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Every Batman family book in the 16th week of the New 52 ended with Joker teasing what’s on the platter. Doing this really helps us move up in the rankings which means more people will find this show!
We pick our favorite comics coming out in November including the DC Comic Events of Rise of the Third Army, Hel on Earth, Rot World, and Death of the Family. If you don’t listen to your podcasts in iTunes, you can listen or download the episode .mp3 here. Short Box PodcastShort Box Podcast was founded by Adam Russell and Nick Borelli in July 2012. DC Comics has released its solicitations for July 2013, and there are definitely a few things worth noting for your next trip down to your comic book store. Highlights for the month include a big launch to the Trinity War across the Justice League titles, several director’s cuts being released in the Batman and Superman universe, a whole slew of annuals with some mighty awesome covers and the return of Tom Strong from Vertigo. We also note that the end is nigh as Batman Incorporated #13 brings the epic Grant Morrison run to a close, but not before blood was shed. No longer a thing of the past, some of the big launches of June will get Director’s Cuts in July, and Scott Snyder is the man in the chair for both cases. Vertigo announced that original Tom Strong co-creator and artist Chris Sprouse and British writer Peter Hogan will return with the brand new miniseries, Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril. With Jim Gordon occupied on a tragic, high-profile case, and madness beginning to take root across the city, can Batman find the source of it all before it’s too late? I think what I like best about Dark Knight has been that it features the Rogues gallery that I love, and that for the most part the Bat-family hasn’t intruded. I thought the idea in a recent issue that a gas that made most people super-powered nuts made the super-powered nut Bane become super-smart was an example of what I find to be very clever writing. Well thanks guys, I was just stating how I felt about this title and it appears I am not alone. I really cannot wait until DC gets desperate and starts exploring the indy comic space and brings in some fresh new blood into their writing pool.
I suppose for the newer comic fan, this will be a new idea and a bit of a shake-up, but as someone who’s been reading for 20 plus years, I just find all these decisions boring. I don’t think that sharing opinions or being critical of something is ruining it for other people. I think this is just a tease and a misdirection, she is obviously just at a fancy dress party! Great… so in October are we going to be reading posts complaining about all the Sexy Robin costumes, too? Not overly excited by this news, but will give Tomasi’s story the benefit of the doubt. I can imagine that at this point, Bruce is going to be pretty wary of actually imperiling another young person, but utilizing a collective of tech-savvy young people to be extra eyes, ears and (when it’s safe) hands to assist in his war on crime?
So Harper, Ellie, Carrie (and a whole of other folks) could take the concept of a sidekick and extrapolate it out to something that makes sense in an era of social media.
Batman would probably have actual interactions with only a few of the Robins, like Harper and Carrie (in an Oracle or Aleph from Global Frequency type role).
I’m showing my age here ( a spry 34), but didn’t DC do some kind of phone-in voting for something like this back in the 90s with the whole Knightfall thing? With Forever Evil ending in March, it's safe to expect a wave of new DC books springing up in the aftermath of that event in April.
A few months ago, being the comic book nerd I am, I wrote a post about how DC Comics was reintroducing one of their oldest characters and original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, as a gay man.
Prior to 2006, Batwoman was a character who appeared in Batman’s campier era of the 50s and 60s, and was thought to be dead in current continuity.
Born and raised as an army brat, Kate, her sister and mother, were abducted by terrorists while overseas, being held for ransom. Having seemingly lost the fire that once drove her, Kate left a seedy Gotham bar late one night, and on cue (this is Gotham, we’re talking about) was attacked.

Jump forward a year and some change, and with the launch of DC’s New 52 initiative in September 2011, Batwoman finally received her long promised monthly series, helmed by JH Williams III and co-writer Haden Blackman.
This has been a big month for the Batman books with two major stories that made a huge impact on the Bat-mythos.
This was one of the best (and an arguement could be made THE best) Batman and Robin teams ever. The wrap-up of the big Batman crossover, Death of the Family, the last few new Marvel Now books, and the new Justice League America line-up are just a few items discussed on this podcast.
The website and podcast strives to discuss what we love about geek culture including comic books, video games, television, movies, and table gaming. This has been my favorite Bat-title since issue #1 and I am very excited to see how far this goes down the rabbit hole!! I realize everyone has got a different opinion however; I think Rich’s was just a little to quick although if thats what he got from it????
On shelves next week, the issue sees the grieving Bruce teaming up with a new iteration of Carrie, introduced here as a friend of the late Damian Wayne. Im not looking for rehashed old ideas from my comics that play on nostalgia, im looking for fresh ideas, things that i’ve never seen before.
If this Carrie Kelly idea will get more people to read that amazing story, than I guess Im for it.
Many of us that have been around the hobby for so long have branched out into all the various flavors of indie books, but still try to keep at least a toe in the water that got us to go swimming in the first place.
Even though it’s sometimes harder to get excited for super-heroes these days (particularly at DC, in my opinion), nostalgia makes it almost impossible to just walk away entirely. There’s plenty of hobbies where people get sick of what might have brought them into it.
Marvel and DC have both been blowing huge moments by leaking them to the media (mainstream and comics) either the day the issue comes out or a few days before at least since the death of Captain America. That would be kind of interesting, if only for the potential it creates for more stories about regular folks in Gotham.
In other words, if Batman had a single Oracle in the 90s, wouldn’t he want a Cloud of Oracle’s now?
For the most part, anyone in Gotham could become a Robin at any moment, and only for a moment.
Where that initiative was a global branding kind of thing, this would be something of a localized youth movement based on that brand.
Presumably, Gotham cops have trust problems with various ethnic and socioeconomic subgroups.
I wanna see how this is going to work and I trust Tomasi has some massive plan for bringing Carrie into the 52 universe. We'll find out exactly what DC are planning when the April 2014 solicitations are released later this month, but we do know what one of these new books will be - Sinestro.
Following a major continuity shake up event known as Infinite Crisis, DC continuity jumped forward a year, and all of the sudden there was a new Batwoman in Gotham, Kate Kane.
During the rescue, Kate’s mother and her sister Beth were thought to be killed, leaving Kate as the only survivor of the tragedy.
There had been gay characters in comics before, but never had their origin been so closely tied to real world events, and to have Kate stand up for herself in such a way, showed how strong of a character she really was, in six simple panels. While there are other gay characters in DC’s line of books, Batwoman is the only solo title lead by a gay character, and deservingly so. I really like the White Rabbit character alot, she is not only sexy but; she really is nuttier than a fruit cake, (my kinda girl). I just don’t know how much more the Bat can take all of this abuse before he finally breaks down??!!
She can be seen in all her glory with the reveal of Patrick Gleason’s full gatefold cover. I didn’t even think Damian had any friends, least of all girls from an alternate mini-series universe that takes place in the future.

I think iFanboy is one of the most well adjusted fan bases on the net, even if there are a few bad eggs here and there. I posted that link to remind people that costumes bought from shops often take liberties with the design, and that is what is happening in the above image.
I remember even reading something about Identity Crisis in a newspaper and that’s just embarrassing.
Some folks just won’t talk to cops — and with the systemic corruption in Gotham politics, who could blame them?
Sinestro had a banner year in 2013, between the finale to Geoff Johns' Green Lantern run (which earned our pick for Best Moment of 2013) and his return in Forever Evil #4. Never wanting to be a victim again, Kate followed in her father’s footsteps, and joined the military.
Not saying a word to her, Batman offered her his hand, helping her up, and would disappear into the shadows. Not only is Batwoman a strong, gay, female character, she’s just a straight badass as well. Highlights from the image obviously include Pandora, The Question and The Phantom Stranger (who form the Trinity of Sin), Zatanna’s new costume, Constantine vs Wonder Woman (yes, look!), Superman punching Green Arrow in the gut, a female version of The Atom (just next to Pandora) and the return of Doctor Light. Plus, we think we might already have one our favourites lined up for July’s Cover Story, as Jock delivers the cover for that special. The artwork has been very good and I really do feel like this is a Batman version of the Alice in wonderland story.
Most of the complaints I see here are more aimed at the business side of the industry, and it’s hard not to understand why, especially in the case of DC since the new 52 got going. She was awesome in TDKR and now she’s just muddied up in all of this anything goes DC Universe, conveniently right after Damian dies.
A Sinestro Corps series has been rumored for a while, but the title of this series suggests the focus will remain squarely on Sinestro himself (though clearly Lyssa Drak plays a role). There were plans to eventually give Batwoman her own book, but sidetracks, push backs, etc. Her father remarried, into money, as Kate became somewhat of a Gotham socialite on her step-mother’s dime. This event sparked something in Kate, being rescued again, being a victim, she was reminded how much she didn’t want to be that person. PS- White Rabbit isn’t even in the book, not that anyone really gives a crap about her anyway.
My money is still on Scarecrow being the main villan because right now there have been so many villians appearing it has been like a rollcoaster of danger for the Bat. Her value as a character is what she brings to a Bruce Wayne who’s jaded, lost and out of the game. Presumably, his new status quo as a host for Parallax will also play a role in the conflict. Kate’s superior officer eventually caught wind of her orientation, but given how much he respected her, and her family, he gave her the opportunity to deny the charges, and that would be that. So, instead of the army, Kate found another way of not being a victim, and instead of camo, she dawned a new uniform, that of the Bat, and the rest is history. Where Batman from time to time, will go off with the Justice League to fight some world threatening event, Batwoman for the most part is very grounded, helping those who need it the most.
For example, the first arc in her ongoing title involves her trying to save a number of abducted children, something that mirrors her own past greatly, showing her core values remain the same. Interestingly, this is the second ongoing series starring a major villain that Bunn will be launching this spring.

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