For a brief period I was taken with the idea of using a matchmaker and with the advice of an Italian friend’s mother fresh in my head – “It’s as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor one”- filled out the application for “Millionaire Matchmaker” complete with professional head-shots.
But you will appreciate this–One time I dated a guy for a few weeks who never had anything to talk about, so since all our conversations were one-sided I decided to talk about my cats since they were endlessly fascinating.
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I’m a young looking 39, too, who is constantly flabbergasted at how hard it is to meet men.
Tamar began "I Have Cat" as a way to chronicle her life as a 30-something NYC singleton looking for love despite the complication of owning cat (s). Robinson (Stifler’s mom if you were born in the ‘80s) or men over fifty in the hinterlands of New Jersey or New York State.

The site itself has what I can only describe as a 70s aesthetic complete with olive and rust accents, parrots on the sidebar, and a woman sporting a middle part on the home page (to say nothing of the floating kitten).

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