Thank you, Dale, for acknowledging a few very common truths from the world of online dating.
Do yourself a favor and don’t let the older man not enter the dating picture with you. Other than the obvious of younger people being seen as more beautiful and vibrant, there is a major reason why men prefer younger women at any age. I have found by discussing this with nearly every guy I know that men for the most part ARE attracted to women who are younger. Both women from South America and he Orient tell me that they notice a huge lack of respect for men when they come here. As the old saying goes, keep doing what you are doing, and you will continue to get the same results. Rusty a lot more women are going for younger men because those men are fit and look much better than men your age and over. Priya you sound very self-centered wait till you get older then maybe you will respect older men! Yes, it is just your personal opinion, and not one shared by myself, or other women I personally know who will date men up to 12, maybe 15 years older. Online dating in the USA is a waste of time for most men were we are often called losers, needy, desperate, and creeps for things out of are control. I am a man who presently is 48 and I would be most disturbed if I received the attentions of a woman in her forties. Shannon Grove is in the hot seat for comments she made about California's drought, suggesting God forgives devastating conditions following anti-abortion legislation.
A thousand-year-old remedy for eye infections may also fight modern-day drug-resistant bacteria, a new study finds. Women get the lowbrow for dating a silver fox, while some women get it for dating someone considerably their junior.
As men get older, there is a decline in fertility, meaning there is a decline in testosterone as it drops one percent per year after age 30, according to Healthline.
A study published in the journal Science found older men are more likely to pass genetic mutations to the next generation with schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder linked to advanced paternal age. You get BOMBARDED by emails from fifty and sixty something Baby Boomers looking to trade up in the world.
If you truly listen to what most women tell you they want in a man, regardless of age, they want financial security.

This informal study done on Ok Cupid shows how much of a waste of time online dating is for most men. I guess I am the rarity you speak of, but I am 34 and I have dated 50 – 65 year older because I can relate more to them than those my age.
With the changing times, dating trends apparently include that of older women seeking out younger men for dating relationships. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, fertility can be expected to end five to 10 years before menopause begins. The sperm from older men are associated with more genetic abnormalities in babies born from that sperm. You double check your profile to see if there’s something you wrote that’s attracting these older men. Instead of searching through hundreds of thirtysomething women who wouldn’t give you a second look, Reverse Match shows you who IS open to dating a 56-year-old man. I think the record so far is the 74-year-old who said he could have his daughter pick him up at the nursing home and bring him into the city if I were willing to meet for coffee.
Also any man looking for foreign women usually find them in developig countries- as in they (the women) В are desperate and need that golden ticket to the US. I AM MARRIED AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A COUPLE OF YOUNGER WOMEN JUST AS FRIENDS TO MEET AND HAVE COFFEE AND BULLSHIT WITH. You’ve been watching too many movies Dale, where 55 year old guys are getting hot 30 year olds.
And Evan is right, these older women are underappreciated and in many cases they are undervalued gems. Former power couple actress Demi Moore and actor Ashton Kutcher are an example of this dating formula.
Although older men still can produce sperm, that sperm may not give the same genetic qualities compared to the sperm of a younger man.
At least you know that a woman on MillionaireMatch might be more willing to sacrifice youth for security. You definitely need a wake up call you probably date a guy in his 30’s that takes you for granted do not knock us older guys we know how to treat women right! Now I can’t believe I wasted so much of my time chasing young women and was so stubbornly opposed to trying women in my own age range. Older men are a lot calmer and have more patience where as the guys my age expect everything to be instant!

About a year ago I met a very attractive and intelligent 22 year old woman at work who sought me for the financial security I could provide. MODERATELY SUCCESSFUL doesn’t make him prime meat when there are guys out there much younger than him that are more successful, have Ivy League educations, muscles, ect. Yet these men keep on writing – talking about how they’re young for their age, how they’d love to have children, how they have everything in life except a good younger woman. Now I am seeking a young partner who does not take me for granted and appreciates what I have to offer.
I mean, he’s got to be better looking (which is impossible), have more money, ect I guess. I mean, if it were me, I’d go with the younger version of Dale as opposed to the older one.
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