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This product can improve the rapid increase of the penis, make it longer, thicker, bigger, can effectively solve the short time of sexual intercourse, prevent the impotence, premature ejaculation, prolong the sexual time, it can stay in the body for 120 hours.
Usage: Take with warm water, one pill before sleep (10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse will have good effect.
Description: Vim-25 Sexual Stamina sex pills Who wants to risk hypertension for a satisfying sex life?
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Using range: The secondary functional impotence,prostatitis because of Naurasthenic or spirituality and the others. It is no side effect and independence, no blush with shame, cardio acceleration, feel like vomiting, headache such reaction. People who are pursuing the quality life, sexpressing complete ego, and prolonging the time of sexual love4.
People with relative weakness in the loins and knees, mental weariness and lethargy, shor breath and rapid respiration, deficiency of blood and loss of qppetite, dizziness and tinnitusPrecauitions:1. Take medicine overdosage because of eager for quick success and instant benefit is forbidden2.

Drink the cool boiled water can deal with the effect of erection many times or long time erection without emission after taking medicine3.
The cardiac and the patinet with high blood pressure are all permitted to take this medicine5.

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