia Stone Saga Vol. A well-selected romance book will help you recall all those long-forgotten memories and ignite that spark in your heart. That is, of course, until he meets a sassy woman named Rumer that could bring him out of his funk. I figured what better place to look than at a list of the top romance novels of this last year. However, the best romance Kindle books allow readers to live out their fantasies without leaving the comfort of their now home, or their spouses for that matter.

Usually, a handsome man and a beautiful woman in a suggestive embrace are emblazoned on the cover. When he is suddenly killed in a car accident, she is hit with another shocker: she discovers a picture in his office that she concludes must be their daughter.
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The book is about a fiery redhead looking for a job, but the star of the show is Dean Harper. His story is a heartbreaking one that ends on a cliffhanger, but, luckily, the follow-up titled Rumer will hit shelves on October 15th. If they intend to give into their desires, they both know it’s going to be just a fling.
I can’t wait to get home and show her some of these and see about getting some for her birthday next weekend.
Nevertheless, one candidate who does not meet his qualifications finds her way to his heart and a fiery romance ensues.
Romance books make for great gifts for her, so if your loved one is into the genre, she’ll likely enjoy these, the hottest books of 2015.
The novel was one of September’s best new romance books, solidifying itself in our list of the best romance books of 2015. Lift all limits of your imagination and see everything your own way, every time reading the same story - the way you see and understand a romance book is entirely up to you, so feel free to experiment and never make the mistake of setting boundaries. It's definitely always better to read a story, where two people find ways to reach and bond their personalities further and this works. There is historical, inspirational, sci-fi, fantasy and so many other smaller sub-genres of romance literature, that the choice of book is pretty much endless.
The modern world offers us unlimited opportunities to do anything we want, the way we want, when we want that we often end up forgetting what truly matters in life.
Romance books are great way to fuel up your existing relationship or learn what it takes to find a soulmate or simply celebrate love.
A naughty chat room may be the gateway to adventure for those with an imagination as active as their libido.

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