But even though there are tons of perks to texting your crush, there are also some major downsides. Source: ShutterStockGiving One-Word Answers Few things are worse than the dreaded "K" text message from your crush, especially after you've just sent a long text full of feelings. Over-Analyzing Every Text Message He SendsI know that text messages can be frustrating and confusing sometimes (like I said, it's hard to read emotions through words alone), but don't act paranoid and start over-analyzing every single thing he says to you. I did i kik message him to much now i think he,s ignoring me because he read all my kik messages but wont reply what should i do i really like him i have never felt like this. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories!

As a shy girl, texting has always been a much easier way to break the ice and get to know the dudes I have crushes on. That makes it much easier to get confused by what someone is really trying to say and that leaves room for some mishaps.
If you text your crush like crazy, you're going to come off as needy and annoying, even if you're not trying to be. If you've noticed that that's what's been happening, stop texting first and make him chase you a little. That guy I mentioned before used to do this to me all the time - he would be all like, "hey," and then proceed to say absolutely nothing of substance.

But If you do see this on your friends and peers PLEASE don't be afraid to tell a teacher you can tell them this and they won't name your name.
My fave song lyric is "When you walk in the room, when your near, I feel my heart skip a beat the whole world dissappears" It also describes my crush.
So Yeah Gotta Do it.I hope you guys had an Amazing Day and I hope Your 2014 is going AMAZAYN!!!

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