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Transmissions have a pretty high tolerance for abuse, but only if their cooling systems are working correctly. You can check the transmission fluid temperature on a 2008-present F-150 through the dashboard computer. Note, depending on how long the transmission has been overheating for, your fluid may already be brown and have a burnt smell. If you find a clog you can repeat this process on the transmission lines to locate where the clog is. I recommend taking your truck to a mechanic to have this performed, it’s a very tedious task and one mistake can cost you a new transmission. An overheating transmission can be the first warning sign to a disastrous outcome if not properly diagnosed and fixed. There you are, charging up an on-ramp in your F-150 or F-250 Super Duty when your transmission suddenly decides to transmit your engine's power into violent shaking. If your transmission begins to slip you need to diagnose it immediately, otherwise a small fix can turn into a very costly repair. Puddles of red fluid appearing under your truck overnight is a telltale sign of a transmission leak. A slipping transmission can be a bad sign for your vehicle and it's something that needs to be diagnosed immediately. A shuddering transmission can mean costly repairs so you'll want to diagnose it as soon as possible!
Testing the fuel injectors on the 4.0L Ford fuel injected engines in the Explorer, Aerostar, Ranger and Mercury Mountaineer can be quite a challenge since three of them are under the intake manifold plenum. Also, when they fail, they usually don't leave a specific fuel injector diagnostic trouble code (DTC). Although fuel injectors don't go BAD very often, they also don't last for ever and this little article will show you how to test them with a multimeter.

As you're removing bolts, nuts and stuff from the intake plenum to remove it, place them in a container and away from the engine compartment.. I'm sure that you are already aware that the upper intake manifold plenum has to be removed to access half of the fuel injectors. 1After removing the intake manifold's plenum and placing clean rags in the open intake runners, disconnect all six fuel injectors from their electrical connectors.
You don't have to test them all, but if you do have the intake manifold plenum off of the intake manifold, you might as well. 2Place your multimeter in Ohms mode and probe the metal male spade terminals inside the fuel injector with the multimeter leads. 3Measure the resistance of the same fuel injectors several times so that you can be sure of your multimeter's Ohms result. Alright, with the resistance values of all six fuel injectors on paper, let's interpret your results. Overheating your transmission regularly will quickly turn your F-150 into a loud, immobile hunk of metal. Too much fluid will churn inside the transmission and foam up resulting in diminished cooling ability. If it’s brown or has a burnt smell, you should change your fluid or it can cause other problems.
Just follow the lines from the transmission to the transmission cooler and look for leaks or any breaks.
Simply follow the lines from your transmission to the front of your truck to find the cooler. Note, this is usually recommended as a last resort due to the possibility of it dislodging any loose material that could have been covering pin holes anywhere in the system thus leading to leaks. What I have experienced is the PCM only registering a misfire code (P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306) or nothing at all.

When done, write this Ohms value down and record the number of the cylinder that fuel injector belongs to, too. It’s platform is based on the Ford CD3 which is shared with other models such as Mazda CX-9 crossover, Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ sedans. In addition to North America is its primary market, Ford extends the market for the Edge to 40 other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Brazil. Fluid is pumped out of the transmission to the front of the truck where it enters a transmission cooler. Your transmission will trigger a system warning (either a check engine light, or a flashing overdrive light or a "trans fault" message) if it starts overheating. Drive your truck until the engine is warm and then another one or two miles to make sure the transmission is up to temp.
If it’s pink or foamy, you need to rebuild the transmission in addition to finding your cooling issue. Transmission fluid is red when new, so if you find red-colored fluid leaking around transmission line connections, this is most likely your problem. Since it launch in January 2006, The Edge US sales has been continually increasing, exceeding the sales of all middle to full-size CUVs. Most trucks have an external cooler, but some only use the "in-tank" cooler that's a part of the radiator. So if your truck is overheating, there are only a few problems you could be dealing with: low or high fluid levels, transmission fluid leaks, or clogged lines.

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