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It's hard to imagine a more talented, passionate and mercurial lover -- with better hair -- than Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Apparently, it is said that Guy was willing to do more rounds as he was confident he could have gone even faster than 78.15 mph, however, there wasn’t enough time left to do another run as reported by Steve Jones, Channel 4 presenter that aired the whole thing live. During his brief lifetime (he passed away of a drug overdose at only 27), the iconic artist rose to an almost mythical status, creating canvases that jumbled Abstract Expressionism, graffiti, medical jargon and classical mythology, sprinkling in clues of his personal history all in screaming bright colors. For one, he was known to paint in expensive Armani suits without shoes, then wear the paint-splattered garb to galleries about town. It's a question we've asked ourselves on many a sleepless night, and one that was on our minds when we stumbled upon Jennifer Clement's Vulture piece "What It Was Like to Be Basquiat’s Lover".
The British motorcycle racer rode his made-at-home BSA R3 motorcycle to a top speed of 78.15 miles per hour on the Wall Of Death, thereby, achieving a new Guiness World Record.

People cheered Guy Martin on location and on TV as he churned out the record-setting lap after lap. The piece excerpts from Clement's poetic novella "Widow Basquiat," rehashing Basquiat's longtime love affair with her friend, Suzanne Mallouk -- a tumultuous relationship filled with sex, drugs and excess. Interestingly, before he set the world record on his custom built BSA R3, he rode a modified Indian Scout to a top speed of 70.33 mph which was also higher than the previous world record. Later, Guy Martin announced that he won’t be taking part in IOM TT but he may come back to race in it some time later. Despite the obvious wonders of his life, though, there were dark elements to his fiery personality constantly straddling immortal fame and self-destruction. We've compiled a list of the most important details from Clement's work, along with key notes from other ex-lovers, to best imagine what it would be like to go steady with the art world's biggest rock star.

Guy Martin was 18.15 mph faster which is quite astonishing given his lack of experience in this motorcycle stunting sport.
This year, he’s concentrating on different things including a new TV show and a bicycle marathon.

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