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Everyday carry kits are continually evolving to meet the needs of their respective carriers, and now typically include an assortment of keychain tools, key organizers, front pocket wallets, and other EDC essentials.
Building a respectable everyday carry ensemble takes time and money, but buying a quality EDC knife shouldn’t require half of your paycheck. While the best that Buck Knives has to offer arguably lies within their selection of fixed blade knives, their folding knives are definitely EDC-worthy. Opinel’s wooden-handled pocket knives have been around for nearly 120 years, and for good reason. While easily under $30, Kershawa€™s entry-level Brawler Knife lives up to the reputation set by it’s more expensive counterparts. Boasting a rugged design and an aggressive AUS 6M steel, modified drop-point, partially serrated blade, the Ryan Model 7 Knife by CRKT costs less than a tank of gas.
Unless you prefer to follow the crowd and spend $80 on a spyderco knife, the SOG Micron 2.0 Folding knife should have no problem satisfying your everyday carry cutting needs. Spydercoa€™s Grasshopper folding knife is just at home on your keychain as it is in your pocket thanks to a built-in lanyard hole, a super compact 2-inch stainless steel blade, and 5-inch overall length.
Yes, intriguing choice, I have seen an occasional Star at one of our local gun shops, have picked up the impression from somewhere that they are pretty good guns.
It would even occur to me as a grown man to use a cat as my profile picture… But, here we are, Gordon.
I had always imagined your gravatar imagine would be some flaming metal fingers or something. Damnit the Image I want to link has been 404’d but is still in the google search list. The downside to those is that car ignitions don’t seem to like having a lot of weight hanging off of them.
I have been carrying an XDs 45, but a recent medical problem has forced me to swap down to a LC380. My EDC M9 Beretta definitely isn’t in that category,so even my contribution would be sans firearm. Along with everyday home and campsite cutting duties, a quality tactical knife can play an integral part in self defense, just after a firearm and before a capable tactical pen. We like to believe that if the word tactical is attached to a knife, it better be able to withstand the elements as well as years of abuse.
Sporting a slim, compact, and field ready design, the SOG-TAC Mini Auto Knife features an extremely fast blade travel, a safety button that double locks the blade in either the open or closed position, a partially serrated tanto-style steel blade, and a reversible bayonet style clip for carrying in your pocket. Gerber wanted to build a knife that would not only satisfy most every man’s everyday carry needs, but would also meet the tactical requirements of field personnel. Although working in emergency services isna€™t a requirement to carrying the Spyderco Assist Black Blade Knife ($84), the desire to be prepared in high-pressure situations is. Its definitely not the largest knife on this list, but what the Boker Plus Subcom Pocket Knife lacks in size, it more than makes up for in functionality. We personally carry the GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife and know several others that do as well, and for good reason. One of the more truly tactical knives on the list, the Smith and Wesson Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife serves many functions thanks to a 4.4-inch ComboEdge Tanto blade, an integrated thumb knob seat-belt cutter, glass breaker, liner lock, and aluminum pocket clip. Benchmade has a solid reputation for crafting some of the best pocket knives available for purchase. This tactical knife by Kershaw is not only extremely functional, but was built to withstand most any abuse you can throw at it.
The Black Mini Sere 2000 Tactical Folding Knife by Al Mar is one of the more expensive knives on this list.
Having personally carried the Schrade’s tactical pen, we decided to include their tactical knife folding knife to this list. Judging on looks alone, Benchmade’s BKC Bedlam Axis Folding Knife is the toughest tactical knife on this list. Although larger than most other knives mentioned here, the 275 Adamas Tactical Folding Knife by Benchmade is heavy duty enough to handle even the toughest of everyday tasks. Although technically a knife, the SL Pro 2 Tactical Knife can just as easily be considered a multi-tool perfect for becoming lost in the woods with thanks to a solid steel construction, a built-in LED flashlight, an emergency whistle, a 3-inch partially serrated blade, and a magnesium alloy fire rod inside the detachable flashlight housing that can produce a shower of sparks at over 2500 degrees fahrenheit.
Built specifically to meet tactical objectives on land or in water, the Spyderco Pacific Salt Black Blade Knife features a plain edged H1 steel blade coated in black carbonitride along with carbonitride treated internal steel parts that render the knife protected against rust and pitting even during saltwater use.
Part of a series of knives honoring knife designer Chris Reeves, the Spyderco Sage Titanium Knife features his patented Reeve Integral blade-locking mechanism along with a stainless steel flat-ground spear-point blade, a solid titanium scaled handle that offers an optimum grip during use, a reversible wire pocket clip, and an ambidextrous round hole for one-handed blade deployment. Leatherman’s Micra keychain multi-tool has been around for quite some time, and remains a favorite choice.

The Micra features scissors, a small knife blade, 3 screwdrivers, nail file, ruler, bottle opener, and tweezers.
If the plain stainless steel finish is too boring for your liking, new color options should add just the right amount of flare to your keychain. If you find yourself cutting more paper than anything else, you might want to step up to the Kum PenCut scissors. This entry was posted in Keychain Tools and tagged Leatherman Micra, Leatherman tools, pocket scissors. These new Kobalt Triple Cut utility multi-cutters are scissor-like tools that can be used to cut a variety of materials around the home. If you need to use the Kobalt Tripe Cut cutters on objects that won’t fit within the jaws, simply pivot the lower jaw away to expose the cutter blade. The kit comes with two Kobalt Triple Cut tools – a small version that works with with 2-inch blades, and a large version that works with 4-inch blades. Replacement blade packs for the larger cutter are available with your choice of straight edge or serrated edge blades. I am not quite sure why Kobalt named these utility cutters Triple Cut, but maybe they can be described as having 3-in-1 functionality as they can be used in a scissor-like fashion, or like a utility knife or razor saw when the lower jaw is pivoted back.
The smaller Kobalt Triple Cut looks like it might accept standard utility knife blades, while the larger one takes 4″ blades.
Both tools feature a ruler scale on their lower jaws, which help if you want to measure out what you’re cutting.
These types of utility cutters are great for cutting rope, tubing, nylon zip ties, and other such materials. Ridgid also sells a similar tool such as this named the CutRite II, but not only is this 100% American made, but can be purchased via Harry J Epstein. Back in day, Craftsman used to manufacture the Handi Cut in America as well and I own the American made version. Actually, for liquid and water-cooling tubing, I use a dedicated tubing cutter, such as this one. Oops, Foot Tendon Injury New Milwaukee M12 3.0Ah and 6.0Ah Battery Packs Our First Newsletter in a Long Time - Did You Get it?
Theya€™re strong, lightweight, and only get better after you put a little wear and tear on them. Ita€™s DLC coated steel blade is deployed using Kershawa€™s SpeedSafe assisted opening technology via a built-in flipper or thumb stud, while glass-filled, injection-molded handles reduce the knifea€™s overall weight without sacrificing strength.
Tactical Folder Series Knives is the Order Knife—a compact, pocket-friendly tactical folder with a lightweight 420HC partially serrated blade, an integrated lock back mechanism for a solid lock during use, and a trapezoid-shaped thumb hole for quick blade deployment at any angle. An overall length of 5 inches means its keychain friendly, while a 2.25 inch stainless steel blade and a hardcase black finish throughout rounds out the knifea€™s notable features. You may not be able to fend of an attacker with it, but for completing those everyday tasks, the Grasshopper is a clear winner for team Spyderco. I’ve taken it to the range a half dozen times with no malfunctions to speak of, and it fits my hand really well.
What makes them so much more useful than a regular ball point pen when it comes to stabbing (especially in my case since I have metal, pointy pen.)? This seriously awesome tactical knife features an unbreakable blunt-tipped, toothed blade crafted from VG-10 material that easily slices through seat belts or any other fibrous obstacle, along with a rapid deployment Cobra Hood grip, a retractable carbide tip for breaking glass, and a survival whistle built right in to the handle. While we do favor the newer Leatherman Style CS, but won’t be giving up our Micra anytime soon. You can order these online for home delivery (free shipping on $49+ orders), or in-store pickup. I tend to dislike utility cutters that require proprietary blades, but at least replacement blades seem to be readily available. Since the jaws can be spread, the cutters can also be used on materials such as plastic packaging and cardboard boxes. In the past I used push-lock fittings and quick disconnects, which fit tubing a little more securely if tubing is cut as close to 90° as possible. The Clash features a stainless steel drop-point blade with a partial serration for tackling rope or webbing, a glass-filled nylon handle, a locking liner, and Kershaw’s excellent SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism. Looking into other people’s pockets, as it were, checking out the gear they take with them on their appointed daily rounds is almost irresistible.
For when time is really short, a die-cut pattern on the inside of the handle allows you to quickly cut ropes or lines by simply squeezing the handle and blade together in your hand. I was able to finagle myself the P-64, which I wouldn’t get rid of now even if I wanted to, because of the custom grips my son made me for it.

Unless you carry one in the small Micra sheath or something similar, they WILL get scratched. Although it is most readily identified with jungle survival, its applications are far reaching and potentially adaptable to a wide variety of climates. Any-who, as I cycled through page after page of submissions, I was struck by how few of the photos included a firearm. Sure, there’s a smattering of entries from those who live in other, less RKBA-friendly locales around the globe, but still. This knife will cost a little more than a $10 or $15 Chinese machete, but I humbly submit that this American made piece is well worth the premium. It has good reach for clearing light vegetation, but the thick steel has enough meat behind it to tackle much harder tasks. I have read that the edges these knives ship with can be kind of hit or miss – some arrive very nicely ground with shaving sharp edges, others are uneven and dull.
I have talked about 1095 time and time again, but it’s a great tool steel that can get nice and sharp while remaining incredibly tough. It’s a great choice for a heavy duty chopper like this, and the heat treat has been done right. This is where the Ontario steps away from the $10 and $20 machetes you will find at Wal-Mart. Those tools are absolute crap and will not hold an edge like this machete which tend to warp, bend, and even break in half under use. Ontario coats the blade with a zinc phosphate coating that has held up really well in my testing and use.Speaking of testing and use, lets talk a little about what I did with this machete.
I figured hacking through 2x4s in my living room, while thoroughly satisfying, was neither a good test of the knife nor a sane strategy for retaining my security deposit. So I moseyed on over to a piece of private land a few miles into the interior of South Florida.A fire raged through these parts a few years ago, and the charred remnants of scrub pine still stand sentry to the sandy trails and switchbacks the landowners have carved through their property. If all you are looking to do is clear very light brush, you may find this to be too much knife for your purposes. I think it is important to emphasize the bad experiences I have had with cheaper machetes that have bent and even broke in half on me. I took out a 8″ diameter tree (a dead tree) with this knife and the edge was still sharp.
If you are looking for a budget chopper but still want quality I think you will be pleased with the capabilities of this knife.Handle and ErgonomicsThe Ontario machete is a full tang knife with thick plastic handle slabs riveted in place.
There is an extended pinky notch on the back of the handle that helps hold your hand in place.
The corners are rounded and comfortable and there is a hole for a lanyard.Having spent some time with this thing sweating under the southern sun, I will say that I noticed a distinct absence of traction with this handle design.
I’m not one for overly textured handles, as they can quickly beat up your hands, but I advise either making use of the lanyard hole or wrapping the handle in some sort of athletic tape. I will say that I had no issues with hot spots or blisters.SheathThe Ontario machete does not come with a sheath.
The nylon sheathes get torn up easily while the plastic is both reasonably light weight and secure.I modified my sheath a little by removing the stock belt clip the sheath ships with (it only works with old school military belts), and drilling 2 holes to make a paracord sling. I took some scrap leather and made a little shoulder pad and carry the machete over my shoulder.
I then used some ranger bands (thin strips of cut up bicycle tubing) to attach a sharpening stone. While it can certainly handle light brush and grasses, chores typically associated with machete like tasks, the knife is overbuilt to handle far heavier jobs as well. Ontario’s offering is made of solid materials, benefits from a classic design, and is well made. If you are looking to work with this machete in a field for 8 hours a day you either have to have way better technique than me or resemble The Rock, because this is a heavy knife capable of far more than light clearing tasks. Wonder if one could maybe slip a foam handlebar grip (or something similar) over the handle? I have not delved to deeply into Ontario’s machete line up, but a lighter model would probably be a very good idea in some situations. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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