April 24, 2014 by Pawesome Cats 8 Comments Losing your beloved pet is a heartbreaking and emotional experience, and as much as we might wish they could live forever, it’s one that all cat or dog owners will face at some time or another.
Some people are the complete opposite and find that it helps to get another cat quite quickly, not to replace the cat they’ve lost, because that’s impossible but because they want the companionship and to know that they are providing a loving home for a cat in need. During the initial, heartbreaking stages of loss, it’s easy to think that you’ll never have another cat to have to go through this again, but try not to think like that. There’s more ways to get our cat to be affectionate in The Way of Cats than the article you are reading now. Sign up for my Newsletter!If you'd like to join the Happy Subscribers getting advance notices, special offers, and even more Cat Talk, sign up for my once-a-month newsletter.
It can be even harder if people you know don’t fully understand the strength of the bond between you and your pet. You have to adjust to life without your beloved cat, no matter how impossible it may feel at first. Finally, it starts to become a little easier to smile and recall the happy memories you shared with your cat rather than cry over his absence from your life; and the sharpest stages of grief and loss have passed. Other people will have opinions on whether you should get another cat straight away or wait a set period of time. I would recommend though, that you take the time to mourn and accept the death of your beloved cat before you consider getting another cat.
We have cats for the joy and happiness they bring to our lives, and for the happiness and security that we bring to theirs.

She was 13 when she passed and at the time I was too upset to even think about getting another cat. We bring you unique content on a range of cat-related topics to help you care for, understand and enjoy life with your cats. But when I discovered that I would do anything for my cats when it came to caring for them, I was delighted.
You will remember this time as maybe one of the most emotional times with your cat, but possibly also the most tender. Like me, you may have experienced sentiment along the lines of “but he was just a cat” – even now those words infuriate me! You’ll find yourself gradually accepting that he’s not there, and carrying on with living your life. Don’t forget that cats are very sensitive to emotions, and coming into a grieving household won’t be the best start for them in their new home. As you know I’m writing a book on pet loss and have a big chapter devoted to your topic. Sadly, it comes in many varieties; the un-altered kitten who matures without support, the adult who is left behind in a move, the senior cat who is ditched when their elderly person passes away.
You don’t think you could possibly love your cat any more than you do, but you find that you have an infinite amount of love to give. A cat might only be a cat, but they live with you day in day out, though the ups and downs of life and they become a part of your family.

In fact, you still expect your cat to come purring to greet you when you walk through the door.
Eventually, and there is no time-limit on this, you’ll come to the realisation that you need to let go of the grief, and it won’t mean that you didn’t love your cat when you do. When I lost my beloved Rose in June 2007, I didn’t welcome new cats into my home until December 2011 – so it took me 4 ВЅ years before I was ready. For many reasons it took me a long time to consider getting another, but in 2011, after thinking about it for some time, I decided to get one. Hospice workers I spoke with told me that they have often witnessed this type of joy, peacefulness, or lack of fear when a person passes. If you had your cat put to sleep then guilt is very common, even though you know youВ  were doing the right thing.
Even when we heard the amazing story of the hospice cat, Oscar, who knew when people were dying, many of us were uneasy about it even as we were comforted by the thought of a cat’s wisdom. This is yourВ own personalВ experience with this cat, and yours alone.В  There is no right way. Since I had 10 cats at one time, I have now gone through thisВ 8 times in the last 10 years.

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