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Well, a few months ago one of our subscribers contacted me and said that he found the “real” Ultimate Survival Knife and encouraged me to review the Schrade Extreme Survival knife. As I took the survival knife out of it’s sheath, my first impression was a mix of surprise and disbelief.
Honestly, I just wanted to hang it from my belt, strap it on my leg and go play in the woods.
I’ve been checking this knife out now for several weeks and my initial enthusiasm has not changed. So, the Schrade Extreme Survival (SCHF9) was designed for Schrade by Griffin Design and is a fixed blade knife that has a fine edge, which means there are no serrations on this blade. The SCHF9 is one of three primary designs from the Schrade Extreme Survival line up of knives. And the intriguing, military-styled, SCHF2 which is made of a solid piece of steel, including a waterproof barrel handle that can hold a nice bit of survival gear.
The blade of this Schrade Extreme Survival knife is full tang construction which means the blade steel runs the entire length of the knife, from tip to butt, and is considered the strongest knife construction technique by experts. Now 1095 is not stainless, so you’ll want to wipe the blade edge with mineral oil now and again to prevent oxydation.
The entire blade is covered in a very durable, almost gun metal gray, anti reflective coating that’s designed to protect the blade from corrosion. This knife blade is a beast at a quarter inch wide… which made me not at all shy to twist and turn this survival knife while it was well sunk into logs in my bushcraft tests. You can usually tell a drop point blade because spine of the blade drops slightly toward the point. Drop point blades make for really strong blade tips and are great for multipurpose survival knife blades, like this one.
Okay… now look at the knife edge profile… See how the blade widens just before it curves up to make the tip? I’m not sure what the intent was here… but the slight concave edge curve toward the handle seems to make carving sticks and bark skinning a little easier. And the geometry of this knife, combined with it’s mass, and the deep flat grind of the edge, seems to provide a bit more power when chopping than any of the other knives we’ve tested so far.
Now of course a knife is never going to replace a hatchet or an axe… but it’s nice to know that if you only have this knife with you in the field, you can cut and split wood quite nicely. But a point like this is not going to be as good for tactical and combat functions such as piercing… which is something knives like the SOG Seal Team Elite are designed for. At the bottom of the blade steel, toward the handle, we have a concave cutout for the forefinger. Here I am using the SOG combo fire steel and sharpening tool, and this knife to start a little blaze. The Schrade Extreme Survival knife has one TPE handle grip on each side of the knife steel.
In the case of this handle, it’s both tough and resistant to wear while being very grippy, comfortable and shock absorbent. This handle’s grip is enhanced even more through the use of a raised pattern of concentric circles, which makes it very grippy, even when it’s soaked. This is a hefty and meaty handle that widens to nearly an inch and a quarter to fit nicely in my palm, and it narrow toward the front and back, to fit very naturally, as I wrap my hand around it.
There are 5 notches in the blade-steel-spine side of the handle, toward the blade, that provide some additional grip for my thumb.
Now on the bottom of this handle, there are 3 generous finger cutouts, that keep my hand firmly locked onto the knife.
This is one knife that those with small, medium AND large hands should all find comfortable to use, even for extended periods, due to the excellent forethought that was put into it’s design. At the butt end of the Extreme Survival, the handle flairs and curves, so you can wrap your thumb and forefinger firmly around the very bottom of the handle, for chopping and splitting. The Schrade Extreme Survival knife is well balanced, with the center of gravity right about where my forefinger naturally wraps around the handle. Now I know that several of you guys have told me that you would never throw your survival knife. So I can’t resist taking the Extreme Survival out to the knife range and giving it a few tosses. This knife throws quite well considering it’s size and mass, which really cause it to sink into the wood. The Schrade Extreme Survival knife sheath, has a tactical look and is made out of a good quality black nylon that is double stitched in most places… which is good. The plastic liner is designed for the knife to be placed in the sheath for right hand carry. The knife secures in the sheath, through the use of this adjustable strap, with a snap, closure system. The sheath easily straps to just about any belt, up to about 2 inches wide, and uses a flip and tuck belt strap system, to attach to your belt, without taking it off. And this pouch and sheath strap system, also give this sheath the ability to attach to a MOLLE vest or pack.

This little pouch also has a loop on it’s back, to enable belt carry… which is a cool option. Being naturally curious, I wondered how much survival gear I could fit in this sheath pouch, to round out this knife, and make it an even more helpful survival system. So, I knew I wanted a knife sharpener, fire steel and a small LED light and maybe a multi-tool. For links to all of the gear that I stuffed into this pouch, see the video description on YouTube. Owners tend to really love this knife, and go on and on about the Schrade Extreme Survival knife being a sharp, heavy duty, work horse of a knife, and usually average well over 4 out of 5 stars. Some comment on the blade edge not being perfect and some minor imperfections here and there, where the handle grip meets the blade steel. We rate the Schrade Extreme Survival knife at a very rare 5 out of 5 stars for it’s design, fit-and-finish, heavy-duty build, tough, edge holding blade, comfortable handle, versatile sheath, it’s usefulness in the field, and we were pushed over the edge by it’s crazy low ONLINE street price, of under $45.
The Schrade Extreme Survival knife is an excellent tool for camping, hunting, backpacking, bushcraft, extreme adventures, safaris, bug-out-bags and emergency kits.
If you want a knife for diving or outdoor activities like canoe camping where there is a good change that your knife is going to be wet for extended periods of time… look elsewhere.
Although the 1095 high carbon steel that used in the knife can be maintained in wet situations, you may want the luxury of a knife that is made of a quality stainless steel.
Or, if you really like this knife design, and the price point, check out the Schrade Extreme Survival SCHF3, since it’s very similar in design to the SCHF9 and IS made out stainless steel.
If you want a survival knife with the added cutting power of serrations, you might want to check out the Schrade Extreme Survival SCHF3 or the SCHF2 which both come in fine and partially serrated versions.
If you want a more tactical or combat survival knife, check out the my reviews of the Gerber LMF II, the SOG Seal Team Elite, the Cold Steel SRK, the Schrade SCHF2, the Gerber Prodigy or the Gerber LHR.
For your convenience I’ve included links to the Schrade Extreme Survival knife and all of the other knives and gear that I’ve mentioned, throughout this review.
I really like the idea of putting the survival gear in the pouch of the sheath and I was wondering if I could get the sheath separate from the knife any where.
One more thing, you should really review ka-bar usmc knife, if it can be a good survival knife that is.
I recently found the Schrade extreme survival Sch2sm and was wanting if you could give me some advice on gear I could put in the handle for s mini survival kit. David- would you recommend the schf9 or the schf10 for a bug out bag, hiking, camping, and other outdoor uses like chopping? 1 – Should I get the SCHF9 or will the CS Leatherneck Tanto be sufficient for heavy outdoor use like the SCHF9? A good bushcraft knife needs to be tough and maneuverable, and possess the ability to hold a sharp edge. Spyderco is known for their well made and affordable folders used the world over by military, law enforcement and EDC fans. Fallkniven melds modern design, tried-and-true field abilities and bombproof strength better than just about anyone else. The KE Bushie, designed by Kevin Estella, might seem way too pricey for a knife designed to baton wood with, but there are a few reasons why it costs so much. Esse interviewed law enforcement and military personnel in order to design the Model 3 — after all, they are the guys who will put their knives through the daily rigors. With the Bushlore, you get a great bushcraft knife for a hair over $50, and it’s a knife that’s worth way more than its price point. The Gear You MissedThis Week in Gear: July 25-29A look back at an entire week's worth of gear. More: Running GearExtra Safe for When You Go in the Drink3 Bags That Will Protect Your Camera and Keep It DryWhether you're headed to the mountain or the river, these three camera bags will keep your gear safe and sound. Bucket List Worthy AdventuresThe 10 Best Luxury Adventure LodgesExploring the outdoors doesn't have to mean roughin' it.
I smiled and just waved the knife around in my hand for a while trying to figure out how in the world Schrade was able to put together such a formidable survival knife package for such a crazy low online street price.
1095 steel is a favorite of many knife lovers because it’s not too expensive, it’s pretty tough and it holds an edge very well.
Mineral oil works great because it’s cheap, easy to get and safe if you want to chop up some food with your knife.
The grind is what makes a knife sharp… It’s the angle cut of the steel on both sides of the blade that meet to form the edge of the blade. And this edge has a deep flat grind, which means the ground surface on each side of the blade is a bit deeper (or longer) than normal which makes this edge similar to one you would find on a hatchet. This stout point design almost ensures that your tip is not going to bust even if you have to pry or dig with it. In a life and death situation, and hopefully with a backup knife on me, I would not hesitate to throw this knife if I needed to. Many even say that they bought two of these knives for the price they would have paid for just one knife before they found the Extreme Survival.
But the blade, strength, edge holding ability, tough, protective coating, design, fit and finish, and everything else for the price, is so amazing, we were compelled to give this knife 5 out of 5 stars.

I was wondering if the Schrade SCHF3 was also a quarter inch thick, I was considering purchasing it but was hoping to see your review first. And could you as well as that do a review on this knife but the sm not normal seized knife.
I wouldn’t really be getting wet so the type of metal on the schf9 would not be a problem. That being said, if you prefer a bit larger and heavier knife, and you’d like a rubberized grip, go with the SCHF-9.
Good bushcraft skills mean the difference between life and death, and those skills are hugely enhanced by a good knife, your primary tool.
Typically, a plain, curved blade edge works best for handling the widest varieties of tasks, along with a drop point and flat grind for strength.
The Bushcraft is one of their most robust knives, with a 3.2mm thick high-carbon steel blade that’s so sharp it will shave arm hairs with ease. The F1 knife happens to be the official survival knife for Swedish Air Force pilots, and it’s a reliable survival tool should their planes go down in remote areas. It has unsurpassed ergonomics for repetitive use with minimal strain, great balance for excellent maneuverability and a strong, razor-sharp O1 steel blade — qualities that combine to make your field work faster and safer, thereby reducing your risk. Originally created as a tactical fixed-blade knife, the design and materials of the Model 3 make it an ideal bushcraft knife. The tough G10 handle uses titanium tubing for lightness, and it’s colored a nice blue hue with red highlights, so it stands out from the crowd. Ok, besides the cute barista, you can do better: start by grinding your own beans, then check back with Gear Patrol for other suggestions for stepping up to the big leagues. While 1095 is a top choice for professional cutlery designed for hard use, it will rust and stain if not properly cared for - especially on the cutting edge and around the laser engraving.
1095 steel also sharpens to an edge that is great for all around cutting, slicing and chopping.
A flat grind simply means that both ground surfaces of the blade edge are flat opposed to being concave or convex. And have you considered buying Leatherman and reviewing them because I know that you have a Leatherman wave. Tasks like whittling fire-starter strips, batoning wood for kindling, trap setting to snag your dinner and crafting a shelter require the use of a bushcraft knife, and not just any old blade will work. It’s all about utility, so anything ornate or remotely fragile will be rendered useless in the field. A thin, black coating is added for corrosion resistance, and the rubber-coated black handle, though totally unsexy, provides great grip.
Designed by none other than Survivorman’s Les Stroud, the Temagami is an absolute stunner that’s still built to take serious punishment. Laminated VG10 Steel makes up the blade, while ultra-tough black Thermorum provides the foundation of the grippy handle. The thick blade is strong enough for prying and hacking, while the 1095 carbon steel from which it’s made will retain a sharp edge, task after life-preserving task. The black Grivory handle has front and rear guards for safety under hard use, and you can even remove the handle scales and use the full-tang blade as a spear attachment. The drop-point blade is made with S30V stainless steel — harder than standard 400 series steel and better at keeping an edge. The sheath is full leather and comes with its own fire starter, making the Bushlore not just a bargain, but a steal. The Seal Team Elite is a tactical, combat and fighting knife first and a capable survival tool after this. Thus, the choice came down to either schrade or ka bar (thanks to all the knife reviews by David). Remember, we may not have claws, sharp teeth, body fur or armor, but we have wits, and wits are good, especially when paired with the right knife. You might not be a jet pilot, but you can know that when things get bad on your adventure, you’ll have the right tool.
It even comes with a waistband clip sheath and a molded version with MOLLE attachments for securing it to your gear, so your can customize your carry options.
The 4.43-inch blade is on the larger side, but its light weight keeps it from being unwieldy. The signature Spyderco thumbhole gives extra stability during more finessed tasks, like filleting that salmon you just caught with your bare hands.
And, if you think it might be too nice, just watch an episode of Stroud’s show and you’ll realize this guy wouldn’t create a knife that can’t survive.

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