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The Veterans Affairs (VA) Office assists all students attending Lamar University using education benefits under the Department of Veterans Affairs Educational Assistance Programs and Texas Hazlewood Exemption Act in the pursuit of a Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral Degree. Veterans are afforded the same rights and must meet all academic requirements and maintain the same academic standards as any student attending Lamar University. Click on any of the below benefits to get more detailed information about the benefit, how to apply, checklists of paperwork required, and Lamar University welcome packets.
Montgomery GI Bill is for those who entered military service after June 30, 1985 and paid the $1,200 enrollment fee. The Dependent Educational Assistance is for dependents of veterans who were disabled, killed, or missing while on active-duty. Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment, sometimes referred to as Voc Rehab, is for veterans with service-connected disabilities that hinder the veteran's ability to get work.
Click on the below benefit to get more detailed information about the benefit, how to apply, a checklist of paperwork required, and Lamar University welcome packet.
The Texas Hazlewood Exemption Act is for Texas veterans who reside within the state of Texas.
Delaware County Community College is the center of educational opportunity in Delaware and Chester counties in southeastern Pennsylvania. At Delaware County Community College, our goal is to make your college experience the best it can be. Learn, develop and excel through Delaware County Community College’s Directions student workshop series.
In order to earn a certificate, students must complete the track requirements within the academic year (fall to spring). Academic Skills Students who complete this track will have had the opportunity to examine their learning styles, learn about organization and how to manage college responsibilities with the demands of daily life.
Career & Employment Preparation Students who complete this track will gain an understanding of the preparation necessary to begin career planning and the search for employment.
Health & Wellness Students who complete this track have a better understanding of what it means to maintain a healthy body and mind. Personal Growth & Development Students who complete this track have gained a better awareness of their own personal strengths and weaknesses.
Navigating Leadership Students who complete this track will be prepared to take on leadership roles and responsibilities. University Preparation Students who complete this track will have a better understanding of the steps needed to prepare for their transition to a four-year college or university.
Personal & Academic Enrichment Students who complete this track will have taken part in a variety of workshops oriented towards their development as students, leaders and as individual members of society. AVID students get to go on various college trips throughout the year to  introduce them to college life.
Estimated Tax Information – It is acceptable to estimate the tax information requested on the FAFSA and update to the actual amounts at a later date.
Choosing the right college has less to do with an institution’s name, status, rank or other similar factors. With a home in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University is a private research university originally founded by Quakers and Methodists.
Various opportunities to enjoy a greatly rewarding student life plus a very appealing blend of rigorous, top-flight academics are available for students at Duke University. It is safe to say that Duke University manages to provide an enviable balance between providing a student a rewarding, fun social life and a great education.
When it comes to academics and research, it can be said that Duke University has succeeded in its multi-faceted and ambitious mission of joining the ranks of United States’ top ten universities. Located near downtown Durham, North Carolina, the architecturally distinctive, beautiful and already well-regarded campus in a wooded environment has been greatly enhanced by a variety of relatively recent construction projects for the purpose of upgrading academic and living facilities around the campus.
When it comes to the academics, Duke University has a total of ten colleges and schools, two of which are undergraduate schools.

A student attending Trinity College is presented with distribution requirements called the General Education Requirement. This entry was posted in University and tagged alumni, challenging college, duke graduates, Duke University, Duke University NC, EDUCATION, Graduate Programs, great college, Undergraduate Programs. Our goal is to provide the pertinent information required to all our VA students attending Lamar University. Department of Veterans Affairs requires that the university verify all registered courses are applicable to the degree the veteran is pursuing. 1606 is for reserve or guard members with less than 90 days active duty time and a minimum of 6 years service committment. Under this program, the veteran will gain skills through education in order to get employment. Whatever your interests in life you'll find many options to explore at Delaware County Community College. By participating in a variety of workshops, you’ll acquire skills that correspond with the ideals of self, respect, relationships, goal setting, health and wellness, confidence and determination.
For some tracks, career and transfer fairs and fitness classes may be counted as a workshop. Upon completion, students will be able to apply these skills to their academic and professional goals.
This will include the ability to write an effective resume, interview with confidence and network well for one's career.
They are able to make educated choices when it comes to their overall physical and mental health.
They will begin to develop a personal philosophy of leadership by learning about multiple leadership techniques, theories and models. Upon completion, students will have a better awareness of articulation agreements, course requirements for graduation and transfer, requirements for applying to a four year school, financial aid, and the necessary skills to be academically successful at their transfer school. The workshops in this track will allow students to take a closer look at themselves and the systems that they take part in, while helping them to enhance their management of both.
There are many types of financial aid available to help manage the cost of education, such as grants, loans, campus employment, and scholarship opportunities. On the other hand, it has much more to do with whether you feel that that particular university will suit you in the next four years. The present-day town of Trinity is where the university was originally established in 1838, from where it was moved to Durham in 1892. The students’ overall enthusiasm for the school, as well as a high degree of school spirit is greatly driven by big-time athletic programs, with a particular emphasis on the Duke Basketball team. However, students are also offered the option of participating in a truly wide variety of activities that have to do with community service.
Duke genuinely offers the best possible blend of the best qualities of a world-class research institution and of a premier liberal arts school. Spanning over 8,600 acres (35 square kilometers), it encapsulates three contiguous campuses in Durham, as well as a marine lab in Beaufort. Approximately 20% of undergraduates are enrolled in the Pratt School of Engineering, whereas around 80% of undergraduates attend the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences.
Students who wish to complete multiple tracks may “double dip” and count up to two workshops toward the completion of two different tracks. These students have gained a better awareness of how to achieve balance and overall wellness in order to reach their full potential. These students have also gained strategies to better cope and manage their personal demands and responsibilities. These students are able to apply skills learned to everyday life and work situations and appreciate diverse leadership styles, skills, and personalities. Upon completion, students will develop a better self-understanding while becoming more academically inclined.

The NIU Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) is pleased to assist students and their families in securing the resources needed to fund educational expenses. An already well-rounded Duke University experience is further enhanced by opportunities to engage in community service projects, as well as opportunities for student research.
The recognition of Duke’s name with the public has mainly to do with its strong record of success on the basketball court. The University includes the nation’s largest interdisciplinary research facility called the Levine Science Research Center.
Designed largely by architect Julian Abele, Duke University’s main campus incorporates Gothic architecture. That being said, Trinity College offers twenty undergraduate certificate programs and in excess of forty undergraduate minors and majors.
Two courses completed in each of five distinct academic areas are included in the General Education Requirement.
There are several tracks to choose from, so you can find an area that suits your interests and goals. Career-specific presentations will provide information about opportunities in different majors. We are available through campus visits, phone, and email communications to support you in the pursuit of your academic goals at NIU.
We typically begin sending award notifications in early March and continue throughout the academic year.
Whether you’re a parent who has a child thinking about which college to choose after high school, or you yourself are a struggling teenager looking forward to an interesting campus life, you’ve come to the right place. A student’s future can be greatly aided by an influential alumni network that offers career opportunities and internships. It also boasts highly regarded graduate-level and professional schools, such as the Medical School, the Graduate School of Engineering, the Duke Law School, and the Fuqua School of Business. The campus’ center and highest point of elevation is the Duke Chapel, with its 210-foot (64-meter) height. It is a highly supported program for a student looking to take some time away from the standard classroom experience and perform community service either in the United States or abroad.
All of these, including several others, make Duke University a top recognized national research center. Adjacent to the Medical Center is the main Gothic-style West Campus, while the first-year-populated East Campus boasts Georgian-style architecture.
The collegial atmosphere at Duke University could be characterized more as competitive rather than cutthroat. Whether over the summer or for one semester, the program enables students to participate in direct service to a community that needs some type of assistance. The crucial thing about this extraordinary program is that Duke University will provide the financial support required for a student to be able to participate in the program. They are rated highly and are available for consultation by scheduling time during office hours. Giving back to the community is a top priority at Duke, which is why it sponsors and provides a wide variety of other community service programs that allow and encourage students to do just that.
Generally speaking, Duke University students are very satisfied with their professors’ effectiveness.

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