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Let it cool down and discovered that when I put it on last time, I missed a lock tab so it could not hold pressure.
A word about this checklist before you start: it is arranged in a specific order to put the most likely failure items first.
Most of the items are electrical in nature, so a test light, or even better, a voltmeter, is helpful to be sure they have power to them.
86-93 models only: EEC relay next to computer - look for 12 volts at the fuel injector red wires. Both 86-93 and 94-95 models: No 12 volts with the ignition switch in the run position on the fuel injector red wires. 86-93 models only: Fuse links in wiring harness - look for 12 volts at the fuel injector red wires. Ignition fuse links may be replaced with an inline fuse holder and 5 amp fuse for troubleshooting purposes.
K.) Engine fires briefly, but dies immediately when the key is released to the Run position.
B.) Fuel pump power relay – located under the driver’s seat in most stangs built before 92. The fuse links for all model years 86-93 live in the wiring harness near the starter solenoid. A noid light available from any auto parts store, is one way to test the injector circuit to see if the injectors are firing. B.) I like to use an old injector with compressed air applied to the injector where the fuel rail would normally connect. D.) Pull an injector wire connector off and look for 12 volts on the red wire when the ignition switch is on. But even if that was so, The existing pressure would let the car cough abit until exiting pressure was gone. Worked my way through the checklist and had some readings from the TFI module which were not consistant.
Worked through the checklist again and in checking for power at the injector, I found none where I had some before. I have 12v at pump and can make the pump run on by shorting the fuel pump test pin to ground. Visual check first: look for chaffed or damaged wiring and loose connector pins in the TFI harness connector. Did you know that christmas picture borders free is one of the most popular topics on this category? Did you know that rough collies for sale in louisiana has become the most popular topics in this category? Today consumers are lucky as there is a SUV comparison for every type of vehicle from compact to luxury.
Only by understanding how these different vehicles are rated can people determine which wonderful, new driving experience is for them. US News determined people want freedom machines that are fun to drive, comfortable to sit in, nice looking and safe in their SUV comparison. According to this current list of affordable compacts, GM has the top two for 2011, the Chevrolet Equinox and the GMC Terrain with the Toyota RAV4 in third place.
Finding the Cadillac Escalade, the Infiniti QX 56 and Mercedes-Benz GL listed as the three best luxury vehicles is no surprise to anyone. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. I was going to hook up the speakers to see witch wires were left over thinking maybe they went to the ignition. The Equinox (and its GMC Terrain twin) is primarily built at GM’s CAMI plant in Ingersoll, Ontario.
The Theta crossovers (as the Equinox and Terrain are known internally) have been a big success for GM, necessitating the overflow production at two sites. So much for commitments to quality, re-assurances to the government or getting co-operation from the union. The government has helped bail out and fund the company in return for promises of future jobs and commitment.
Many of those people should have seen where the wind is blowing and packed up and gone to Cambridge or Alliston. It’s not that easy to get a job at Cambridge, Woodstock (both Toyota) or Alliston (Honda).

Great post psarhjinian, yet one of the realities of globalization is that now even high-end vehicles will likely be assembled in places like Mexico. The average vehicle cost $32579 in July, with an average loan period of 66 months and an average hold period of 11.5 years.
A strong currency due to export of natural resources has made local auto manufacturing a losing proposition. 2) Many non-union companies have an internal policy of not hiring workers from union shops.
4) Therefore if GM’s bankruptcy was due to inferior products blame the highly overpaid and overpopulated management and executives not the assemblers. And the US taxpayers will stand ready once again with bailouts, handouts and nationalization…. Those of us on the left side of the aisle would have preferred outright nationalization of GM. A couple of days after getting praise for moving some production out of Mexico into the US, they screw up again with this news. Move the higher priced SRX production to the US and production of the lower priced Chevy CUV to Mexico. There’s a reason why all the automakers (the Germans, Koreans and Japanese) are building or expanding production in Mexico (as well as the US) but not in Canada. I can’t believe how popular these things are, they are very dated compared to their competition. Perfectly adequate cars, if nowhere near cutting edge, well built after 5+ years of production!
Ontario’s auto manufacturing industry is a dead man walking due to noncompetitive labor, electricity, heating and realty tax costs and a longtime hostile union that enjoys favorable labor laws and lax enforcement.
This is first-world manufacturing malaise in general, and several years of Dutch Disease in particular.
The powerful unions act as gatekeepers to industry while making it extremely difficult to find any kind of meaningful work, even in the trades.
The US is in the midst of a fracking boom that will have unknown (and possibly similar) consequences. Which of course explains why Chrysler is investing heavily in Windsor for the next-generation minivans. Blame bad management, currency exchange rates, high electricity rates, environmental laws, an American government that (unofficially) is coercing American companies to return as many jobs as possible to the US and free trade agreements with 3rd world nations. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. No problems - I even got to stop looking at gauges every 30 seconds because it was running so well. The computer has its own dedicated power ground that comes off the ground pigtail on the battery ground wire.
Crank the engine & when it fires off, pull the small push on connector (red wire) off the starter relay (Looks like it is stuck on a screw).
Then pull the air duct off at the throttle body elbow, open the throttle, and spray the ether in it.
Check fuel pressure – remove the cap from the Schrader valve behind the alternator and depress the core. The noid light plugs into the fuel injector harness in place of any easily accessible injector. I hook the whole thing up, apply compressed air to the injector and stick it in a paper cup of soapy water. This will shut off the injectors, since the computer uses this strategy to clear a flooded engine. If you removed the distributor, there is a good probability that you installed it 180 degrees out of time. You may also need some extra 16-18 gauge wire to extend the length of the meter’s test leads. While magazines like Road and Track have drivers test each vehicle and rate performance and comfort, other companies like US News analyze reviews from other people. Their complex formula includes overall comments, recommendations and awards such as Motor Trend Car of the Year.
On the luxury compact side, the Audi Q5, Infiniti EX and BMW X3 are the top three contenders in that order.
Cadillac continues to flaunt its striking looks and power acceleration with the Escalade while the 2011 Infiniti is fresh from the drawing board with an exciting new look and an interior resembling a luxury jet.

As the information in the SUV comparison focuses on performance, comfort, looks, fuel economy and safety, shoppers save time, frustration and effort with this help. I was hooking up my stereo and when I hooked the battery back up to see if it worked I hit the hot wire.
But with the move to Mexico, it’s merely another bad sign for Oshawa, which has had a succession of product moving away from the plant, and absolutely nothing in the way of investment announcements or product commitments. Although this is illegal under the Ontario Labour Relations Act, it is almost impossible to prove. If the TFI is working properly, the test light will flash when the engine is cranked using the ignition switch. Due to it's proximity to the battery, it may become corroded by acid fumes from the battery. Hold the switch in the crank position: if it continues to run there is a problem with either the ignition switch or TFI module. To trick the fuel pump into running, find the EEC test connector and jump the connector in the Upper RH corner to ground.
Remove the vacuum line from the regulator and inspect for fuel escaping while the pump is running.
When the engine cranks with the ignition switch on, if the injector fires, it makes bubbles.
Make a second measurement using the battery post as the ground to eliminate any ground problems. We got this picture on the internet that we consider would be one of the most representative photos for christmas picture borders free. We took this picture from the net that we consider would be probably the most representative pics for drag racer 2. We took this image on the net we feel would be one of the most representative photos for rough collies for sale in louisiana.
The easiest way to gather necessary information is to find out how these vehicles are rated first and then consider the recommended automobiles. As this list is continually updated and new vehicles added when they are released, a number one recommendation today may become number three tomorrow. The Chevy is a crossover featuring great fuel economy with 22 miles to the gallon in town and 32 on the highway while the GMC has high-tech features. Consumer Guide honors Mercedes-Benz with its Best Buy recommendation based on its fantastic design, smooth ride and car-like handling. Whatever size vehicle people are looking for, SUV reviews provide useful and up-to-date information. For the next generation, Ingersoll and Ramos Arizpe were in direct competition for the new crossovers, with Ingersoll eventually winning out.
Redesign coming in 2016; it will probably fall short of the Japanese competition but be an improvement over the current Thetas. Jumping around will possibly cause you to miss just what you need to see to find and fix the problem. Jumper the screw to the big bolt on the starter solenoid that has the battery wire connected to it.
See paragraph 5A – Using a noid light will tell if the PIP is working by flashing when the engine is cranking.
The Tahoe has been rated as the best buy for the money with prices ranging from $37,000 to $53,000 and fuel economy of 15 miles to the gallon in town and 21 highway. If 12 volts is present in the Run position at the ignition switch but not at the coil, then the fuse or fuse link is blown. According to the data, the Audi is fun to drive; the Infiniti has a brand-new look this year and the BMW looks and feels like a luxury car but drives like a truck. Being able to tow 7400 pounds and having room for eight people to ride comfortably, the Sequoia comes in third. It may not be completely accurate, but you will have some clue as to how much pressure you have.
Then went out of town for 10 days and when I came back, I had only a few days left on the insurance and it was sunny, so away I go. Checked the gauges and the voltage was a little over 13.5 (approx) but my coolant was, again, over the moon.

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