We know this isn’t a perfect definition, but we also know this covers the most important trait of a womanizer. In most cases, we know a womanizer is just a ‘true player’, constantly looking for the victim to fall for their seduction game. Womanizers are seen as lacking respect for women and traditionally just seeing women as ‘sex objects’ where each new one represents a conquest to feed ego and share triumph with mates.
However we do respect variety and it’s good to see that, to some extent, it’s possible to respect a woman even being a womanizer. Each time a womanizer gets a new girl, he get’s an empowering feeling, leaving him no option but to feel he’s on top of the game and the girl has just been used.

This is a simplistic way of looking at things, but serves the purpose to explain I don’t see myself as that traditional womanizer. I didn’t realize I was a womanizer until close friends started saying I was dating lots of girls. That’s why we are happy to have a womanizer writing for us, helping you in your pursue of love. This is something to expect from any womanizer, but there’s something that makes him different from most womanizers, the fact he makes an effort to build something positive out of the woman he dates, treating them with respect and having way more than just sex. If you want to skip our views on what a womanizer is and learn more about him, check this page or his posts.

While it’s true a womanizer won’t stop approaching new women and in most cases for casual sex, there’s still more to it.

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