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About UsEstablished in 2014 White Mint is a collaboration between partners who live in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. THE ULTIMATE KNIFE SHARPENER: Blizetec 3-in-1 knife sharpener is a handy pen shape device that can be used for sharpening almost any types of knives. Categories: Hunting, Hunting and Fishing, Hunting and Tactical Knives, Hunting Sharpeners, Sports and Outdoors.
Stylist, light weight and constructed to last, BlizeTec premium 3-in-1 pocket knife sharpener is catered for your indoor use in addition to your outdoor experience. Forget about getting nasty and a hefty appearing sharpener that is cumbersome, BlizeTec multipurpose 3-in-1 knife sharpener supplies all the essentials you’re seeking. THE BEST KNIFE SHARPENER: Blizetec 3-in-1 knife sharpener is a convenient pencil contour apparatus that may be utilized for sharpening virtually any kinds of knives. If your kit is soaked it can be useless but there are things you can use that wont be effected by fire. I recommend using at least three different methods of starting a fire in your kit, and three different items to keep as a fire starter or kindling.  My personal choices are waterproof matches, a Bic lighter and a ferro rod and for the kindling I like to use dry cotton balls or dryer lint, cotton balls in petroleum jelly, home made fire starters (which are a combination of wax, cotton and petroleum jelly), fat wood and juke twine. You may choose to keep one method of starting fire as a back up kit separate from your main kit, its the “not keeping all your eggs in one basket” theory.  If a bear drags your pack off into the woods, you might want to keep a backup system in another location, perhaps in a belt pack that you keep on yourself at all times. When using to catch a spark, fluff the cotton so that small fibers are spread out a bit creating surface area. When using to catch a spark, separate and fluff the twine so that small fibers are spread out a bit creating surface area. From this list everyone should have a great working knowledge and experience on at least 5 of these. If like me you enjoy cooking outdoors, in the garden or in the wilderness, you need a good reliable heat source.  One that can be adjusted and is powerful enough to heat your food quickly and reliably. This style of camping gas stove is designed for use with light weight cooking pans like these mess tins.

This thin and light type of cooking pan requires a lower level of heat than a normal saucepan, they also nest to form a box that will hold a simple sibgle burner cooker. These camping gas cookers attach to the top of a small gas cylinder by simply screwing onto it. Once you are clear on the use that you want to put your cooker too check the Internet.  Look at the different brands and check price on e-bay, buy a good quality one at the best price. The 2 burner camping stove is by far the most popular type of stove amongst the camping community.  Having the ability to cook in two different pans on one stove allows more flexibility in the meals that can be cooked.
Why do you need a camping stove or as it is sometimes called a camping cooker?  Your reason will help you to decide on the best camping stove for you. A good gas stove is a vital part of any type of outdoor activity and over the years I have tried many different types and makes.  From a simple light weight one burner camping gas stove to a multiple burner with a gas barbecue. When you recieve your confirmation call, please tell us what accessories you are interested in.
The sharpener is 5″ long(closed span) and it is easily kept in the drawer or inside your back pack though flexible enough to take as you travel. Many of these items take up very little space and weigh next to nothing so keeping a second lighter with you might not be a bad idea as well … just in case.
You can avoid the hassle of carrying a heavy sharpener yet enjoying all the benefits of what a standard knife sharpener offers.
It’s possible for you to prevent the hassle of taking a sharpener that is hefty yet enjoying all of the advantages of what a knife sharpener that is conventional offers. The knife sharpener is perfect for all formed tooling including profiles, carving and turning things. You should also be familiar with the methods of fire starting that you choose for your kit.
This can be a piece of charred cotton cloth – that once applied to flammable tinder can be blown into a flame.

This will save you time when you need it, it can also save some embarrassment and limit the fumbling around when starting that camp fire for your friends and family. Next all you need to do is stick a small bit of cotton or cattail in front of the wheel that strikes the flint.
The pocket clip provides you with the convenience to bring along the sharpener on a mission trip. You could also use dry cotton or cotton and petroleum jelly (that will hold a longer flame than just cotton alone), jute twine, or other plant material you find in nature that should spark a fire almost instantly. Try new methods of starting a fire but rely on your tried and trusted fire starting methods for in the field or survival situations. Tinder is good, but all the tinder in the world doesn’t help if you cannot produce a spark or flame.
From that point you can put the flame into your prepared bundle of tinder to then ignite the kindling you have next to it. The middle will hold 5 or 6 tea light candles large about 10 +, also but cotton and dryer lint mattches magnesium fire starter and keep them in well sealed zip lock bags that way whatever else you want in your bug out bag too.
If you want to learn how to use one of these more advance fire starting methods, bring it along and teach yourself on your camping trip.
Teach others how to use your kit – this can be a fun activity with friends and family and give you another reason to be outside.

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