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Microsoft has had to increase production of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book even before today’s release, since the demand for these two tablets has exceeded the expectations of Microsoft, and Surface Book currently has a 4-5 week delivery time. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is now lighter, more powerful, has an even better PIXEL display than the already award winning display, with higher resolution and more ppi as well as providing an even more natural feeling writing experience for the included Surface Pen. And the Surface Pen has been upgraded too and now even has swappable pen tips, delivered in what is called the Pen Tip Case. Surface Pro 4 also has a new and vastly improved Surface Pro 4 Type Cover, with much better keys than before, where everything has been given a logical makeover and upgrade.
The other Windows 10 Pro tablet is the brand new Surface Book, which is the thinnest tablet with Intel Core i7 processor on the market at 7.7 mm.
The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are just the type of fresh forward thinking tablets we needed this year. After all, 2015 has been a strange year among tablet computers otherwise, with Samsung downgrading their flagship tablets, Lenovo doing the same with their Yoga tablets, Amazon as well, the iPad Air 2 not receiving a hardware upgrade this year, and other tablet brands generally being very very cautious about producing something that truly stands out in a positive way and gives direction.
Then Microsoft came along with two top of the range tablets that will receive a lot of attention and care from Microsoft during its lifespan, with new features, apps, and services being served to the owners in the months to come, during the same time that Windows 10 and all the various Windows and Microsoft services will come together as well.
No other tablets or laptops have been announced this year that will beat these two Windows 10 Pro tablets, so with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book launched today, Microsoft is firmly ahead of the rest. A first birthday party is not just a fun time for your child, but also a time to celebrate getting through the first year of hurdles and triumphs as a parent. Yet, because the guest of honor is too young to have many opinions of their own on the party theme and decorations, it can be challenging for many parents to narrow down their choices and make decisions. Picking a theme for a first birthday is probably the hardest part of planning a first birthday party. When it comes to decorations for a first birthday party, you’ll want to make sure your party area is not overwhelming, but vibrant enough to keep the birthday boy excited about his party.
To keep costs down, a fun idea to really personalize your little one’s first birthday is to go into their toy box and see what you can pull to decorate the party area.

Another budget-friendly way to decorate is to highlight pictures of the birthday boy or girl. I hope your can take these ideas and turn them into a special gathering that will create memories to last a lifetime. Stephanie KeepingStephanie Keeping is mom to a boy named Sam, a blogger, and an Etsy-preneur.
Mimi’s Dollhouse is devoted to bringing a little creativity and color into every party and event with easy to use printables. Penguin Party: My Pretty Little Penguin’s Second BirthdayI am super excited to share my sweet baby girl’s 2nd birthday Penguin party today!!! Danish model Nina Agdal is one of models chosen to grace this year’s cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates.
Available only in long-wheelbase form, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S600 gets its motivation from a larger and more potent version of the twin-turbocharged V12 engine.
To help contend with the engine's prodigious output, the 2015 S600 is fitted with Mercedes' trick Magic Body Control adaptive suspension system that includes the look-ahead Road Surface Scan system. It’s a great opportunity to bring together everyone who played an important role in the child’s first year of life. In fact, on my blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams, how to choose a first birthday theme is one of the most common questions I get from parents.
Bring out all of their stuffed animals and books that relate to the theme and use them as vignettes to decorate a mantle or side tables.
Create a collage of pictures to feature on a dessert table or hang them using mini clothespins from a piece of jute twine. She celebrates boyish charm at Spaceships and Laser Beams, where she talks about all things boy and birthday party.

From a very young age, my little Emma has been obsessed with penguins.  She LOVES penguins or “pem-gins” as she calls them. Also standard is the comprehensive Driving Assistance Package that brings Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, BAS Plus with Cross-Traffic Assist, Distronic Plus with Steering Assist, Pre-Safe Brake with Pedestrian Recognition and Pre-Safe Plus. The S600 - and all other 2015 S-Class variants - also will have M-B's voice-activated Comand system and, like the C-Class and E-Class, get the new multifunction touchpad controller with supplemental handwriting recognition functionality that can operate all of the car's infotainment functions.
With up to 16GB of RAM, Intel Core i7 processor, a very powerful GPU, and up to 1TB of storage, there’s nothing holding this tablet back in terms of performance, which is very liberating. Wallpaper and background images in the Harry Potter club tagged: harry potter ron weasley character harry voldemort hermione granger potter. I love choosing a classic because, it is not only special to the birthday boy or girl, it will bring back memories for all your guests.
Harry Potter Harry Potter The Truth About Cedric Diggory :) Draco Vs Harry Yo Momma Jokes Harry Potter Logo Happy Birthday, Harry!
While yet to be confirmed by Mercedes, it's believed the engine will be backed by a 7G-Tronic Plus 7-speed automatic transmission like the one used in the 2015 S65 AMG. This feature, which will be standard across the entire 2015 S-Class lineup, enhances the capability of the Active Brake Assist system, allowing it to operate autonomously at speeds up to 124 mph if the driver fails to respond to an imminent threat and can fully stop the vehicle to prevent a rear-end collision at speeds up to 25 mph.
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