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Remember when everyone asked if the first iPad was a "Kindle killer?" Well, although tablets have certainly put the brakes on e-readers' momentum, the Kindle is still alive and kicking. The Kindle is still the dominant player in this field, but Barnes & Noble's Nook and Rakuten's Kobo are still churning out some quality products. There's also a standard (non-HD) Kobo Aura, but we chose the Aura HD because it differentiates itself more from the other readers in this group. All of our e-readers are pretty light, with the standard Kindle taking the prize for lightest. Though several media outlets have reported that the Paperwhite has a 1024 x 768 screen, we confirmed with Amazon that it's in fact 1024 x 758.
The big innovation in e-readers during the last couple of years has been frontlit displays. The standard Kindle and the Nook Simple Touch are the only readers in this bunch to include physical page-turning buttons.
The Kindle Paperwhite and Aura HD give you the fastest processors, which should translate to slightly faster page-turns. If you live near a Barnes & Noble retail store, then you can take either of the Nooks in to get serviced.
If you have DRM-free e-book files or documents in epub format, then the Nooks and the Kobo will directly serve your needs. Only three of these readers launched in 2013, with B&N's Nook Simple Touch hanging around for a third straight year. The oldest model is also the cheapest, with the Nook Simple Touch ringing up for a rock-bottom US$60.
The Kobo Aura HD is the priciest in the bunch, at $30 more than the ad-free version of the Kindle Paperwhite. If you're wanting a more versatile device (and don't mind sacrificing some readability in direct sunlight), then you can check out our 2013 Tablet Comparison Guide. The eBook Reader Blog keeps you updated on the latest ereader and tablet news, reviews, and tutorials. PDF is a popular format, and there’s always a number of people that want to know how well E Ink ebook readers handle PDFs. Tablets like the iPad are among the best options for PDFs, but there are some E Ink ebook readers that do a fair job. The built-in OnyxReader app offers a good amount of features, though, so installing a dedicated PDF app isn’t really necessary. Going into the font menu and selecting bold makes the PDF text appear much darker, similar to the contrast darken feature on the Kindle Paperwhite. The PDF app also offers text-to-speech, dictionary lookup, search, table of contents, and the ability to add notes, highlights and bookmarks. Overall the OnyxReader PDF app works well, and loads quickly and smoothly, even with large 90MB image-heavy PDFs. The video review below shows the PDF functions on the Onyx Boox T68 Lynx using the default reader app, along with a brief demo of the Adobe PDF Android app. I recognize all the zoom modes you’re showing in your video and recommend you use either the page scaling zoom in small increments or the auto crop to get the best page fit.
Can I use Bluetooth to transfer in PDF files from another Bluetooth device onto the Onyx Linx T68 and save that file via an sd card using the included sd slot? As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Slingbox is a console that streams what ever is playing on your TV to the device you are using. The usual set up I have is with my iPad Retina sitting in an iProp stand running the Slingbox in full screen mode.
Sometimes I will not put the TV on, but just watch what TV on the iPad through the Slingbox because it has a smaller footprint. In the information below, we will discuss the specifics of non-fiction fixed layout eBooks. As we consult with clients around the world on eBook development, one thing we hear on a very regular basis is that complex eBooks must be designed in a fixed layout format. The eBook marketplace changes very rapidly, so being up-to-date on everything is hard to do. While ePub2 has been around for a long time, it does not officially have a fixed layout eBook option. Full-page zoom: While other fixed layout formats may not allow the page to zoom in or out, this is a common option for the ePub fixed layout format. Single-page view: In some devices it is possible to make the eBook switch to view only one page at a time instead of the standard two page spread. Full page coverage: iBooks Author files are automatically designed to fill up the full screen of the iPad, not just to match the page dimensions of the print book.
Reflowable option: There is an option in iBooks Author to allow the reader to change to a reflowable mode by rotating the device into portrait mode.
Widgets: iBooks Author comes with a few built-in widgets that add some basic functionality like image galleries, but you can also create more complex or specific widgets.
Integrated media content: iBooks Author files can open up to a video that plays automatically, allowing you to offer an introduction to the book in that more engaging format.
Remember that the Kindle format does not allow page or element zooming, so you should consider how to make the content work at the native screen size.
Amazon’s fixed layout format has a region magnification option that allows you to make text pop up in a more readable size. Periodically we hear questions about making a fixed layout eBook in the magazine format that is supported on many of the devices. Now that you know what is possible, it might be more clear that fixed layout eBooks are not as fleshed out as they could be, and that it would be best to consider if and how to approach the development of these files. Some people do this to increase the size of the free samples automatically generated by the eBook retailers. Fixed Layout eBooks are HTML-based eBook files that are usually designed to match the layout of a print book.
Amazon only sells eBooks in the Kindle format, but that format, just like ePub, is built using HTML and CSS files. Has the Kindle format gotten any more sophisticated in how it handles tables or floating images? Yes, Amazon’s Kindle Format 8 has support for many great design features, including floating images, tables, color text, embedded fonts, and more.

Print book page numbers are included in the HTML code of both the Kindle and ePub formats as anchors. Some eBook reading systems will apply hyphenation to longer words to make the text better fit on the screen. The Kobo Aura, though, is another solid choice if you want a 6-in e-reader with a high-resolution display. The Nook GlowLight is particularly light for a frontlit reader, and its feathery weight is probably the biggest reason to consider it over the Paperwhite. Makes no difference in your experience, but sometimes it's nice to set the record straight on tiny details like that.
They eliminate the need to sit in a brightly-lit room or clip a bulky book light onto your svelte e-reader. Navigating them is a lot like a tablet, only you have a black & white e-ink screen instead of a color LCD. You can also sideload your own custom fonts onto the Kindles and the Kobo (you'll have to root your Nook to add your own fonts). If that doesn't sound like much, just remember that e-books don't take up much space (they're usually less than 1 MB each). B&N also lets you read an hour of any Nook e-book for free when you're on the store's Wi-Fi network. On the Kindle, you'll need to use an app like Calibre to convert them into a Kindle-friendly file format.
Since you'll probably only need data for buying and downloading new books, cellular capabilities probably aren't essential on an e-reader (as long as you're often near a Wi-Fi network).
The non-frontlit Kindle isn't far behind, but remember that both Kindles include Amazon's "Special Offers." They won't interfere with your reading, but the ads will show as screensavers and at the bottom of your home screen.
The Aura does, however, give you that bigger, sharper display (and very solid all-around hardware) in return. The built-in Onyx reading application has a good amount of features, and the software is stable enough for both small and large PDF files.
I tried the free Adobe reader app and it works quite well, so there multiple options for displaying PDFs on the Boox T68.
You can fit the PDF page to width, to page, you can zoom in and out in increments, and use auto crop, which generally works well to minimize side margins.
Sometimes landscape mode acts kind of funny on the Boox T68, so I’m hesitant to use it very much, but it is an option. The built in PDF reader is designed to be used on an E Ink device, the web browsers are not.
Maybe Onyx will add export at some point, like previous models, but right now that’s not an option.
Some units work perfectly fine and others, like mine, are glitchy and troublesome to use sometimes. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Some are specific to a certain use, some are all around great, and some just make me feel good when I use them. I have used many ebook readers over the years (maybe 10!) and several tablets to read also. I had a Kindle Touch and it was nice, but the touch screen was pretty clunky and there were some bugs. It had all kinds of problems, but you could see that small tablets like that were the future. If you've been using a regular tablet and you pick one of these up, it is pretty shocking even if someone warns you.
I keep mine in my living room for the most part and it is always easy to grab it when I want to look something up quick, check email or twitter, or play a quick game. I tend to us it the most during sporting events, when breaking news is happening and I want to keep watching while I do other things, or when I'm in the middle of a project somewhere in the house and want to catch on some stuff on the DVR.
This myth is believed and repeated by everyone from major publishers to eBook conversion houses to self-publishing information sources.
Because your eBook sales will be affected negatively if you only focus on fixed layout eBook design options.
You do lose some design capabilities when going to reflowable eBooks, but in many cases the benefits of that decision, especially the expanded sales opportunities, outweigh the lost design elements. Just so you know where things stand right now, let’s cover the basics of what is possible with non-fiction fixed layout content. However, Apple developed a solution of its own, adding some functionality that allows a standard ePub2 file to be displayed in a fixed layout. In addition to having native support for more features and functionality, ePub3 is being more widely adopted across the different retail platforms, including Apple, Kobo, Sony, and Google. This is sometimes controlled by the reading system (meaning that you as the creator have control) while in other cases this is dynamic based on the orientation of the device (landscape vs. You can also design the book in landscape or portrait, depending on what works better for your content. For example, you might be able to include weather or maps from the internet to travel books, or add some measurement conversion or serving size assistance in a cookbook.
You are also able to design the visual interface of the video or audio player to make it better integrate with your eBook design. For that reason, it is best to create non-fiction fixed layout files in the iBooks Author format, not the standard fixed layout format, whenever possible. However, the smaller size of the Kindle Fire screens and the inflexibility of reading options in this format make it a less desirable option for non-fiction fixed layout content. Sometimes it is best to have some content, like media files, available on your website instead of including them in your eBook files.
This will more than likely require re-designing the whole book, increasing the overall font size, adding new pages to adjust to the smaller page size, etc.
B&N does have a fixed layout format for non-fiction titles called PagePerfect, but it is actually just an auto-converted PDF file. Unfortunately, this format is not related to the standard eBook formats, and the retailers do not sell them alongside eBooks or through the same sales mechanisms. XHTML5 is a stricter and cleaner version of HTML5, with rules from XML imposed on the code. It is used on the KDP website to auto-convert files uploaded into the Kindle store, and it is also integrated into the Kindle Previewer program to handle the conversion of non-Kindle files loaded in that program.

The key difference between fixed layout files and reflowable files is that reflowable eBooks allow the reader to have more control over the reading experience, such as changing the font size, background color, etc. For example, the narration overlay functionality used in many children’s eBooks is not possible in PDF files. These services sometimes offer an option for Kindle checkouts, but typically they are limited to ePub files because of the more common use of the Adobe DRM. This is typically controlled by the reading system, and will change depending on the font size and other settings the reader has set on their device. We work hard to encourage the creation of high-quality eBook files, both with our consulting and training, and with tools like FlightDeck. All of these e-readers are much smaller than tablets though, including miniature ones like the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire. The Aura's screen is also much sharper than the others, though the Paperwhite and Nook GlowLight are also pretty crisp.
The frontlit displays of the Paperwhite, GlowLight, and Aura HD let you read in darker lighting conditions, while also simulating the look of white paper. You also only need to keep the books you're currently reading on the device; everything else can hang out in the cloud. The standard Kobo Aura (not pictured), meanwhile, matches the Paperwhite and GlowLight with a 6-in 1024 x 758 frontlit display, and rings up for $150. There’s a custom cropping tool as well, but I have problems getting it to lineup properly. I actually asked the same question to the Onyx support and they said it isn’t possible, but they are releasing a firmware update into a month to change that. I would recommend buying from one of the Amazon sites so you can easily return it if you have troubles, and not have to pay return shipping to Poland. I think most retailers have gotten tired of their poor quality control and have stopped carrying their products.
I wanted something that was easy to read late at night before I go to bed that wouldn't shine too much light in my eyes and keep me up. This touch screen isn't as snappy as most tablets on the market, but it is snappy enough and allows a much better browsing experience compared to the other Kindle models.
I was stunned when Apple, Samsung, and Asus released 10" tablets to start their product lines.
They are fully-functional HTML-based eBook files in every way, however, the specific styles and layouts used in these files are not re-flowable like standard eBook files. While there is a growing amount of support among the majors retailers and their reading systems for fixed layout eBook formats, the functionality, usability, and overall user experience these files offer are generally very poor. This format was later adopted by Kobo, and was the basis of the fixed layout format added to the newer ePub3 standard.
The possibilities are endless, but these widgets have to be coded by professional developers. You do not want that getting in the way of your readers or covering up important visual content. Note that the file will probably not be available on the eInk screen devices like the Paperwhite, only on the Fire tablet devices. The PagePerfect format is only available to publishers who have a contract directly with B&N.
For example, when a tag is opened it has to be closed, and all of the tags have to be properly nested. In addition, none of the eBook retailers sell PDFs, so fixed layout eBook files offer the best sales opportunities.
The PageList is used by some reading systems (like the Kindle and iBooks) to show the reader the print page numbers of the book as they read.
That text cannot currently be set to display the chapter name or other information about where the reader is currently reading in the text. We offer consulting and training on a variety of eBook issues, and our FlightDeck tool is the best EPUB validation and quality assurance tool on the market.
The app also offers PDF reflow; using the up and down buttons on the nav wheel adjusts font size.
If I take notes and highlight parts of the text on the T68 and then copy the pdf file to my computer, will I be able to see those notes? I’m a college student and I have to read lots of pdf files, which may become difficult on my laptop. Both are easily holdable for long periods of time and usually lighter than any physical book that I would have been reading. There are some exceptions, but in most cases your readers will receive a much better experience if you create a standard reflowable eBook file with great design and functionality instead of a fixed layout file. We are going to focus on the formats here, while letting you know where they are supported.
However, it might make sense to develop a standard reflowable eBook for most retailers while taking a more interactive approach with an iBooks Author file. XHTML5 allows the code to be more easily interpreted by the display engine, and it keeps the code more consistent and easier to edit. And the iPad Mini is one of the best at that size (I have played a little bit with the Nexus 7, and really like that one too). Kobo still supports the format for children’s eBooks, but we do not recommend using it for non-fiction eBooks sold through the Kobo platform.
The final decision should be based on an assessment of how the content will work as a reflowable eBook and on the sales potential of the book. We do recommend you test colored text on a device with an eInk screen and ensure that the text will not be too light to read.
The light is also great to have during the day if you are reading in an area that isn't well lit. If you will make the development cost back easily, then it might make sense to develop a more complex file with lots of bells and whistles.

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