As A Relationship Saving Licensed Marriage Counselor In Practice For Over 30 Years, I’ve Taught Countless People, Who Were On The Verge Of Losing Their Relationship For Good, How To Stop Their Breakup. If your partner has told you that they want to leave you and you’re finally ready to learn how to do what it takes to save your relationship and make it work for both of you, then I invite you to read the following letter.
Perhaps, you’re hoping, beyond hope, that there really is a way to save your relationship and that you can learn what to say and do that will actually save it. I specialize in saving romantic relationships that are one step away from permanently ending.
Over the years I’ve developed strategies to help my clients save their relationships. I feel overwhelmed with the idea that our relationship is on the rocks, and I don’t know what to do.
We each have a lot of baggage that weighs heavily on the relationship and sometimes that baggage feels insurmountable. Some people get to the point of ending their relationship because of a single incident like finding out their partner cheated on them.
What it takes to create a turning point in your relationship so that your partner is willing to give you another chance and to be cooperative with you, is not about having the secret magic words that will instantly turn them around. You have to know how to successfully, effectively and concretely respond to all of their concerns and reservations about you and the relationship, both the concerns that are stated directly and the ones that are implied. Why getting things off your chest or trying to talk things out when one or both of you is upset is virtually guaranteed to make things worse, and what to do instead. How to get your partner to recommit to an exclusive monogamous relationship with you when your partner says they’ve fallen in love with someone else.
How you can get out your frustrations and upsets with NO consequences to the relationship and without hurting your partner’s feelings.
How to rebuild trust and safety when you’ve told your partner that you were unhappy and wanted to split up.
What you can do when you and your partner are very different from each other and have completely different interests. How to not blow your chances of saving your relationship by reverting back to your old ways of thinking, speaking and acting.
If you and your partner are open to relationship counseling, I would highly recommend it with the RIGHT counselor.
I will teach you exactly what to look for and what questions to ask before you meet with a relationship counselor, to maximize the possibility that you pick the right one.
Save Your Relationship will give you my time-tested, proven, step-by-step strategies needed to stop your breakup. You can download Save Your Relationship right now for only a $37 down payment and within the next 7 minutes be on your way to getting what you need to start saving your relationship.

Of course, our staff will be available if you need any help or guidance in easily downloading your Save Your Relationship home study course.
You get all of this invaluable information through your own copy of the complete, in depth Save Your Relationship Homes Study Course downloadable Workbook where I show you step by step what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Just click on the button below to order your own copy of Save Your Relationship safely with our secure order form.
Many of those people, when they first called to get my help, were convinced that their relationship was beyond saving and that they were probably wasting their time even to try. It’s also based on getting the best skills and strategies you can find to save your relationship and mastering them. Many people throw in the towel on their marriage when things look bad, but the truth is that your relationship can be salvaged and strengthened. You and your partner may have reached a crossroads in your relationship where you must decide whether to salvage or dissolve it. It may look dismal and seem impossible from where you are standing, but it is absolutely possible to save your relationship. No matter how bad things have gotten in your relationship, there is always a way to work through it. If you are ready to save a relationship, start here and watch my free video to immediately receive effective tips on how to restore, heal and repair the problems in your marriage.
You’ll love the advanced techniques outlined here to help you and your partner recover the fragmented parts of your marriage and restore your relationship. When you order through this website, it helps me to continue to offer you lots of free stuff. Many of us have moments where we become so into our relationships that we momentarily lose sight of who we are and wind up becoming clingy and needy.
When it comes to social media, you may be tempted to like or comment on every single thing they post, but try to refrain from doing this every time. Be confident in yourself and don’t let the green eyed monster take over when they are around someone attractive of the opposite sex. Independence: You should be able to feel as though you can function and be a happy person whether you are single or in a relationship.
I encourage you to read the letter below and let me show you how you can learn how to save your relationship. Then, you changed your mind and they now say they don’t know what to believe and they no longer feel safe in this relationship with you. Because, the sooner you use it, the greater the chance you have of saving your relationship.
I look forward to hearing your happy news of how you used my strategies to save your relationship.

I have helped countless people save their relationships using the exact same strategies I’m giving you in Save Your Relationship. If you are at that point, it is well worth the effort to consider every possibility to try to save the marriage. The truth is, financial problems are far worse when a couple splits than if they stay together and work them out.
Even though many people are always on their phones, there are moments where they can’t be, like when they are at work or driving. Those with clingy behavior tend to lack this necessary quality in some way which causes them to feel the need to do things like text too much and spend every waking moment together. In most cases, if even one partner in a relationship had gotten the right kind of knowledge and had brought that knowledge back into the relationship, that one partner could actually have stopped the breakup. I don’t know what to believe and I no longer feel safe in this relationship with you.
This is the culmination of my 30 years of knowledge and experience and innovations as a Relationship Saving Counselor. I get calls from people years later thanking me for those strategies and telling me how many happy years it’s been since I helped them get past their near breakup. When couples make the choice to save a relationship, they offer themselves the chance to fall deeper in love than ever before. If you go into the process of repairing your relationship without believing it can happen, you rob yourself of the opportunity to heal.
These are things that should captivate your focus as you begin the process of saving your relationship. This time of shift in focus will help you prioritize the needs of the relationship back to a “we” mentality instead of a “me” mentality. They will most likely appreciate it best when you leave valuable comments on the more important posts they make. Getting jealous or suspicious for no reason is not appealing and can only hinder a relationship. Your healthy level of confidence and self esteem will make them only more attracted to you and they will find themselves wanting you more, and that’s the key to keeping a great relationship going. It’s time to step back and take a look at how our behaviors could be negatively affecting our relationships. When your partner sees that you can have a good time by yourself, they will want to join you.

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